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Julia 01-14-2003 05:08 PM

Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien, News & Events 1 (Jan 2003 - March 2006)
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Welcome to the first news & events thread about Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien of The Netherlands.


Princess Laurentien, Netherlands

Publisert 23.08.2001 18:36

B. 25 May 1966 in Leide, Netherlands, and grew up in the Hague. Maiden name: Petra Laurentien Brinkhorst.

B. 25 May 1966 in Leide, Netherlands, and grew up in the Hague. Maiden name: Petra Laurentien Brinkhorst. Second child of Laurens-Jan Brinkhorst and his wife Jantien Heringa. She has one older brother, Marius Eward.

Prince Constantijn and Miss Laurentien were engaged on December 16th, 2000. Their civil marriage on 17 Mai 2001 was followed two days later by the church ceremony.

Like Prince Constanijn she went to the Eerste Vrijzinnig Christelijk Lyceum at The Hague, but never graduated there.

She followed her parents to Japan, where she graduated International Baccalaureate from the Lycee Français. Laurentien studied history in Groningen and political science at the University of London, where she finished with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1989.

Finally she took a Master Degree in Journalism at Berkeley University where she finished in 1991 with a thesis on street prostitution.

Laurentien worked for CNN in Atlanta from 1991 to 1992 and then moved to Brussels, where she and Constantijn grew closer and started dating.

In Brussels Laurentien worked for the Belmont European Policy Centre, Philip Morris and - until her marriage - for the public affairs consultancy Adamson BSMG Worldwide, where she was Vice President.

Since their marriage the couple lives in London, where Princess Laurentien works for the London department of Adamson BSMG.

Leisure interests
Princess Laurentien’s favourite sports are tennis, skiing, fitness and sailing. Her other hobbies include reading, travel and photography.


Julia 01-14-2003 05:14 PM

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Prince Contantijn, the Netherlands

Publisert 23.08.2001 18:26

Born 11 October 1969 in Utrecht, the third and youngest son of Princess Beatrix and Prince Claus.

Two brothers: Prince Willem Alexander, Prince of Oranien (b. 27 April 1967) and Prince Johan Friso (b. 1968).

On 16 December 2000, after a five-year relationship, Prince Constantijn announced his engagement to Ms Laurentien Brinkhorst (Princess Laurentien).

May 2001: Wedding in Haag
The couple's civil marriage on 17 Mai 2001 was followed two days later by the church ceremony.

He received his primary education in Baarn. After his mother had acceded to the throne in 1980, the royal family moved from Drakensteyn Castle in Utrecht to Huis ten Bosch Palace in The Hague and Prince Constantijn received his secondary education at the Eerste Vrijzinnig Christelijk Lyceum, where graduatewd with VWO-levels in 1987.

After studying languages in France for a year, he started University at Leiden, majoring in civil law.

After graduation in January 1995, he worked for the cabinet of the Dutch European Commissioner Hans van den Broek, father of Princess Marilène, and specialised in difficulties concerning refugees.

He continued to work there in various capacities until the end of 1999. In December 2000, he was awarded Master of Business Administration at European Institute of Business Administration in Fontainebleau, France.

As part of his training, Prince Constantijn spent last summer working for the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group in Washington D.C.

After their marriage, Prince Constanijn and Princess Laurentien reside in London, where he works for strategic consultants Booz, Allan and Hamilton as company advisor.

The Prince is interested in asylum problems, European integration, the internationalisation of education, information society trends and international relations.

Official duties
It is only rarely that Prince Constantijn attends public events in his capacity as a member of the Royal House.

The younger members of the Royal House have made a conscious decision to pursue their own careers, and lead their lives as they choose.

Leisure interests
Prince Constantijn is a keen sportsman. He enjoys football, tennis, golf and skiing. His other hobbies include drawing, cooking and reading

As King Harald he is descendant of Wilhelm, Duke of Nassau (1792 – 1839). His mother Queen Beatrix and King Harald are third cousins once removed (firmennings barn).

From NRK

Julia 02-10-2003 03:48 PM

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photos from Rex Features

Jacqueline 05-05-2003 08:05 AM

Algemeen Dagblad

Another royal gives up company job

Princess Laurentien has become the third member of the royal family this year to give up a job with a major private sector company.

The wife of Prince Constantijn stopped working with international public relations and communications firm Weber Shandwick in London as of 1 May. The national information service RVD said she wants more control over her time and to work more from the Netherlands as an independent public relations advisor.

Her husband left his position at strategic management and technology consulting firm Booz Allen & Hamilton in January, reportedly to devote more time to non-commercial activities. And his older bother, Prince Johan Friso has resigned from a post with London bank Goldman Sachs.

Article From: Expatica

mybags 06-06-2003 03:52 PM

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paulette 06-07-2003 03:34 AM

;) Her hat is fashionable and it goes with her nice dress.. Where are they currently living now???

Alexandria 06-07-2003 10:56 AM

Hi Paulette!

Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien were living in London but I believe they have moved back to the Netherlands now to help the Queen with royal duties or something to that effect. Princess Laurentien has left her job, too.

Teresa 06-07-2003 12:17 PM

Can anyone tell me if the picture is from the civil wedding?
Thanks :flower:

mybags 06-07-2003 04:14 PM

Yes, the picture is from the civil wedding.

Alexandria 07-23-2003 07:14 PM

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1.From the Benelux Royals message board: According to the gossip rags, Constantijn and Laurentien want a second baby.

2.More from the Benelux Royals. This time with a picture of Laurentien holding Eloise, who can not stand up and walk a bit.

Tina 07-26-2003 06:30 AM

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1971 - Constantijn

Alexandria 07-29-2003 07:20 PM

Constantijn has a new job. He will be an "advisor" at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For those who can read Dutch below is the official announcement.

29/07/03 Prins Constantijn adviseur Europa-communicatie op Buitenlandse Zaken

Zijne Koninklijke Hoogheid Prins Constantijn der Nederlanden zal per 1 augustus 2003 aantreden als adviseur Europa-communicatie op het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken in Den Haag. De Prins zal de staatssecretaris voor Europese Zaken adviseren over de opstelling en uitvoering van de communicatiestrategie inzake Europese samenwerking.

Centraal hierbij staat de vergroting van de betrokkenheid van de Nederlandse burger bij de Europese samenwerking. De werkzaamheden zullen mede in het teken staan van het Europese voorzitterschap, dat Nederland in de tweede helft van 2004 bekleedt.
Prins Constantijn werkte van 1995 tot 1999 bij het Kabinet van toenmalig Europees Commissaris Van den Broek. De aanstelling bij Buitenlandse Zaken is op deeltijdbasis en geldt voor twee jaar.

De Prins heeft inmiddels zijn dienstverband bij Booz Allen and Hamilton te Londen, waar hij sinds 2001 werkte als strategisch beleidsadviseur, beëindigd.


ravenprincess 07-29-2003 09:11 PM

For anyone who is interested here is a translation for the above press release


29/07/03 Prince Constantijn consultant Europa-communicatie on foreign affairs

His royal highness prince Constantijn of the The Netherlands will come forward by 1 august 2003 as a consultant Europa-communicatie on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague. The prince will recommend the State Secretary for European matter concerning the elaboration and implementation of the communication strategie concerning European cooperation.

At issue is citizen the enlarging of the involvement of the Dutch at European cooperation. The activities will stand in the sign of the European presidency, who holds the Netherlands in second half of 2004.
Prince Constantijn worked from 1995 up to 1999 at the cabinet of then European commissioner of pine trousers. The appointment at foreign affairs is on part-time basis and applies to two years.

The prince has meanwhile its service link at Booz all and Hamilton in London, where he had worked since 2001 as strategic policy consultant, concluded.

Cathérine Bergeyck 08-28-2003 11:58 AM

At the pre wedding concert of prince Laurent of Belgium and Claire Coombs.

At the wedding of prince Laurent and Claire Coombs, 12 April 2003.

Alexandria 09-08-2003 08:51 PM

1 Attachment(s) - From the Dutch monarchy's official site, a lovely picture of Laurentien. I am guessing that it is relatively new since it has Laurentien's "new" shorter do - I believe she debuted it at Laurent and Claire's wedding this May.

Alexandria 09-08-2003 08:52 PM

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3-10.IBL - 8 September 2003. Princess Laurentien visited several illiteracy projects in the Netherlands, as part of the UNESCO World illiteracy day. © BR / Dana Press

Josefine 09-10-2003 09:35 AM

do you think they will have another baby?

sara1981 09-10-2003 10:44 AM

im not sure! about Princess Laurentien's expect baby again maybe wait find out and see!

Sara Boyce

samitude 09-10-2003 10:45 AM

I don't know, but I'm expecting them to make an announcment for 2004. In the pre-wedding interview Laurentien and Constantijn said they wanted three children. Laurentien will be 37 next year, I believe, so if she's planning on having three children it would be wise to have them as soon as possible.

Alexandria 09-12-2003 10:11 PM

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Princess Laurentien as a child.

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