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Blog Real 07-20-2021 09:38 AM

Sancho VII:

Tenure: 1194–1234
Predecessor: Sancho VI
Successor: Theobald I
Born: c. 1157
Died: 7 April 1234, Tudela
Spouse: Constance of Toulouse
House: House of Jiménez
Father: Sancho VI of Navarre
Mother: Sancha of Castile
Religion: Catholicism


Sancho VII (Basque: Antso VII.a; c. 1157 – 7 April 1234) called the Strong (Basque: Azkarra, Spanish: el Fuerte) was King of Navarre from 1194 until his death in 1234. He was the son and heir of Sancho VI, whom he followed as the second king to hold the title of King of Navarre. Sancho VII was the first to use the chains of Navarre as his blazon, a symbol that later would become the main one of Navarre, and the last member of the Jiménez dynasty, which had ruled since the 9th century.
Statues of Sancho and his wife (Capilla de San Agustín, Roncesvalles).

Statue in his honor in Tudela.

Tomb of King Sancho VII.


Constance of Toulouse:

Queen consort of Navarre
Tenure: 1195–1200
Born: c. 1180
Died: aft. 12 May 1260
Spouse: Sancho VII of Navarre
Peter Bermond II of Sauve
House: House of Toulouse
Father: Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse
Mother: Beatrice of Béziers


Constance of Toulouse was the daughter of Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse and his second wife Beatrice of Béziers.

She first married Sancho VII of Navarre in 1195, but they were divorced in 1200. After the annulment she remarried to Peter Bermond II of Sauve.

CyrilVladisla 07-23-2021 02:36 AM

Colored engraving of Sancho VII in battle

An Ard Ri 07-23-2021 04:14 PM

Sancho VII of Navarre was also the last monarch of Navarre to have the name Sancho
He had no children by Constance of Toulose whom he divorced in 1200 and was succeeded by his French nephew Thibaut de Champagne.

Thibaut de Champagne was the son of Sancho's sister ,Blanche de Navarre ,Countess of Champagne (1177-1229).

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