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Josefine 11-25-2002 05:50 PM

King Carl Gustaf of Sweden and Silvia Sommerlath: June 19, 1976
Captures from

Mary Anne 11-26-2002 08:48 AM

I don't really like her tiara. Such a beautiful girl and dress and then that thing on her head. But she probally didn't get much of a choice.

Josefine 12-19-2002 01:02 PM

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And i found some pictures

Emil 12-19-2002 01:49 PM


Originally posted by Mary Anne@Nov 26 2002, 12:48 PM
I don't really like her tiara. Such a beautiful girl and dress and then that thing on her head. But she probally didn't get much of a choice.
No she didn't the King decided that she shall wear this. According to me - this splendid tiara which is one of the most historical tiaras in the Bernadotte family was a very good choice.

More information about Empress Josephine's - Cameo Tiara

Jacqueline 02-12-2003 05:25 PM

I love the cameo tiara. I would love to see either one of the princesses wear it at one of their weddings.

I don't think that it was very flattering on Queen Silvia, however. I think that it has to do with the way in which the diademe is worn and the way in which Queen Silvia wore it was not as flattering as it could have been. I also don't think that her wedding gown did her must justice. She is so glamorous that I would have liked to have seen her wear something that suited her personality more. However, as I said before the cameo tiara is quite impressive and gorgeous, IMO.

Princess Birgitta and Princess Desirée also wore the cameo tiara for their weddings and it looked fantastic on Princess Desirée.

Jacqueline 02-12-2003 06:25 PM

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Here is Princess Desirée wearing the tiara on her wedding day. She looks absolutely stunning wearing the cameo tiara. I haven't seen many photographs of persons wearing this piece, but Princess Desirée simply looks radiant. I think that her choice of hairdo is also very becoming with the tiara which is really why (IMO) that she wears this piece so well.

Josefine 03-07-2003 05:26 PM

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pictures from

1. The kings sisters at his and Silvias wedding and queen Ingrid and Lilian

davo 03-09-2003 09:48 AM

I especially like the last one. I don't think we see enough of the King's sisters. (Are they still classed as official members of the Royal Family or are the three that married commoners classed the same as the Counts Bernadotte?)

I have read that prior to his marriage, HM's youngest sister was his official hostess to state visits and major events. (I know she accompanied him on his state visit to Scotland in 1975.) Does anyone have any photographs of this?

And doesn't Lillian look just stunning hovering in the background of that photo. She was such a beautiful woman in her 60s. What an amazing lady she must be.



samitude 03-10-2003 10:33 AM

In that first picture of Princess Desiree's wedding it appears that she is wearing the family lace veil along with a stylish 60's veil as well. What do you all think? Is she wearing two veils?

Does anyone know if there are video clips on the internet of their wedding?

Alexandria 03-10-2003 10:55 AM

Jacqueline, I have to agree with you whole-heartedly. I think that Princess Desiree's choice of hairdo accentuated the beauty of this extraordinary tiara. Queen Silvia and Princess Birgitta both wore their hair up, which made the tiara stand out and the focal point, while their faces should have been the focal point and the tiara a lovely and spectacular accessory.

I think that Silvia's dress is lovely, but I don't think it was a good dress for her. I think that Silvia is indeed a beautiful and glamorous woman and her dress should've reflected that. I feel that it covered her up too much.

Josefine 05-07-2003 05:22 PM

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pictures from

Josefine 07-28-2003 10:21 AM

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I have found more pictures


Alva 07-28-2003 03:12 PM

I´m so sorry Josefine but I think that one of the pictures isn´t from C-G´s and Silvias wedding.

It´s the picture two steps back from this comment. The picture is taken in Slottskyrkan ( the church at the Royal Castle) and they where married in Storkyrkan. And I think that the fourth person at the front road ( to the right of Queen Ingrid of Denmark) is C-G himself. This must be one of his sisters weddings, i don´t know if Princess Christina got married in Slottskyrkan but that is my guess if I look at the clothes and so on...
Sorry, i don´t want to be a "besserwisser"-take this comment the right way please...
Love Alva

Josefine 07-29-2003 03:20 AM

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I think tou are right, I have posted the wrong picture, I was a little to quick, I will try to find the other one, Thank you Alva...

More photos

Alexandria 09-11-2003 11:46 PM

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22 June 1976: King Carl Gustav of Sweden at his marriage to Silvia Sommerlath in Stockholm cathedral. - IBL Bildbyrå 253087

sara1981 09-11-2003 11:51 PM

both been together for over 25 years oh wow! its been longs years!

Sara Boyce

Josefine 09-29-2003 04:07 PM

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IBL Bildbyrå

hrhcp 09-29-2003 09:03 PM


Posted: Jul 27th, 2003 - 2:10 pm

Attached Image (Click thumbnail to expand)

I hate to bother everybody ...
can you tell me who the guests are?

Row 1, sitting dow.. that's obivous
Row 2, there's King Baudoin ???. Mr. & Mrs. Sommerlaeth , Prince Bertil and Lilian and ??
Row 3, Queen Fabiola ?????? Grand Duchess and Duke of Lux. and ?????
Row 4, ?????

Many thanks,

Alexandria 09-29-2003 09:14 PM

Filling in some more blanks ...

Row Two: King Frederik and Queen Ingrid (in the purple-print satin dress) of Denmark
Row Three: In the lilac dress and head wrap, Crown Princess Margrethe of Denmark, (next to the Grand Duke of Luxembourg) is the husband of Margrethe, Prince Henrik
... I can't seem to pick out the King's sisters or the Queen's siblings.

Fireweaver 10-13-2003 12:57 PM

they both look so in love, and still look that way, absolutely wonderful pictures everyone!

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