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Elsa M. 10-09-2005 11:31 AM

Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, Current Events Part 14: October 2005 - Feb. 2006
Welcome to the new thread dedicated to the current events of the Princes of Asturias. The old thread can be found at:

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lula 10-10-2005 09:47 AM

The sample ' The world through that Cervantes lived ' receives, betweenothers, more than 400 works of Velázquez, The Greco one and Tinttoreto

The Cultural Center of the Villa offers the exhibition between the next October 13 and January 8

The sample ' The world through that Cervantes lived ', that the Princes of Asturias will inaugurate tomorrow in the Cultural Center of the Villa, receives more than 400 works of Velázquez, The Greek one and Tinttoreto, between other artists. Organized by the State Society of Cultural Commemorations (SECC), the exhibition explains the most significant segments of the epoch and the social environment that surrounded the author of ' El Quijote'.

lula 10-11-2005 02:53 AM

An exhibition reconstructs the daily life through that Michael of Cervantes lived


- The princes of Asturias inaugurate today in the Cultural Center of the Villa the exhibition The world through that Cervantes lived, one of the big appointments of the centenary IV of the publication of the Cuisse, comisariada for the historian and academic Carmen Iglesias. The sample, which in the next spring will travel to Barcelona, recreates the daily life in the epoch of the writer across 425 works, in many cases unpublished for the public, that they include paintings, wardrobe, decorative objects, documents, books, sculptures, armors, furniture, weapon and maps, besides some recreations authors of novels of manners, proceeding from a hundred of institutions of the whole world.
The exhibition includes artists' works as El Greco one, Velázquez, Ribera, Ribalta, Tintoretto, Pantoja de la Cruz, Moro, Moroni, Antonio Puga or Luis Tristán and allows different readings - erudite, popular or intermediate - the taste of all kinds of public. The tour is in two places at the same time in seven chapters that answer to three big thematic groups - the relation between the field and the city; the weapon and the letters, and the underprivileged persons and the women contemporaries of Cervantes - who take an appointment of the Cuisse as a presentation. " The collective memory - declared the police station - it is not the sum of the individual memories, but the dreg that stays of all of them, and the commemorations are this dreg that us contributes this major depth it brings over of the reality ". The exhibition there is completed by a catalogue by texts of twenty-four authors, as Carlos Fuentes, the own Carmen Iglesias or Gonzalo Anes, who is going to be a reference forced in the future.


Carmen Iglesias is a historian, member of the Royal Academy, who was a teacher of the Príncipe and I believe that also of the Infanta Cristina. Also it was she who her took charge recommending to Letizia books on history of Spain and history of the Spanish monarchy. She is very joined to the Royal Family.

lula 10-11-2005 07:37 AM

Finally it seems that the Princess did not come to the act and the Prince did it only.

lula 10-11-2005 10:54 AM

Princes of Asturias. A year of love

With many lights it has passed the first year jointly of the Princes of Asturias. " A year of love ", of Beatriz Cortázar, is the most complete book on the matrimonial life of Don Felipe and Dona Letizia, of whom ABC advances today to the readers an extractoCon a dinner of the calmest and discreet in the Italian restaurant of Madrid Pulccinela, the princes of Asturias they celebrated in the intimacy their first year of married. If someone was thinking that they were going to prepare big fastos and enormous merriments to remember the rainy morning of May 22, 2004 not only it was totally wrong, but it had demonstrated the little that knows them.

After one year with more than two hundred forty official acts, to find the calmest moments to enjoy in couple can be the whole art. If to it is added that don Felipe had returned on eve of a trip lightning to Washington, to which the Princess did not come for her pregnancy, surplus to say that what less asks for the body in these moments is another extraodinary sarao.
They all those who know the Princes insist on indicating their coincidence as for their taste for the tranquility. This does not mean that the long nights of music and dance they have remained for the recollection, but with an agenda like that they have had - and they have - and with a baby in way, is understandable that in the first anniversary were not looking for any more company than the mutual one. It happened also when don Felipe celebrated his last birthday of bachelor, at the time they went away alone to Asturias. Such and as commented on me a person near the Princess, " they are consolidating their marriage " and it implies that it is necessary to find the sufficient time to be able to live as any couple of lovers.

The efforts of Dona Letizia

I am not thinking about mistaking myself if I assure that, during the first year as Princess, dona Letizia has obtained the best note that would be necessary to wait. From the succes of beginning their honeymoon in Cuenca up to the way in which she has joined her new life, the result has been really good. Many of the voices more critical that in the first moment demonstrated contradicted by the profile of the girlfriend of don Felipe, with the step of the first twelve months have been changing opinion or, at least, smoothing their theories, in view of the efforts with which dona Letizia has tried to do well her role.

After the wedding, the first thing that one organized was her move to the residence of the Prince, where already it was quite foreseen for the day in which the wife of don Felipe was coming. We go, that was not necessary to do reforms in the house, since, on having constructed it, in the project of work of the architect Francisco Muñoz already it was supposed that the wedding of the inheritor would be a question of time. (.)

(...) For their first months as married and after returning from honeymoon, which last destination continues being a mystery provided that it was never confirmed that they were either in Mexico or in the islands Fidji (after crossing several Spanish cities as Cuenca, San Sebastian and Saragossa, the Princes travelled up to Jordan to be present at the wedding of the prince Hamzah, place in the one that got lost the track), the Princes appeared for the first time publicly together with the King the day of his saint. Don Felipe with beard and dona Letizia confirming the soft one tanned with an orange set, they had two different well answers when they asked them about their honeymoon. The inheritor, in distended tone, commented that he had passed very fast whereas the Princess indicated that she had desire of putting to work.
(...) But on the occasion of their visit the cameras did not fix the Pope only in the brilliancy of the jewels. A profile image where the Princess was appearing greeting a guest she was the one that used as excuse to illustrate an article of the Italian magazine Oggi, in which one was speaking about the possible problems of dona Letizia's anorexia. The nudity of the thin arms was accompanying on the excellent profile of her scapulas. " The evil of the princesses ", they were titling the French and German magazines, grouping Diana's examples of Wales, Victory of Sweden and Masako of Japan.

The programs roses of television started gathering this information, but two articles published in The World provoked that the Royal Household desmintiera this information across a letter sent to the mentioned newspaper.
(.) The certain thing is that from this image the Princess did not return to use dresses of suspenders, not when she was to Brazil, where the heat was inviting to undressing the long sleeve. Very thin, the the thinnest, dona Letizia was an object of the analysis of many looks that they wanted to know if they were true these speculations. It was one of her habitual designers, Caprile, who assured me that the same height continued using that the first day. Some place this height in 38-36 and there is the one who has commented that it could a question of 34.
(...) In any case, of the type and the thinness of the Princess nothing one could have reflected still in the mass media, since during her first summer as Princess, in Majorca, dona Letizia chose for the formula to there be placed always the same jacket and the same visor to follow the ditches of August from the Fortuna, in company of the Queen and the nephews of don Philip. The Princess called to her pomp " my uniform " and was commented that her idea was that with the same clothes every day the photographers would make her calmer. This first summer since married the image most looked by all the paparazzi was that of the Princess sunbathing in the cover of the Fortuna with a biquini. Impossible (.).

(...) The time that dona Letizia passed in the guests' zone of La Zarzuela was undoubtedly fundamental to be able to recover from the first moment her role as Princess. During these months she was prepared for it and adapted to her new life. Nearby sources assure me that the process of adjustment was natural and ado a help that that of an English teacher for the development. In opposition to what had been commented, she did not even receive classes of protocol not either of history, or psychological help to make the transition softer (...).
(...) Because of it, after May 22, dona Letizia already had part of the learned lesson, because much will be what she will see and learn as Princess depending on what the destiny should provide her (...).

(.) Exactly this one is one of the points, her obsession to be in the day of everything published on her, which more has commented on the world of the press (...)
(...) The Princess wins in the short distance, but she is unimaginable that this nearness can have with the whole world. To want not always is to be able. Because of it I agree myself of the words that said to me Jose Miranda, mayor of Ribadesella, on having done balance of firstly year of marriage of the Princes. " My testimony cannot be impartial for the good recollections that I have of the Princess, of whom her value and personality would stand out. She is a woman who knows what wants, is strong (...) ".

(...) She has good memory and has surprised more than one employee asking him about the health of his mother or the studies of his children. Details of those are those who come to the people (...).

Elsa M. 10-12-2005 09:41 AM

Here's a few more photos from Francisco Cerecedo Journalistic Awards. From Royalportraits:

Elsa M. 10-12-2005 09:44 AM

TRH the Princes of Asturias, along with the whole royal family, participated in the celebrations of the Spanish National Day.

For more about this topic, please go to the thread:

lucys 10-12-2005 06:29 PM


Originally Posted by Elsa M.
Here's a few more photos from Francisco Cerecedo Journalistic Awards. From Royalportraits:

There are some really nice shots here--They both have really beautiful eyes, I wonder who the baby will take after?

I thought this guy only took photos of the Dutch?

Anna_R 10-13-2005 08:02 AM


Originally Posted by Elsa M.
Here's a few more photos from Francisco Cerecedo Journalistic Awards. From Royalportraits:

Beautiful image:

Thank you Elsa:D

LaChicaMadrilena 10-13-2005 09:08 AM

A short article from iHola! about their (or maybe just his) trip to Salamanca.

Anna_R 10-13-2005 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by LaChicaMadrilena
A short article from iHola! about their (or maybe just his) trip to Salamanca.

Translation of the article

Doña Letizia could attend the XV Ibero American Summit

It's been told that the Princess of Asturias will accomapany her husband, Prince Felipe, to the opening of a joint session of the Business Forum of the XV Ibero American Summit. Nevertheless, sources from the Royal House have indicated that, due to her advanced pregnancy, they can't confirm her presence until the very last moment.

Ariel 10-14-2005 04:52 AM

When the princess restarts her agenda after the baby is born, will she reduce it to be with her son/daughter? It is kind of hard for a new mom and her baby, if she will carry all the activities they use to have. She seems the most active princess in Europe. Don't you think?

Anna_R 10-14-2005 09:59 AM


Originally Posted by Ariel
When the princess restarts her agenda after the baby is born, will she reduce it to be with her son/daughter? It is kind of hard for a new mom and her baby, if she will carry all the activities they use to have. She seems the most active princess in Europe. Don't you think?

I think that Letizia is likely to keep the busy schedule - at least in Madrid - and to bring the baby with her whenever possible, like Haakon and Mette-Marit did with Ingrid Alexandra.

rchainho 10-16-2005 06:03 PM

Letizia counts the days continuing with the acts foreseen in his agenda

Although some of them point out that to the Princess of Asturias it already "weighs" the pregnancy, the true thing is that it keeps on coming with Don Felipe there where his obligations claim it.

10 of October, 2005. Last Saturday it was possible to see the Princes of Asturias in the house that the aunt of Don Felipe, infanta Doña Pilar, has in Madrid, owing to the baptism of small Luis, son of Beltrán Gomez and Laura Put.

The Prince was a godfather of the creature and, since it is natural, was accompanied of his wife,
Mrs Letizia, which has left already little less than one month to give birth. One saw Letizia nice, in tones salmon, and smilingly.

A few dates ago he affirmed that " as all the inexperienced ones, his big belly is a little scared ", nevertheless, and these " nerves of last hour " are not changing in almost at all the agenda of the Princess of Asturias, who keeps on being present at all the acts foreseen in these dates.

More serious

This way, last week was in Bilbao, accompanying Don Felipe in the opening of the Forum I Parliamentarian Iberoamericano, who assembled representatives of 33 countries. In this occasion, some of the presents and, especially the means dedicated to the yellow press, they made to notice that Letizia Ortiz proved to be more serious than sometimes previous, something that they imputed to the weariness due to his state.

One day later, the partner Francisco Cerecedo presided at the delivery of the Award of Journalism to Juan José Millás. This time, perhaps for being " more in his ambience " and surrounded with partners of his ancient profession, the Princess of Asturias was more smiling and relaxed.

He quotes in Oviedo

Facing the next weeks, if everything continues as it is foreseen, Mrs Letizia will accompany, next October 22, Don Felipe on the delivery of the Awards the Princes of Asturias in Oviedo. Probably that this appointment will be very special for Letizia.
This year one of the awards an Asturian takes it to him as her, Fernando Alonso; also it will return to his ground, where so much they have always demonstrated fondness and, probably that remembers the last time that it "covered" as informer this event, only a pair of weeks before his commitment was becoming public with the Prince.

rchainho 10-17-2005 06:42 AM

The emergent power of Letizia Ortiz in the Palace of the Zarzuela and the definitive west of the Queen Sofia

On Monday, October 17, 2005

Letizia Ortiz, wife of the heir to the throne of Spain, Prince Felipe de Borbón, yergue every day that happens with more force as the real power fáctico in the Palace of the zarzuela. The ancient journalist has taken the power in Palace, in peculiar and spectacular silent revolution. On the verge of giving birth – apparently a male - the Princess emerges already as real point of reference in the environment of the Operetta, where it has done to itself to prepare a wide office, next to that of his husband, to the point of which between she and the Prince practically they monopolize the ground floor of the small palace.
And: on what props does the unstoppable leading role of Letizia settle in the Royal Family? Certainly in his talent and energy, but especially in his big working capacity, qualities all little appreciated by the Borbones along the History, surely because they have not needed from them. A role which leading role will consolidate definitively the birth of a heir of the Crown of Spain.

The reign of Letizia is sustained on the devotion that there professes Prince Felipe (cold and distant with the people of the common one, but absolutely in love), and in the indifferent attitude of the proper Monarch, who if he never felt especially pleased with this wedding, now has problems of big institutional openwork that claim his absolute attention.

And: who is the big loser of the waste of energy that the young Princess carries out? According to whom they know the interiorities of Palace, the queen more lost Sofía, every day, more ignored, almost a nonentity in The Zarzuela, to the point of which some voices in his environment suppose him longing for the calmest airs of Majorca, wanting to leave Madrid to settle definitively in Marivent, far from the world of wolves that is an Zarzuela and the permanent guerrilla war between chiefs, secretaries, general managers, managers, secretaries, chauffeurs, checkers of company...

Neither the princesses seem very satisfied with the sudden splendour of Mrs Letizia. Cristina, the most ready, resident in Barcelona and in payroll of The Caixa, which for some months tried to gain it for the cause, seems to have thrown the towel. Elena, a Borbón almost of book, any heart and any spontaneity, simply does not even see her.

It is clear that they start Letizia the first enemies going out, and not contemptible, in the palatial environment. And the fact is that, attentive and nice in the first days, this attitude has been replaced with the ways of a much surer, seemingly haughty woman and a point haughty. A bossy woman.

This way it is as it is seen by the good society of Palma, this good society who has always proved to be loved in spite of receiving the summers to the Kings, the first ambassadors of the island; this Phoenicians' society always ready to pull portfolio when of paying a new ship to the King it talks each other, because this is an image of mark for Palma; this society who swirls concerning the Nautical Club and in the real receptions hoping to be called by his name, and who has not just fitted with Letizia.

To the Princess he does not fill with enthusiasm Palma and that this summer remained clear, when it dragged the Prince towards Asturias in full August. The dissatisfaction with the escape, which prevented the Prince from taking part in the ditches of sail, came to ears of the King, who decided to take letters in the matter. A call of the Monarch made them return to Palma to a few days, when the matter had already jumped to the pages of the newspapers.

It is shy Letizia that the same re-lights aloud a barmaid who serves badly the wine in a lunch, which ignores the presence of the rich one with control in square. Or it gives a court of do not move. This summer happened with Pedro Serra, one of the power fácticos of the island. There approached Serra to greet the Princess and as this one he was keeping the distances, the publisher was considered to be forced to make him know, in thin plan, with whom he was speaking.

-They treat me of you in the House, they are many years those that we take of relation, so that...

-How does he say ...?

-Not, that for so many years I meet his Majesties the Kings and there is such the friendship that joins us, that in the House use with me the use of the "tú" form of address...

-You look, I am a very well polite person and they taught me to me of small to treating the biggest persons as you.

There is not known yet what is what to Pedro Serra sat worse, if the princely one cuts of sleeves or that about the conversation there will find out, because it heard her enterita, the president of the CCAA of Balearics, Jaume Matas, who lacked time to count her for active, passive and perifrástica.

lula 10-17-2005 07:00 AM

In this web always they criticize Letizia, it is the same site where they passed the whole summer criticizing her because they said she did not want to be in Majorca.

The article has several incorrectnesses.

1. The Princes did not leave the Glass of the King to go to Asturias, but they were to Greece, and I believe that precisely Letizia is not the one that has relation with Greece. Besides, the King went away of safari to áfrica and the Infanta Elena to New York, and there were no problems

2.And it to Pedro Serra it belonged during the official trip to the Balearic Islands not in summer, and for what is the this well-read one he is a man of that he believes himself too importantly. This man has a newspaper and it criticized the Princes, for what it seems enough angered was because a museum that belongs to his foundation had not been included in the official visit of the Princes.

3. Cristina and Elena are Infantas, not princesses.

It seems that when there is nothing of anybody criticizes always they go out with these things. Nobody can believe that a new comer orders in any site. And this slightly credible news can be when the one who writes it commits so many incorrectnesses. And since they criticize her for being a worker it is the most graceful thing.:eek:

Mascha 10-17-2005 07:16 AM

I don't believe it's true either. Letizia is not that experienced yet to "take" over la Zarzuela. And besides the one person who can help her prepare for the future is Queen Sofia, so I don't think she would do anything that would upset or even make Queen Sofia mad at her..:) You're right Lula, the press always does that, very annoying!

lula 10-17-2005 07:47 AM


Originally Posted by Mascha
I don't believe it's true either. Letizia is not that experienced yet to "take" over la Zarzuela. And besides the one person who can help her prepare for the future is Queen Sofia, so I don't think she would do anything that would upset or even make Queen Sofia mad at her..:) You're right Lula, the press always does that, very annoying!

Besides, it is known that in its day the Queen did not pass anything well either.
Today in day the Spanish people want it and respect her very much. But initially the things were difficult for her.
It is known that the Spanish aristocracy has never had very much estimate the Queen, because in its day when the monarchy was re-restored she did not want that there was court, not even to have ladies of company ... and it was not accepted well. Her better friends are her sister and her cousin, and she does not have many friends between the Spanish aristocracy.
So it is normal that Letizia has to face so many rumors and bilges ... if for the Queen it was difficult, to imagine for the plebeian one and with great more press...

lapopdiva 10-17-2005 09:02 AM

I already read it this morning. An i had send more than hondred opinions to that stupid confidential email.But they didn't put not one of al my opinions.You know why? Because this article is written yust to harm Princes letizia.And the one that wrote this article is so chicken coward, that he ore she didn't put his/here name to indentify him/her.I'm just asking my self who's the one ore those ones that hate Letizia there in spain? The aristocrate people? Because they have the power.Letizia have no power.Only stupid people will believe all this rabish.In spain they hate women with atitude and independent.They only love women that they can control.

lula 10-17-2005 09:23 AM

BEATRIZ CORTÁZAR JOURNALIST / " The curiosity is the major fault and the major virtue of the Princess Letizia " better what she has learned is " the step backwards ", says the authoress of ' A year of love. The monarchy that comes '


Beatriz Cortázar is one of the journalists who better know the entretelas of the Royal House. It is said that many readers of 'ABC' begin to read the newspaper for her column (before, until he died he was Jaime Campmany). Married, mother of two children, Beatriz Cortázar has been annotating in the last months everything what she has managed to know on the life and miracles of the Princes of Asturias. The result: ' A year of love. The monarchy that comes ', that has just published Temas de Hoy.

- It is your first book.?
- yes, the first one
- Slightly new under the Sun?
- I deny some falsehoods that have been said on the Princes and their environment.
- For example?
I had occasion to speak length and laying with Isabel Sartorius. She said to me: ' Of all the lies that they have been said on she me, which more has hurt me was the one that gave seated that the Queen had the fault of my break with the Prince '.
- Did not she have it?
- not. She assured me that the behavior of the Queen with her was exquisite. And I believe myself it. I know a bit dona Sofía and know that always she will support the persons who can make her son happy.
- The one who did, then, break that love?
- they themselves. He went to be studied to The United States and she went to England. They were very young and the relation was cooling.
- Is Prince cold?
- not.
- How is he?
Affectionate. Perfectionist. A maniac of the order.
- And the Princess?
- She lists. Willing. Perfectionist.
- Faults?
- her major fault is her major virtue: the curiosity. She wants to know everything, cannot forget the journalist who was, and this curiosity, sometimes, re-turns against her.
- Does she continue sailing along Internet?
- I suppose that yes. Though she had not to. she has to arouse that does what she does, though she is irreproachable, always there will be a part of the society who will criticize her.
- What is better what has assimilated in two years of learning?
- the step backwards.
- And the worse thing?
- I suppose that the nauseas of the pregnancy. But the happiness for the future baby is so much that the expression has renewed up to them.
- How is she her of now?
- she is more serene and sure of her same. He, more witty.
- Do they know if he will be a child to girl?
- the Prince said that he did not have privileged information. I do not believe myself it.
- There will be reform of the Constitution?
- if he is a boy it is possible that it is left to run, but if she is a girl remedy will not stay any more.
- So sure are you?
- convinced.
- Why?
- because if they do not do it they will be insulting all the women.
How you can read always is of everything. In this case the journalist she gives her name and belongs to a serious newspaper, not to a digital newspaper. She is a journalist of pink press, but respected in the profession and always prudently in her commentaries.

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