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BeatrixFan 01-16-2006 11:44 AM

Royal Food
I thought it would be interesting to discuss what the Royals like eating. For example, Princess Anne hardly eats a thing and says that meal-times take up valuable time elsewhere. Queen Elizabeth II hates chocolate but the Duke of Gloucester is a chocoholic.

Here are a few royal recipes too;

King James's Salmon

King James's cooks invented this dish for him and it's been popular ever since. It was said to be a favourite of Queen Henrietta-Maria who took the recipe back to France with her.


3 Blood Oranges (Sometimes called Ruby Oranges)
Half a Bottle of Good Red Wine
Darn of Fresh Salmon
Juice of an Orange

Peel the blood oranges and slice them quite thickly. Lay them over the bottom of a large cooking pot or wok. Place the salmon on top of the orange slices and cover it along the sides with more orange slices - leave a thick line uncovered on the top of the fish.

Pour the juice of an orange over the fish in the line you've left. Grate some nutmeg over the top and pour around but not on the fish, the half a bottle of red wine.

Cover the wok or cooking pot with tin-foil and cook on the hob for about 15 minutes, watching it like a hawk. Don't overdo the fish. Serve with some of the red wine over the top and new potatoes.

Mitton of Pork

This was a favourite of Henry VIII who turned it into a hunting dish. It isn't eaten in the saddle, but slices are eaten at hunting lunches. This dish is a favourite of the British Royal Family and is a regular at their shooting lunches.


20 rashers of bacon
loin of pork - chopped into thin slices
sage and onion stuffing - home made if possible

Take a pudding basin. Place the bacon around the bottom and the edges of the basin, so that you can't see the basin. In the bottom, place some of the sliced pork. Then put a layer of sage and onion stuffing followed by a layer of pork. Do this until you get to the top. Cover it with more bacon and bake in the oven for about 1 and a half to 2 hours. When cooked, put a small plate on top of the basin, but so that it is inside the basin. Place a heavy weight on the saucer and leave for 15 minutes. Pour off the juices and cook for a furthur 15 minutes to warm through or serve cold.

Stuffed Quails in White Wine - Known as Flaming Birds

This was a regular at Charles II's court.


4 x Quails
4 Tablespoons of Cooked Rice
4 Chopped Dried Apricots
6 Tablespoons of White Wine
Pinch of Ground Ginger
1 Teaspoon Orange Zest
1 Tablespoon of Pine Nuts
Melted Butter
Juice of 1/2 an Orange

Wipe the Quails and season with salt and pepper inside and out. Combine the rice, apricots, ginger, pine nuts, orange zest and a little melted butter. Stuff the quails with the mixture and brush them with melted butter. Roast in the oven at 450 degrees for 10 minutes, reduce the heat to 300 and roast for 15 minutes. Keep basting with a mixture of white wine, the orange juice and a little melted butter. Cook for a furthur 20 minutes. Remove the quails and pour over each one, a little warmed cognac. Ignite and serve.


I've tried all the above and I can say that they are absolutely wonderful and it's rather thrilling to think that you're eating the same dish as good Queen Bess or Charles II. I have quite a few recipes from the Spanish and French Courts too - courtesy of Mrs Beeton.

Maxie 01-16-2006 01:45 PM

Well, BF! Let those recipes coming! ;) I have to do a little research on the Dutch Royal Family. I have totally no clue what their favourite food is. :confused: But I'll be back... *arnold schwarzenegger accent, followed by an evil laugh*

Amy 01-16-2006 01:49 PM

I am not a fan of the above recipe's although my Mum does quite like King James's Salmon. She does also have one of Mrs Beeton's books although i can't tell you what recipe's are in it as i have never read it.

Saturn 01-16-2006 02:29 PM

By the way, Queen Sophia and infanta Cristina are vegetarian :cool:

Juanita 01-16-2006 02:36 PM

I was wondering.. how is the dutch and the danish food???

There is an article in spanish about the food of the spanish royal family (i will translate it...):

Juanita 01-16-2006 02:44 PM

Delecacy for the Kings

To lack of sirens, the fish market that runs Evaristo Garci'a seems the bestiario of 20,000 leguas of submarine trip. Excelsas plebian lubinas, sardines, aristocratic salmonetes and merluzas longer than a homily of Fidel I castrate hope fresh, every two days, at that the box with products arrives the driver from the Real House to take awhile that could fill the belly of a farmer, a bishop, a buccaneer of Salgari or a dock worker, but who will finish, later, in the table of first of all the Spaniards: the King.

Don Juan Carlos, moved away of the ostentosas customs of previous monarchs, who suffered of drop to eat enormous amounts of seafood, prefers the fish... Like the rest of compatriots. In Spain great tradition in the product consumption of the sea exists and is, with 72 grams daily by inhabitant, one of the countries of the world that more fishing ingests. The Real House is not an exception.

In the establishment of Evaristo Garci'a, almost centennial, there is one aged photography color sepia hung outdoors of the refrigerator chambers in which he appears Alfonso XIII inaugurating the Coruñesas Fish markets, before located in the Madrilenian Recoletos street and today transferred to the one of Juan Montalvo. Ever since that snapshot was taken, the likeable relation of this leonine one with borbones has been more than fluid. "the Queen, although vegetarian, eats lenguado and lubina, two of her favourite plates. The King, however, prefers merluza ", says Evaristo while he maintains in his arms rodaballo of 12 kilos. "As supplier of the Real House for years, I have not been believing that Don Juan Carlos or Doña Sofía is distinguished in their habits of any family of Spanish middle-class. In the orders that make do not lack the gilded one, pescadilla, the big holes or chicharro, but the seafood, like any son of neighbor, leaves it for the indicated celebrations, like Nochevieja ". Don Evaristo is not mistaken: the last night of the last year, after seeing all the together speech of Her Majesty, the Royal Family to the complete one ingested with delight stuffed turkey, salmon, jamón of Jabugo, pudin of fish and, mainly, much turrón.

But, what so eats in the Zarzuela? Then long ago they said that badly, that the cooks of before, of military origin, were used to filling plates of the table of palace with caloric projectiles of coarse flavor, more apt for the military one that stops the stomachs of Its Majestys. In summary, that walked to sartenazos with musas. Today, however, the wisdom of Antonio Walls, present his chef, has elevated the cache of the regal furnaces to the quality of restaurants of luxury like Jockey, from where it comes. Each late, the service passes a letter to him to Doña Sofía where a few menus for the following day are suggested to him. Reina indicates those that wishes. And if it does not wish any, it erases all and it aims what it desires to him. Then, in that affluent list never nourished the furnace needs the fish, I snorted of salads and meats to the plate. Everything very simple, very Mediterranean. Nothing of deconstrucciones, foam and siphons. One treats, according to affirm sources near the Real House, of "a kitchen without pretensions, but so money changer as the geography of Spain, free of pyrotechnics, human and very flavorful".

The meats and their derivatives constitute an important part in the diet of the Spaniards. Its consumption has been duplicated in one decade and is of 187 grams daily by inhabitant. Within that section they honor the chicken (58.3 grams), the inlays (38.7 grams) and the pieces of bovine (31.7 grams). One of that he has contributed to that increase has been Don Juan Carlos, friend of the red meat. Its perdición is the rather fine hip of cow and, more concretely, fillets, little facts, with a salt and olive oil baptism fat as only condimento and served with a slice as bread to the plate with mantequilla, although sometimes it pleases to accompany a steak with a ration of chips.

This knows or to Constantino González, Northern delegated advisor to it of the Group, or what is the same, the butchers of the King for something more than six years. "the ones in charge of purchases of the Real House come to newspaper, sometimes until Saturdays, to take meat for Their Majesty, although we also give to eat to the service and the Real Guard [ made up of more than 100 people, to whom they give to eat four or five cooks ]", he affirms next to a great cow of 1,500 kilos that finishes presenting/displaying, quartered, in the Fair of the Gourmet of Madrid.

For Constantino González, the Royal Family does not characterize itself by the unattainable product consumption for other pockets. The simplicity of its tastes contrasts with the prevailing ones in other European monarchies. "the King does not request ox of Kobe, a concerned meat of Japan that, entreverada, can be worth 600 euros the kilo; he prefers any meat produced in Spain ".

The one of the monarch it is a pantry sober and free of luxuries, but equipped with magnificent products. In addition to selections pieces of bovine, he lodges in season hunting of hair and pen, to which very he is become fond of. Also thyme, coriander, basil, hinojo and eneldo keep to perfume all the typical plates of the Spanish kitchen that serve the six waiters who the Real House has in list. Rice, beans, chick-peas and lentils complete a space in which they do not lack vegetables either, an historically basic product for the inhabitants of the bull skin. And to illustrate the homing of Don Juan Carlos by so popular menu, it is enough to remember that in an official visit to Oviedo, when discovering that their escorts savored cooked fabada in a great kettle, it exclaimed: "Hacedme site, that I that fabada me do not lose it".

The Spaniards, according to say the statistics, also appreciate vegetables, but every time in smaller amount. In 1964 41 grams daily by inhabitant were consumed. Today they are only 20.2 grams per day and stomach. Infant Elena, in that sense, left to her father and mainly enjoys the meat and plates spoon. However, Cristina is inheriting of the liking of her mother by the green one and frequently requests salads and vegetables in the restaurants near her job in the Foundation the Caixa, Barcelona.

The dietetic model of the Spanish population includes a high consumption of vegetables and vegetables (173 grams daily by inhabitant), between which they emphasize the tomatos (40.3 grams), the lettuce (23.5 grams) and the potatoes, that have descended from 300 grams to 145 by inhabitant from 1964 to today. In the table of the Kings, all these products of season are consumed with regularity, but cooked with simplicity, preference by the clear flavors, without sauces, easy to digest. The same it happens with the fruit, the third element more consumed by national population and one of the presents also in Palace: "To Reina they enchant the cherries to him, whereas to the King the apricots chiflan to him", Felix Vázquez says, proprietor of legendary frutería of the Ayala street, while he dispatches fresones of Huelva to Beltrán Go'mez-Acebo.

"a day appeared Victory Federica, the mother of Reina this way, to which my mother called ` griegá. It will do 25 years of that. Haws called the attention to him - a type of small and yellow manzanitas and took a few ", remembers Felix Vázquez with nostalgia.

"Since then, it did not let buy white asparagus here. It arrived with the infants, whereas the Prince remained in the car. I approached cherries to him the window. Today, Infant Elena continues happening to buy once in a while ", affirms the fruit one of head of David Beckham, Pillar of Borbón or Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. In their small premises more types of fruit climb up the walls than days it is the year old, with beautiful units that for himself wanted Archimboldo, that Italian artist who painted human pictures using for it fruits and vegetables.

Maxie 01-16-2006 02:44 PM


Originally Posted by ...JuAnItA...
I was wondering.. how is the dutch and the danish food???

There is an article in spanish about the food of the spanish royal family (i will translate it...):

Dutch food? I don't know if there is something typical about Dutch food. I would say that typical Dutch is just vegetables, meat and potatoes. Or the three of them mixed up in a yucky looking (but in my opinion delicious) 'stamppot'.

But lots of people cook very different things nowadays. It's possible to get all kinds of ingredients in the stores over here. You want to eat Italian, Mexican, Indian or even South-African? No problem, just go the the 'Albert Heijn' (biggest and most well known grocery shop over here) and you'll find the ingredients. Oriental cooking (Indonesian, Thai etc.) is very popular too. It must have something to do with Indonesia being a former colony, I guess. I myself love to explore as many different ways of cooking. Would be interesting to see what the Dutch Royal Family loves to eat, but I still haven't found anything on the subject... :(

Juanita 01-16-2006 02:44 PM


Felix Vázquez testifies the taste of Doña Sofía by the strawberries, the raspberries, the Moors and the watercresses, an essential ingredient in its sandwiches. To the King, however, he enchants the sharp one to him, mainly guindillas. Felix Vázquez Remembers: "When it came Zubin Metha to the Real Theater we sent a basket to him from fruit to the dressing room. The King, who is friend his, proved one guindilla and he enchanted to him. On the following day, the secretary of the musician requested to us that we sent to palace a full basket. We prepared a spectacular one to him with red guindillas, yellow, white... It was precious ". Like client, it assures Vázquez, the Real House not difference of any other, since they acquire what anyone, "apples, pears, tomatos, oranges...".

In whatever to the purchase habits, the Kings either are not different much from the tastes del Spanish means. The consumer usually goes with more frequency to the stores of district to make more of a third of his daily acquisitions of feeding (35,8%), with the supermarkets to little the municipal distance (31,1%) and establishments last (21,8%). And Its Majestys? Exactly equal, they prefer the small commerce first of all to supply his pantry: fish markets, fruterías, pastry shops... Although also they go to the English Court and Mercamadrid. What yes it distinguishes to the monarchs of any family at the time of seating to the table is, mainly, the form in which the plates use: fish without deshuesadas thorns, birds, bare and divided fruits... Everything to avoid that the King can choke itself.

The hours of food? Doña Sofía fixed years ago that the breakfast was taken before the nine with juice, coffee, fruit and candies. To two, the lunch. And to nine at night, a very frugal supper. Ah, and all the meals have to be very fast and agile, of one hour to average hour and at the most. And of dessert? Yogur Greek, prepared to the way of our neighbors of the Aegean (with honey) is the unique thing who pleases the same to the three generations of the Royal Family, the only consensus in its table.

Maria Teresa Sarmiento Blanc, proprietor of Embassy, the prestigious Madrilenian pastry shop, place of meeting of spies during years 30 and 40, credits to the taste of the Kings by the candy and its weakness by the cacao: "Every so often time, a pair of weeks at the most, a cook of the Real House this way happens to take to a chocolate cake for Don Juan Carlos. Or suflé of merengue with raspberry, similar to which tasted the guests to the wedding of Infant Elena, or tea pastes, to whom Reina is become fond of ", comments after the counter of the legendary store of the Castilian. "Our entailment with Zarzuela comes from the mother of Reina, Federica Victory, that was very friend of the founder of this premises in years 20". Today it is not rare to see Doña Sofía within the official car while the low driver to by vegetarian sandwiches, pudin or pies.

Finally, the consumption of milky, 375 grams daily by inhabitant, is most important of the diet of the Spaniards. The cheese has less weight than in other European countries (16.2 grams by head), but is not the case of the Royal Family, where Don Juan Carlos breaks all the averages with its taste by ewe cheeses manchega arrived directly from the province of River basin, its favorites.

The skill of the Prince preparing gin tonics guarantees, sometimes special, that the Royal Family - except for Doña Sofía, who does not prove the alcohol enjoys a tablecloth of social gathering, coffee, pure glass and. Proper.

Borbones and its gastronomical anecdotes

By Watched over Eva Carlos III, the methodical king and his egg. Also call "the king mayor" by the numerous monuments that commanded to construct in the villa of Madrid, was extraordinarily methodical: every day had breakfast chocolate with foam prepared by its Wild seaman steward, always served in the same cup by its aid as preferred camera, Alverico Pini. The menu of the lunch also was always the same one: soup, roasted (normally of calf), a fresh egg, salad (flavored with water, sugar and vinegar) and a sweet wine glass of the Canary Islands. In an occasion, it verified with surprise that was not the egg (the habitual supplier had apparently not served it on time). Carlos III, who ate single, was one hour without proving mouthful, after which he rose and he said to him to his greater butler, the Duke of Medinaceli: "As it did not have my egg, already you see it, Medinaceli, I have not eaten anything".

Carlos IV and the "Uncle Rico". Known by its gluttony, they tell that in an occasion, while it hunted, one was with a man who went in donkey and that he took garlic sausage provisions full. When observing that the horseman (did not know that he was the king) watched garlic sausages with evident hunger, one offered them. Before the surprise of all, Carlos IV accepted and taking several he went away them eating to mouthfuls. The king asked to him the man how this one was called and when answering to him that "Uncle Rico", said to him: "Then rich truely they are your garlic sausages and from today I name supplier you of the Real House". So famous the "Uncle became Rico" who was immortalized by the painter Ramon Bayeu in a picture that can be seen in the Museum of the Prado.

Fernando VII, cooked every day. Little talkative and reserved, he enjoyed little the food. Its passion was the spanish stew, that took almost to newspaper. Single it admitted to vary his diet in the months of August and September. Such era its taste by him who in its aquejado deathbed and of drop, before the request of the doctors of which it reduced his consumption of meat, only accepted to take soup... But, of course, of spanish stew.

Isabel II and its "average nights". Isabel II boasted of being able to take five followed plates from chicken with rice and saffron, and is that this so pure-blooded queen to eat era everything a pleasure. It enchanted the candy to him and it took every day enormous amounts of pastelillos, had breakfast and merendaba chocolate and at midnight took one more a cup with bollitos created for her. As they used when one lay down, they occurred in calling "averages nights".

Alfonso XII and the first "real" dining room. The Hall Columns of the Real Palace was from century XVII a relaxation place where the official banquets were celebrated, installing improvised detachable tables. Was peculiar which a so great palace did not have an own stay for dining room, something that it changed from the reign of Alfonso XII, who celebrated the banquet of his own wedding the 27 of January of 1878 in the mentioned hall. Eight months later, when his loved wife passed away, it was also this hall the one that lodged the ardent chapel of young queen Maria of the Mercedes. Sore and caused sorrow, the king issued order of which that enclosure never was a divertimento place, giving order of which a stay was constructed that served solely as dining room that is the one that today exists: the "dining room in full dress".

ALFONSO XIII and his potatoes. Little he mattered that the grandfathers of Don Juan Carlos had supper every night with champán Moët Chandon nor that had as excelsos cooks as Arturo Fontenoy or Garston Marechal; he always took chips. He demanded that were put at any moment you with the appetizer, in the receptions...

By Spain and to dunk! Queen Victoria Eugenia did not appreciate the good table. To thus the Duchess of Dúrcal said it, that was one of its ladies of honor. Much less it liked the Spanish traditional gastronomy, in case gazpacho, that it affirmed refreshed to him after the hearings, or the light spanish stew soup. If in the gastronomical tastes Alfonso XIII and the queen were so different, in the bearing it was not less, liking to him excessively the monarch to skip the protocol and to joke, something that did frequently to the hour of the tea. In those occasions, it took with the hand a paste and before the reprobadora glance of Eugenia Victory it raised it and it said: "By Spain and to dunk". And it wet the paste in the tea, before the laughter of the presents.

The English cut and the hunger. Ena (as Victoria Eugenia were called familiarly to queen) counted a peculiar anecdote. When they were young, frequently she and their brothers were hungry, and not because they were gluttonous, but because queens Victoria and Beatriz (grandmother and mother of Ena, respectively), were very sober. Normally they took meat roasted with vegetables or potatoes from trimming, fruit and some little abundant candy. In the familiar receptions, the brothers of the wife of Alfonso XIII saw pass the succulent trays with manjares. In one of those moments, Victory asked to him Alexander, his older brother: "What chocolate you want". And the young person, without thinking it to it, answered: "greatest I". An answer that did not please to queen Victoria of England, that commanded to him to leave the dining room.

(End! :D)

LaChicaMadrilena 01-16-2006 03:03 PM

Wow ...JuAnItA..., thanks for the translation, it's quite :Dlong. By the way, great idea for a new thread, BeatrixFan!

Juanita 01-16-2006 03:04 PM


Originally Posted by LaChicaMadrilena
Wow ...JuAnItA..., thanks for the translation, it's quite :Dlong. By the way, great idea for a new thread, BeatrixFan!

It's very long! :D
You're welcome, LaChicaMadrilena! ;)

selrahc4 01-16-2006 03:10 PM

A column about some food favorites of the British Royal family.

BeatrixFan 01-16-2006 03:33 PM

One of Prince Charles's favourite dishes is a quail within a woodcock within a chicken within a turkey within a goose inside a pastry case and gravy. I asked the BP Information Office to send me the recipe and they did. If people want to try the dish then I'll post the recipe but I warn you - it's very complex, very tricky and very heavy to eat!

Skydragon 01-16-2006 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by BeatrixFan
King James's Salmon


3 Blood Oranges (Sometimes called Ruby Oranges)
Half a Bottle of Good Red Wine
Darn of Fresh Salmon
Juice of an Orange

OK BeatrixFan, I give up, I have to ask, what on earth is a Darn of Fresh Salmon?:D
I can think of better uses for half a bottle of a good Red Wine too.:D :D

Skydragon 01-16-2006 03:50 PM


Originally Posted by BeatrixFan
One of Prince Charles's favourite dishes is a quail within a woodcock within a chicken within a turkey within a goose inside a pastry case and gravy. I asked the BP Information Office to send me the recipe and they did. If people want to try the dish then I'll post the recipe but I warn you - it's very complex, very tricky and very heavy to eat!

One of my friends used to cook this, she always said it was worth the effort, she was a brilliant cook.:)

BeatrixFan 01-16-2006 04:01 PM

LOL. I can't really explain what a darn of salmon is not knowing much about fish but I always ask the fishmonger for a darn and get the most wonderful cut.

JessRulz 01-17-2006 12:31 AM

I don't know whether this counts as food, but CP Mary of Denmark has a thing for an Aussie lolly called Fruit Tingles

crisiñaki 01-17-2006 01:04 AM


Originally Posted by selrahc4
A column about some food favorites of the British Royal family.

Hi, I read in this column about Charles liking something called Vegemite, which is the australian version of Marmite and I'm wondering if anyone can explain what that is.

Thanks in advance:o

By the way, there's a second part of this article at:

De La Cruza 01-17-2006 02:16 AM

What does the Princley family of Monaco like to eat? Whats does Stephanie like, Caroline and Albert? What are their favorite foods and recipes?

LadyS 01-17-2006 03:08 AM

BBC Food had a very interesting programme called All the Queen's Cooks, it was on over December here in South Africa about Queen Elizabeth.

It showed various chefs who had cooked for the queen. Also what she does and doesn't eat and what she has eaten on various tours around the world.

Skydragon 01-17-2006 12:46 PM


Originally Posted by crisiñaki
Hi, I read in this column about Charles liking something called Vegemite, which is the australian version of Marmite and I'm wondering if anyone can explain what that is.

Thanks in advance:o

By the way, there's a second part of this article at:

I love vegemite, It is yeast products, vegetables and spices.

This tells you all about it!:D

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