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blujean 08-07-2010 07:56 PM


Originally Posted by PrincessofEurope (Post 1122028)
i wonder was she already aware at Victoria's wedding ... was she seen drinking during the wedding banquets etc?

A woman can find out fairly early if she's pregnant now, as early as 1 1/2 months.
So there's a good chance she knew.

bertie5252003 08-08-2010 04:08 PM

She always looks so great when pregnant but I do have to say last time she did cut her hair which IMO was a bad move she looked really average there her clothes were lovely though and she has made a great start this time ..winter twins ...

RachelD 08-09-2010 01:49 PM

Well, now that it's been officially announced that CP Fred & CP Mary are expecting twin bundles of joy...thought I'd check out some pic's of past pregnancies. Billed Bladet has some nice pic's of when Mary was expecting Christian & Isabella:

Princejohnny25 08-09-2010 02:35 PM

I cant wait to see her in a long gown decked to the nines in jewels and orders with a HUGE belly underneath it all

Sereta 08-09-2010 08:39 PM

I wonder if she'll attend Nikolaos' wedding this month. If so it'll be interesting to see what she chooses to wear.

rubies 08-09-2010 09:05 PM

Now would be the perfect time to wear that light blue gown from the fashion awards last year that I have been whining about for awhile to the Greek wedding!

It has plenty of room for babies and Mary looks good in light blue!!!
Anyone agree?

missjane 08-09-2010 09:25 PM

I am really looking forward to see what Mary will wear this week, now that the news is out there.Will she go back to a bit more fitted or stay with the flowing tops and dresses? It will be interesting to see!

Katelle 08-10-2010 08:57 AM

Nu viser Mary tvillinge-maven frem |
(Thanks to Muhler)

She was wearing this little creme/beige fit dress today, matching with Christian BTW:in_love:. Love those earrings. And her 5th or so (no)baby bump impresses me.

Lumutqueen 08-10-2010 09:04 AM

It's a nice dress, but I don't like the shoulders.

Marika86 08-10-2010 10:09 AM

I like the dress and the shoes!

selminha 08-10-2010 02:31 PM

I like Mary's outfit. It looked very chic. Mary look wonderful!!!!!

sofajr 08-10-2010 02:33 PM

Well, not very common dress for CP Mary, but I like it!
She's usually adds sone accessories but it looks great without too.

agami.pearl 08-10-2010 03:08 PM

It's nice dress, suits CP perfectly. I love the shoes.

dazzling 08-10-2010 03:17 PM

I liked the simplicity of the white dress, the color also works really well on her skin color. The pleat adds a lot to the dress which was also very nicely done.
I like the hair, styled nicely.

ashelen 08-10-2010 04:14 PM

I like the dress,and the colour too. no maternity dress, but my goodness, where are the twins? you can not see she is pregnant here!!!!!!she must be really thin!! no hat this time!why ? i just wonder!

Lumutqueen 08-10-2010 04:22 PM


Originally Posted by ashelen (Post 1123209)
I like the dress,and the colour too. no maternity dress, but my goodness, where are the twins? you can not see she is pregnant here!!!!!!she must be really thin!! no hat this time!why ? i just wonder!

The picture I posted in the Current Events thread, is not this event two years ago.
It's when the couple were touring on the danneborg.

Evening event. Navy

rubies 08-10-2010 04:53 PM

Mary wore 2 very beautiful dresses today.

I love the off chic. The navy washes her out a bit but looks great. I would have loved to see a necklace.

As always shoes....gorgeous. Nice to see Mary back and with a wee bump!!

Opal 08-10-2010 06:36 PM

Yes looking at the white outfit you would never know she was a few months pregnant - with twins!

Emmily 08-10-2010 06:58 PM

She looks beautiful! I love this dress on her. I have a feeling she will "POP" soon:)

Opal 08-10-2010 07:20 PM

Makes me think of a bag of popcorn that swells as it's "popping". :lol:

(now I'm hungry for popcorn)

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