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Katya 11-18-2006 09:22 AM

It is strange that you all mention Lenin in the same breath as you speak about the tsar's abdication. Lenin was not even in the picture when Nikolai II abdicated in February 1917. If Aleksei was going to be used by anyone it would have been by the Provisional Government (people like Miliutin and Kerensky), and I doubt that they had any intention of using him as a tool.

BeatrixFan 11-18-2006 03:32 PM

Yes I know Katya but in the long run the provisional government was just a regency for Lenin and he was very much in the picture at that time. His influence was wide-spread and that's why people like Miliutin and Kerensky ended up being ousted.

bbb 11-18-2006 04:54 PM

their story is one of the saddest, because when given a chance to escape the Tsarina wouldn't leave without the Tsar and there was no question the children go without them. how often did they wonder if it was the right decision, how many times was it a blessing they were able to stay a family and have that bond and strength. i'm facinated by the history and things we'll never know. i had never heard they were spoiled children, aside from living in a palace, slept in cot beds with cold water bathes and were unfailingly polite to all and until the very end, i believe loved by many people.

juliamontague 03-03-2007 08:38 AM

A nice postcard of the empress on E-bay eBay: RUSSIE.IMPERATRICE DE RUSSIE.CPA.SUP. (Artikel 200083369827 endet 04.03.07 20:22:53 MEZ)

BorisRom 04-26-2007 07:14 AM

Predictions and prophecies in the life of Nicholas II
I am glad to welcome your community!
Hello to everyone!I hope, that my theme will be interesting to many participants of your Forum.

Nicholas II:
Predictions and prophecies in life and destiny of Nicholas II


___From the most ancient times and up to now a reign of many sovereigns (as well as of presidents) was accompanied sometimes by mysterious mystical events, predictions and prophecies.
___In Russia of XIX century AlexanderI was named "Tsar-mystic", but namely in reign of Nikolay II those main mystical revelations and prophecies on his reign and on the further tragical destiny of Russia which have been made during XIX century at first by monk Avel and then by St. Seraphim Sarovsky took place. Since April, 1891 and till July, 1903 Nikolay II has received some prophetical messages which foretold many main events of his reign and tragical destiny of Imperial Family and Russiaup to and after 1917. From the beginning the Japanese monk-hermit Terakuto and then English foreteller (astrologer) Louis Hamon have predicted him a tragical destiny:
___1891. Young Cesarevitch (Heir) Nikolay during round-the-world travel in April, 1891 in Japan at will of a case meets famous Japanese monk-hermit Terakuto. The old man predicts to him and to Russia a set of heavy tests at the next years and a threat for his life within the next few days. Next day the Japanese policeman makes attempt upon his life.
___1896. In five years (in September, 1896, soon after the marriage with Alix [grand-daughter of Queen Victoria] and Coronation), during official visit to the Great Britain, in the lock Balmoral (Scotland), Prince of Wales shows him a horoscope for date of his birth, made earlier at the request of prince by famous foreteller Louis Hamon (also going under the name of Cheiro) who has already had time to become famous in Europe for the exact forecastings to monarches, ministers, other well-known persons. The prediction for Nykolay spokes:
___«Whoever the man is that these numbers, birth dates, etc., represent, he will be haunted all his life by fears of war and bloodshed. He will do his utmost to prevent war, but his Destiny is so intimately associated with such things that his name will be bound up with two of the bloodiest wars in human history; at the end of the second he will lose all he loves most, his immediate family will be massacred, and he himself will meet a violent death».
___Nikolay is surprised and excited. Prince of Wales advises him to meet with Cheiro personally. In some days Nikolay, being in London, comes at office of Cheiro incognito and asks to check up once again this prediction. Cheiro completely confirms earlier written by him and names fatal years for him, including 1917, after which - loss of all and tragical destruction.
___1898. In connection with arms race increasing in Europe Nikolay recollects the prediction of Louis Hamon. After conversation with Alix, he makes a decision «to overcome a destiny»: to call on all world leaders and organize the world conference on disarmament for prevention of wars (the Hague peace conferences). He makes unprecedented decision to achieve convocation of the world conference. Despite of the skeptical relation of the governments and leaders of some countries to his initiatives, he nevertheless manages to achieve convocation and the Hague peace conference was in May, 1899.

__In 1901-1903 Nikolay II has received the letters-messages from the past, which were addressing personally to «the last emperor of Russia» - from monk Avel and St. Seraphim Sarovsky, which died many years ago:
___1901. In Imperial family three daughters are born. Empress Alexandra is pregnant the fourth child. They hope, that a boy, the Heir of Russian throne this time will be born.
___Meanwhile, in March, 1901 there are 100 years from the date of murder of emperor Paul I. Nikolay knows, that in Gatchino’s palace (the favourite palace of emperor Paul, in suburb of Saint Petersburg) is stored the sealed envelope with his inscription: «Open up to our Descendant in centenary day of my death». Being pleased with an unusual adventure, Nikolay and Alexandra go in Gatchino’s palace. Nikolay opens seales on an envelope and reads the big letter: it is the predictions of monk Avel which lived in those years (1757-1841) and has made predictions for all future Russian tsars, up to Nikolay II and further for Russia. All predictions up to 1901 already precisely had happened (had taken place): monk Avel has predicted all events, including names of Russian tsars (Nikolay's ancestors) with surprising accuracy. A prediction of the monk for Nikolay are gloomy: two wars, two revolutions, destruction of Imperial family in 1918 and accession above Russia of "a godless yoke» (Bolshevism). Nikolay and Alexandra are shocked. Alexandra does not want to believe in it.
___In June, 1901 Alexandra gives birth to a girl (Anastasia). French occultist Phillip Vashon predicts to the child an unusual destiny. Anxious with absence of the Successor, the Imperial family searches for a heavenly patron who would implore God for a birth of boy. Known priest John Kronshtadtsky advises them to address with prayers to sacred Serafim Sarovsky (years of a life 1759-1833).
___Meanwhile the life of Imperial family takes its normal course. Nikolay is engaged in current affairs of internal and foreign policy, including «the Big game» in Asia, on the Far East, entering in the conflict to interests of Japan and the Great Britain.

Boris Romanov
___P.S. I am sorry for my imperfect English.

___You can see also my article “New book about Nicholas II”:

BorisRom 04-26-2007 07:20 AM

Predictions and prophecies in the life of Nicholas II. Part II
Predictions and prophecies in life and destiny of Nicholas II


___1903. In July the Imperial family together with children and the retinue arrives in Sarov (small town) for the celebrations devoted to church canonization (glorification) of Serafim Sarovsky. At station in Sarov the Minister of Internal Affairs (Pleve) hands over to Nikolay the letter with predictions of Serafim which he has transferred in 1824 to Russian emperor Alexander I. This letter was stored in archives of Department of police. People enthusiastically meets Imperial family on road in town. In the evening Nikolay and Alexandra read this letter: the predictions for Nikolay are looking very favorably, however, to some attributes, Alexandra starts to suspect, that the second part of this letter (with favorable predictions) is forged in police.
___Next day (on July, 20) celebrations in Sarov go on. Nikolay and Alexandra meet old woman, Elena Motovilova, the widow of secretary of Serafim Sarovsky. She tells that sacred Serafim shortly before the death has given her a package sealed by a grain crumb, with words: «When in many years the Imperial family will arrive in Sarov to glorify my name, you will hand it to them». In the evening Nikolay and Alexandra read this message of Serafim. A predictionsfor Nikolay's reign are gloomy and in many respects coincide with those predictions which he has received earlier from Japanese hermit Terakuto, from English foreteller Louis Hamon and in the first «letter from the past» from monk Avel. Again 1917 rises thefatal events and 1918 threatens them with fatal destruction. Alexandra is in shock and faints. She does not want to trust in these gloomy predictions. The Imperial family carries out the days which have stayed in Sarov in prays, Alexandra bathes in a sacred source (in a pond); she believes, that all this will help her to give birth to a boy, the successor of a throne.
___In one year after these events (summer of 1904), in Imperial family the boy, Alexey is born.

___In 1907 Nikolay II once again met with Louis Hamon in Peterhof and had with him a long conversation - about destinies of Imperial family and Russia. It is known, that after 1904 in critical situations he some times spoke, that till 1918 he is not afraid forown life, but that he is ready to sacrifice own life to rescue Russia from shocks threatening to homeland and nation.
___Probably, in all history he was the unique Emperor who knew own destiny and knew the year of own death (and destructions of all family). He tried to overcome the destiny decisively in March, 1905, but could not. All second half of his reign (after March, 1905) has passed under a sign of humility to destinyinvisible more by nobody (except of empress Aleksandra Fedorovna) . Namely this mystical knowledge, - not «weakness» - had determined many facts of his reign and a life of Imperial Family. They made all that should make for Russia, but they knew what will be with them and with Russia!


___In October 2006 well-known Russian publishing houses («OLMA Media Groups» and "Neva") have published my book «Fatal predictions of Russia» which first part («Emperor Who Knew the Destiny») is devoted to the little-known facts of a life of last Russian emperor NikolayII.The presentation of my book had been organized on November, 29 2006 in agency of ITAR-TASS. Information about this press-conference has been published in several Russian newspapers and many Russian Internet sites.

___Many books are written about Nikolay II, including such known authors as Robert K. Massie, Oldenburg, Edward Radzinsky, Victor Kobylin, Greg King, Peter Kurth and others. It would seem, the biography of last Tsar is investigated and described "up and down". However, I systematized the little-known facts of his biography and have built these facts in one time line - in result the surprising picture has been opened which allow completely by new eyes (perfectlyby new eyes is not exaggeration!) to look at a history of his reign, on his character, on his life and destiny. Probably, he was unique Emperor who knew own destiny and knew the year of the destruction (and destructions of all his family). He tried to overcome destiny decisively in 1897-1898 and then in March, 1905, but he could not.
___This book shows a history of his reign and a history of Russia through a prism of these predictions and, simultaneously, by eyes of main heroes - Emperor Nikolay II and Empresses Aleksandra Feodorovna.

___#i#Absolutely all lines of the book are created on a documentary basis.#/i#
___The script of a feature film (and TV Drama Serial) "Emperor who knew the destiny" is written by me by present time also.
___Synopsis«Emperor who knew the destiny» had been published in Russian-speaking magazine "Synopsis" (n.9, 2006).

Boris Romanov
Saint Petersburg
___P.S. I am sorry for my imperfect English.

___You can see also my article “New book about Nicholas II”:

___and MUCH MORE DETAILS in my article “Emperor who knew the destiny” (in Russian):

___In Russian you can read also my article (the short script) "Nikolay's II Abdication":

BorisRom 04-28-2007 03:43 PM

Well, I think, it is expedient to give here the list of the literature (references) on this theme which I used at work on this message (post I and II). All these books are used by me also at work on the book Fatal Predictions of Russia[2].Unfortunately, only the bookof Louis Hamon[1] is issued in English. All other books and magazines are issued only in Russian. However, probably, the reference [13] is issued in Englishalso.

1. Louis Hamon. Fate in the Making Revelations of a Lifetime. N-Y, London, 1931
2. Boris Romanov. Fatal Predictions of Russia. - М., SPb: OLMA Media groups, 2006.
3. A Life of Saint Avel-divinator. – Edition of The New Golutvin Convent, 1995.
4. The foreteller monk Avel // Magazine "Russian olden time", 1875, Т.1, n. 1-4. In the same place his own a note «A Life and suffering of the monk Avel».
5. Divinator Avel. New original data on his destiny:Police Record about the peasant Vasily Vasiliev (of an ancestral lands of Lev Aleksandrovich Naryshkin), taking place in the Kostroma province in Babaevsky monastery under a name of monk Adam, and then named as Avel, and about the book composed by him on 67 sheets. It is started March of 17-th 1796 // Magazine "Russian archive", 1878, Book.2.
6. Sergey Nilus. On a coast of God’s river (from the diaries of 1909). M.: Edition of Sretensky monastery, 2003.
7. Russia before the Second Coming (compos by Fomin S.). М., 1998.
8. Roscius J. Kassandra’s Syndrom. М., 1996.
9. Kiribeevitch (P.N.Shabelskij-Bork). Prophetic monk. The historical legend // Magazine “Szemshina”, 1991, n. 28 (45); 1992, n. 67. (First edition - Berlin, 1931).
10. Vitte S. Vospominanija (Memoirs). М., 1960, Т.2.
11. Saint Serafim Sarovsky. Edition of Russian St. Andrey’s Monastery on Athos, 1903, the Reprint - 1990.
12. Diveevskie legends. М., 1992.
13. Magazine of Valaam’s society of America «Russian pilgrim», 1990.
14. Metropolitan St.-Petersburg and Ladoga John (Snichev). - CathedralRussia // Magazine “Our contemporary”, n.2, 1995.


BorisRom 05-02-2007 12:32 PM

Mystical events of the life of Imperial Family
I think, two more themes concern mystical events of a life of Imperial family and Russia in 1916-1917:
___1. In 1916 when about the future tragedy of Russia already many famous politicians spoke, the surprising sign from above (literally - from above) has been shown to emperor and Russia: Russian pilots have seen on mountain Ararat a legendary Noah Ark - and Nikolay II has ordered to organize an expedition which has found this Noah Ark in a surprising good condition. It was the last sign for Tsar and Russia before their tragedy …
___2. There is a version, that already after the October revolution of 1917 in Tobolsk Nikolay II has found out about surprising prophecies on the future destiny of Russia and the world in XX century which were open by Virgin Maria to three small children on the other end of Europe, in Portugal, in village Fatima.
___In the book «The Emperor who knew own destiny» I consistently and in detail tells about the certificates of these surprising events based on the documentary facts.


indian princess 08-12-2007 03:35 AM


Originally Posted by gaoshan1021 (Post 62330)
Her Imperial Majesty Tzarina Alexandra Feodorovna with Their Imperial Highnesses the Grand Duchesses Olga Alexandrovna, Tatiana, Marie and Anastasia

i thought tatiana was suposed to be very tall but in this pic she looks as tall as anastasia who was very short.

charlottestreasures 08-28-2007 05:20 PM

Alberta woman's father protected the last czar - Nicolas II - and his family
ST. PAUL -- For years, retired nurse Joanell Alden searched high and low for stories about the last Russian czar's guards.
She had good reason to be curious - her father was one of them. Her father, John Solowoniuk, who died in 1978 at the age of 90, was one the men charged with protecting Nicholas II and his family.

Rest of article here: - Alberta - Peeking into Russia's royal past

acdc1 09-01-2007 02:56 PM

Wasn't Alexandra called by her real name, Alix, from Nicholas all her life?

Russophile 10-19-2007 08:24 PM

Her real name was Victoria Alix Helena Louise Beatrice and nicknamed "Aliky" as in Nicky and Aliky. Or Sunny.

Lady Marmalade 11-06-2007 03:32 PM

One of the most tragic of royal families who have seen much suffering and violent deaths.

COUNTESS 11-06-2007 07:58 PM

They were often responsible for creating an atomosphere for violent attacks. Not that one should justify murder. Alexander II, was actually trying to reduce suffering of his people, but by that time, anger had welled to a great proportion. Nicholas and Alexandra were unrealistic, weak and dreadful monarchs. That still does not justify their murder and certainly that of their children. Those under them suffered far more than they.

BorisRom 11-07-2007 10:15 AM


Originally Posted by COUNTESS (Post 689614)
They were often responsible for creating an atomosphere for violent attacks. Not that one should justify murder. Alexander II, was actually trying to reduce suffering of his people, but by that time, anger had welled to a great proportion. Nicholas and Alexandra were unrealistic, weak and dreadful monarchs. That still does not justify their murder and certainly that of their children. Those under them suffered far more than they.

Let me to repeat here my post from other theme (August of this year, "Does Russia...")
I think, many at this forum will agree that Nicholas II has been defamed (by "an irreconcilable opposition") else at time of his life and that false myths about him have been hundredfold increased by the Soviet historians and that many of these wrong stamps are alive even till now.
I think the following seven theses are most needing in objective consideration:
__1. Nicholas II was a man of weak will.
__2. Positive achievements of Russia in 1894-1914 have been made by famous clever ministers of his government (by Vitte and Stolypin) - and Nicholas II has prevented from their reforms more likely, than helped them.
__3. Nicholas II aspired to «small victorious war» against Japan.
__4. Nicholas II is guilty of awful events of "Bloody Sunday» on January, 9, 1905.
__5. Nicholas II has made a mistake, having headed Russian army in August, 1915 owing to what Russia has ostensibly lost the war by 1917 and revolution began.
__6. Nicholas II has not undertaken sufficient efforts for prevention and suppression of revolt in Petrograd in February, 1917.
__7. Rasputin has strongly and negatively influenced on an acceptance of political decisions in Imperial family through empress Alexandra.
I think, these seven are the main false myths about Nicholas II. There are still other wrong stamps, but these seven are main, I think.
Certainly, I don’t think that Nicholas II was «the ideal ruler» of Russia. He made mistakes and had some wrong ideas (for example, he was the anti-semite always; and other things), but I am going to expose these seven main false myths here.

You can read detailed discussion of the theme " False miths about Nicholas II " on my topic at the other forum:,6232,6232#msg-6232

In addition to the theme of "false myths", - I have found out recently, that the President of USA Taft (? – I don’t know English transcription of his name) in 1912 has told about Nicholas II:
"Russian emperor has created such perfect working legislation of what any democratic state till now cannot brag".
Really, the social status of workers in Russia those years was rather good (relatively Europe and USA). Nicholas conducted active social policy for improvement of position of city workers at factories. Whether you know, that till 1905 the police frequently acted on the side of workers in their conflicts against employers (during strikes)? It was Nicholas's internal policy.

COUNTESS 11-07-2007 06:14 PM

Nicholas II, was a man who governed with little passion and without any clear idea as to what his people fully needed. He was indifferent to poverty, nor did he really understand it. He seemed to be incapble of formulating a coherent politcal stance on his own. Russia at that time was struggling to adapt to the modernity of the western world and still trying to remain Russian. Out of his profound religious and politcal conviction he was very committed to autocracy and not to any great democratic change. His wife was no help, as she was so myopic to their situation, which was bad enough, but prevented him from seeing his country's problems over his personal ones. He wasn't a stupid man. He knew change was coming, yet he tried to hang on to the old ways. Russia is a vast nation with many different regional ethnicities. Perhaps, this placed the country in a vortex of confusion on how they were to proceed. In 1914, Russia was in pretty good shape. The economic revolution had started to bear fruit and some political reforms had started to change the nation for the better. Nicholas II was not a bad man, by any standard. I do think he had little poltical acumen and, obviously, had no good sight on how to proceed during WWI. I agree that by the time he "took over" running the army, all was lost. Secondly, he could not effect change fast enough or did he try, to stem the oncoming revolution. He was not a leader. He was cursed by his position in life. He could have been a good and able employee and a wonderful family man. Had he been a constitutional monarch, where his presence would have been mostly ceremonial, he would have been a big success.

royalone3 11-18-2007 10:03 PM

I recently read a book about Nicholas and Alexandra,very sad how it all went so terribly wrong.

Russophile 11-19-2007 12:36 PM

Yes, it is. And to think they had a lot of power to ensure that it didn't go wrong and they didn't do anything to prevent it. . .

Furienna 11-19-2007 05:55 PM

I guess they just didn't think anything like that could happen. There had been tsars in Russia for centuries, and they were more powerful than many kings and emperors in Western Europe. Even thinking that a tsar family would be not only dethrowned but also assasinated was beyond them until it was too late.

Russophile 11-19-2007 07:43 PM

Which means they surely didn't do their homework on their ancestors! Peter III was assassinated , Paul I was assassinated , Alexander II was assassinated, Alexander III had attempts. . .

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