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shelley 10-18-2005 04:19 PM


Originally Posted by maryshawn
I hope none of Princess Sarvath's family or friends were hurt in the earthquake. Given her ties, she has to be doing a lot behind the scenes as well as publicly to help. Has she made any official statement or given interviews about this disaster? Perhaps she will be visiting soon to lend support to relief efforts--particularly as Jordan's KA came out so quickly with statements of condolence and aid. Did she visit Pakistan often before the earthquake?

I hope none of her family were involved. I think they mainly live in Karachi, although she must know people who live in the affected region. Prince Rashid, Prince Hassan and Princess Sarvath's son, led a relief mission to Pakistan. I saw him interviewed on CNNi. I have heard from my Jordanian contacts that there has been an appeal for financial help that has been running for a few days in the newspapers, that has been organised by one of Princess Sarvath's organisations, the Young Muslim Women's Association.

maryshawn 10-18-2005 05:27 PM

That's great. I hope the appeal for help which is being organized by the Young Muslim Women's Association is successful in its efforts. I wasn't sure where the majority of Princess Sarvath's family lived or if any were based in the affected region. I missed the interview on CNNi. What was his general message? I think very highly of P Rashid and the fact he is leading a mission to Pakistan only increases my admiration. Thank you for the information!

Your points about aging are also excellent. As someone who slothered on the baby oil and burnt myself regularly each summer, I can vouch for the fact that abuse of the skin will come back to haunt you! My Irish grandmother avoided the sun like the plague, never smoked nor drank and she had flawless skin well into her 80s. I wish I'd listened to her.....:)


Originally Posted by shelley
I hope none of her family were involved. I think they mainly live in Karachi, although she must know people who live in the affected region. Prince Rashid, Prince Hassan and Princess Sarvath's son, led a relief mission to Pakistan. I saw him interviewed on CNNi. I have heard from my Jordanian contacts that there has been an appeal for financial help that has been running for a few days in the newspapers, that has been organised by one of Princess Sarvath's organisations, the Young Muslim Women's Association.

Little_star 10-19-2005 07:10 AM

"I think they mainly live in Karachi,"

Even in Karachi people have felt afteshocks, something that is incredibly frightening considering its distance from the epicentre.

maryshawn 10-21-2005 08:41 PM

That is very scary! When I read stories and see photos of all that has happened in Pakistan, it is truly heart-breaking. The only good thing to come out of it is how the world, including Jordan, has responded to help the survivors. But I had no idea the aftershocks were felt in Karachi, too!

Originally Posted by Little_star
"I think they mainly live in Karachi,"

Even in Karachi people have felt afteshocks, something that is incredibly frightening considering its distance from the epicentre.

Humera 10-25-2005 01:58 AM

Prince Hassan and Princess Sarvath at the wedding of Prince Floris

Little_star 10-25-2005 07:11 AM

Sarvath's sari is gorgeous, it looks like it's bernarsi and georgette in some of the pictures.

shelley 11-08-2005 05:29 AM

From the JT

Princess Sarvath's Appeal for Quake Victims Brings in Help

AMMAN (JT) — HRH Princess Sarvath's personal appeal launched two weeks ago for supplies and cash to aid victims of last month's earthquake in Pakistan has so far brought in tonnes of material assistance, and continuing monetary contributions.

“In less than two weeks we have managed to collect 30 tonnes of clothes, bedding and foodstuffs and around $41,000 in cash,” the Princess, a native of Pakistan, said.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

But why have the JT spelt Prince Rashid's name incorrectly ? Sloppy !

Alexandria 11-12-2005 02:55 PM

I've moved any relevant posts regarding the Jordanian Royal Family's responses and actions to the 9/11 attacks to this thread.

Please continue to post there any articles or images related to the Jordanian terrorist attack.

purple_platinum 02-03-2006 11:01 AM

New Delhi, INDIA: Prince of Jordan, E. L. Hassan bin-Talal speaks at the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) during an interaction with scholars and intellectuals in New Delhi, 03 February 2006. The Observer Research Foundation was established as a non-profit, public policy think-tank, with the objective of helping to develop a consensus in favour of Economic Reforms.

from getty :

lil Monkey 02-03-2006 02:06 PM

It's good to see Prince Hassan,it's been a while,he looks so tired though :(
I hope he's ok.

fanletizia 02-06-2006 08:02 AM

1 Attachment(s)
New Delhi, INDIA: Indian Minister of State for External Affairs E.Ahmed (R) during a meeting with Prince of Jordan El Hassan Bil Talal (L) in New Delhi, 06 February 2006. Talal is wrapping up a six-day visit to India

from getty

Humera 03-19-2006 10:01 PM

Prince Hassan turns 59 today

AMMAN (JT) — HRH Prince Hassan will today receive an honorary doctorate from the FMU University in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he will deliver a lecture on political and environmental issues facing the global community.
The Prince, who celebrates his 59th birthday today, was born in Amman in 1947 to Crown Prince Talal Ben Abdullah and Princess Zein El Sharaf Bint Jamil, later King Talal and Queen Zein El Sharaf.
Prince Hassan is the younger brother of the late King Hussein and HRH Prince Mohammad and the older brother of HRH Princess Basma. Jordan Times

Happy birthday to Prince Hassan:)

purple_platinum 03-22-2006 12:40 PM

1 Attachment(s)
from DPA :

Prince Hassan Bin Tatal , of Jordan , poses at Hotel Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro during an interview for local newspapers , 14.03.2006.

Humera 03-23-2006 06:00 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Prince wants to exhibit Brazilian works of art in Jordan

São Paulo - Jordanian prince El Hassan bin Talal asked leaders at the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce for help to promote cultural ties between Brazil and the Arab world. He was received yesterday (22) at the offices of the organization, in São Paulo, and requested collaboration for the translation of Arab classics into Portuguese and for the translation of Brazilian works into Arabic. The prince also wants help to take Brazilian works of art for exhibition in the Arab countries.

Humera 03-23-2006 06:03 PM

Jordan's Prince warns of 'disintegration' of Iraq

Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan warned in Sao Paulo on Tuesday that Iraq was at the risk of splintering into a "mosaic" of minorities that could affect the entire region.
"My fear is that we are descending in a spiral of concerns over the future into a disintegration -- a mosaic of ethnic and sectarian minorities which could affect the region as a whole," he said at a news conference in the cosmopolitan Brazilian city of Sao Paulo.
The prince spoke after a meeting of the Club of Rome at the headquarters of the Sao Paulo state federation of industries (FIESP).,0005.htm

hilal 04-21-2006 06:24 AM

Prince Hassan addresses Académie de la Latinité Conference

AMMAN (JT) — HRH Prince Hassan on Wednesday delivered the opening address at the 13th Conference of the Académie de la Latinité in Baku, Azerbaijan.
The Prince addressed the theme of the “Human Dignity Deficit,” telling an audience of intellectuals and academics from the Académie and the Caucasus region that addressing the needs of those without a voice was crucial to the future stability of the entire Mediterranean region and beyond.
He emphasised the importance of shared history and cultural exchange across the centuries and commended the choice of Azerbaijan as a venue for the meeting, describing it as a country where East and West had met and melded over time.
Prince Hassan shared a platform with the First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva, president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, and Candido Mendes, secretary general of the Académie, an organisation for intellectual and cultural exchange with membership in Europe and Latin America.
The prince, who returned on Thursday after a one-day visit, held separate meetings with President Ilham Aliyev and Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov.

Princess Sarvath opens YMWA exhibition

AMMAN (Petra) — HRH Princess Sarvath El Hassan, president of the Young Muslim Women's Association (YMWA), on Tuesday inaugurated the association's 12th annual exhibition. The exhibition includes works of art, including ceramics and wooden handicrafts. The exhibition provides the chance for young physically challenged women to take part in income-generating activities.


Prince Hassan Heads Cultures Parliament in Ankara

Amman, May 4 (Petra) -- HRH Prince Hassan Ben Talal called, during the meetings of the Cultures Parliament held in Ankara, to enhance the role of culture and the human partnership based on global values.

After the two-day meetings, Prince Hassan headed the ''Wise Men'' meeting in which participants discussed a number of political and economic issues affecting Asia.

The ''Wise Men'' meeting brought together political experts, civil society leaders and academics from Asia and Africa to discuss alternatives to improve life standards of millions of people in the world.

Cultures Parliament is NGO formed two years ago to enhance dialogue among cultures and societies in the Middle East and countries around it.

lil Monkey 04-29-2006 10:13 PM

Prince Hassan has gained so much weight,he looks chubby in this pic.

Even prine Hassan's daughters tend to wear Sari's on some occasions. I remember in Sumaya Hnna party,they wore Saris.

Little_star 05-06-2006 06:22 AM


Originally Posted by lil Monkey
Even prine Hassan's daughters tend to wear Sari's on some occasions. I remember in Sumaya Hnna party,they wore Saris.

I don't think I've ever seen any pictures of them in saris, I've seen them wearing shalwar kameez and lenghas, but not saris.

shelley 05-11-2006 04:47 PM

I have not posted for some time as I didn't have very much to add but I saw the following articles in the same edition of the Jordan Times, on the 9th May. I am glad the Martyr's Monument is getting some attention again. I remember when the project was started by Princess Sarvath over ten years ago.

The Parliament of Cultures — a noble mission for peace

Hasan Abu Nimah

“In a world of globalised ideologies, it is essential both to assert the importance of cultural diversity and of the need to eliminate the use of culture as a justification for violence and triumphalism.” So read the final declaration at the Third Annual Meeting of the Parliament of Cultures (POC) that met last week in Ankara.

This statement hits the nail on the head. At a time when diversity is seen as enriching our experience, it has also become a source of friction and separation among different peoples. In this spirit, the declaration asserted the “Enlightenment tradition” as the point of departure of the members of the POC and supported “the need to look afresh at our own and each other’s heritage, history and accepted norms; have the courage to question the traditions and myths of certitude in our own historical discourse; develop a civilised framework for discussing disagreement; [and] emphasise the humanitarian capabilities that are contained within all our multiple identities.”

The POC, first launched at Bilkent (city of knowledge) University in Ankara in 2004, jointly with the Bilkent board of trustees President Ihsan Dogramaci, is the product of a long-envisaged initiative of Prince El-Hassan who has always strongly advocated cultural interaction at the level of citizens.

At the Ankara meeting, as well as at a “meeting of wisemen” (and women) — a select group of veteran politicians, specialists, intellectuals, philosophers and experts in humanitarian issues which convened immediately after the POC session, again upon the initiative of Prince El-Hassan and co-hosted with Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul — grave issues of long-standing concern to the Prince were pointedly emphasised.

Many analysts pointed to the growing rift between ordinary citizens and the state systems they live in, with the depressing result that official policies seem ever more distanced from people’s choices. This phenomenon, noticeable even in countries with free elections, points to a significant failure of democracy.

Others pointed out that political elites which perhaps once kept delicate state systems carefully balanced, ensuring no one was left too far behind, have abandoned this role in pursuit of the preservation of their own positions and privileges, to the exclusion of almost everything else.

The meeting of the “wisemen” focused on the Asian-North African region, extending from Marrakesh to Bangladesh, and defined it, in its final statement, as “a new arc of opportunity for its people, [and] as the fastest growing market for commodities, the principal exporter of labour, the most attractive area for foreign direct investment, and the host of two-thirds of the world’s foreign currency reserves and the principal global energy reservoir”. The statement further described the region as having “the potential for emerging as the new growth centre of the world economy, on par with the economies of the United States and the European Union”.

This optimistic assessment was grounded in a good understanding of the hard challenges to be confronted in reaching this potential. One of these challenges is the danger of “proliferation” and intervention by powerful states against a backdrop of “diminished national sovereignty and independence” in smaller ones. The “widening gap between significant segments of the elite and masses in conflicting notions of social justice and international affairs” within states, and “a decline of respect for international law and United Nations authority” among them increases the sense of global instability.

The group called for urgent improvement in governing structures and a particular focus on combating endemic corruption, while moving towards “representative governments and strengthening rule of law”.

Both meetings reflected widespread fear that the world faces multifaceted dangers which, if not all new, seem to have gained in intensity, reaching points that could become unmanageable. The world could be pulled towards an unwanted “conflict of civilisations” based on misunderstandings that could be resolved through dialogue and the just resolution of simmering conflicts.

Although these challenges seem daunting, it was possible to come away from both meetings with a great sense that the promise of a world where people work together in a climate of mutual understanding, true democracy, economic and social justice, and the pursuit of common goals and values is within reach. But it is just as easy to appreciate that without determined and urgent action at every level to prevent the further fraying of the fragile bonds between people and nations, the prospect of descent into new lows of conflict, selfishness, chaos and violence casts a shadow on all of us.

The silent, but highly effective efforts of the worldwide recognised Prince/intellectual, travelling the length and the breadth of the world to promote meaningful dialogue, build bridges of understanding and mutual acceptability amongst peoples and faiths, have been contributing substantially to mobilising many good people in that mission, and bearing fruit. As dangers of lawlessness, violence, insecurity, lack of progress and suffering hit many parts of the human community, in our part of the world in particular, and in view of the growing “wisdom and integrity deficit” — the Prince’s words — such efforts deserve notice, if not great appreciation and solid support.

Gov’t supports plan to upgrade Martyrs’ Monument
AMMAN (Petra) — Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit on Tuesday stressed the government’s support for a project to upgrade the site of the Martyrs’ Monument in the Sports City. At a meeting attended by the prime minister and other senior officials, HRH Princess Sarvath El Hassan, the honorary president of the executive committee entrusted with upgrading the monument, underlined the importance of the project. The Princess toured the site, which includes a building for visitors and a military museum. The project’s chief executive officer, Akram Abu Hamdan, expressed hope that it would be completed within two years depending on the availability of sufficient funds.

Little_star 06-13-2006 09:33 AM

The one-time heir to Jordan's throne condemned supporters of terrorism Monday and urged Muslims to return to their moderate roots to resolve conflicts.

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