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Iluvbertie 10-14-2005 03:57 AM


Originally Posted by Warren
In the referendum a few years ago a majority of people in EVERY Australian state voted to reject the proposed change. Four reasons: disagreement with how a replacement Head of State would be elected/appointed; the fear of major constitutional change (which Australians have traditionally rejected); satisfaction with the status quo ("if it ain't broke, don't fix it"); and resentment by "average" people of the cultural elite's claim that the Monarchy denied us our own "identity" and their patronising and condescending attitude of "we know what's best for you".

Actually Victoria's vote was 50% each way, but the other states all rejected it.

karla64 10-14-2005 09:50 AM

Psst! Prince's red-faced moment with sex


Australian 10-14-2005 10:05 AM

Haha, i dont know what I would have said if I was that pharmaceutical worker! I wouldnt want to be in her position lol

Genevieve 10-14-2005 09:34 PM


Originally Posted by BeatrixFan
Exactly Warren!

Bawling at Camilla won't ressurect St Diana - it will show that those who protest will worship any temporary Gods that enter the world stage without having a clue what the person is really like.

What gets my goat is that these Diana fanatics have taken it upon themselves to spout utter rubbish in an attempt to 'keep her memory alive'. As unpopular as this will sound, why are we keeping her memory alive? Do we do the same for Queen Mary or Queen Alexandra, who in my humble opinion did a damn sight more for the monarchy than Diana ever did. Why can't she fade into the history books which will eventually happen whether people like it or not.

Right back at you BeatrixFan! Exactly BeatrixFan! :)

I never understood why it is so necessary to bawl at Camilla in order to defend Diana. Throwing oneself against Diana's tomb or her memory won't bring her back. Living in the past good deeds of Diana won't bring resurrect her body either.

Diana died young. That is why people are so obsessed with her life. In the eyes of some, she died a matyr. But those people forget that she was very human too and made very human mistakes. She was no angel nor was she a matyr. The sooner people realize that, the easier it will be for the future wives of William and Harry who will most certainly be compared to Diana which is totally unreasonable.

People will conveniently forget that Diana was a troubled young woman from the beginning with emotional problems stemming from her parents' divorce and her troubled relationship with each of her parents that carried on and grew with her marriage to Charles. People will say that William and Harry's choices of wives are not as pretty as their mother was - forgetting that she didn't get a chance to age before the public eye - or that they are not as devoted to royal duties as Diana was or a million other reasons that are unfair to them.


Originally Posted by BeatrixFan
The only people who should be concerned with remembering her and 'keeping her memory' is her close family and of course, her sons. The rest of the world needs to move on and stop worshipping a woman who was no Saint. She was a temporary God in a world obsessed by fame and fortune.

Even her sons are not obsessive over their mother's memory as some people on this forum and elsewhere seem to be. You do not hear either of the boys defending Diana at every slight of a tabloid story or slaying Camilla in defending their mother. These are her sons! If they have moved on with their lives while keeping their mother in their hearts then why can't everyday people who never met her or met her once in their lives?

Harry's polo shirt 10-15-2005 07:50 PM

I wonder who was the most is a cute story though. Wills would have been embarrased if he was there also.

Elspeth 10-15-2005 08:11 PM

Since this thread is on its tenth page, and since it's taken quite a few turns off topic, I'm going to close it and start Part 4.

If people wish to discuss things like the relationship between Camilla and the two princes or how Diana might have felt or whatever, please feel free to start a new thread to do so, and leave this thread for reports of news events and discussions about those events specifically.

The new thread is here:

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