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List of Monarchs of France
List of all French monarchs and their consorts.

Later Carolingian Transition
  1. 814–840 Louis I (not a king of 'France') m. 1. Ermengarde of Hesbaye 2. Judith of Bavaria
  2. 840–877 Charles II (the Bald) m. 1. Ermentrude of Orleans 2. Richilde of Provence
  3. 877–879 Louis II (the Stammerer) m. 1. Ansgarde of Burgundy 2. Adelaide of Paris
  4. 879–882 Louis III (joint with Carloman below)
  5. 879–884 Carloman (joint with Louis III above, until 882)
  6. 884–888 Charles the Fat m. Richardis of Swabia
  7. 888–898 Eudes (also Odo) of Paris (non-Carolingian) m. Théodrate of Troyes
  8. 898–922 Charles III (the Simple) m. 1. Frederuna 2. Eadgifu of Wessex
  9. 922–923 Robert I (non-Carolingian) m. 1. Aelis 2. Béatrice of Vermandois
  10. 923–936 Raoul (also Rudolf, non-Carolingian) m. Emma of France
  11. 936–954 Louis IV (d'Outremer or The Foreigner) m. Gerberga of Saxony
  12. 954–986 Lothar (also Lothaire) m. Emma of Italy
  13. 986–987 Louis V (the Do-Nothing) m. Adelaide-Blanche of Anjou

Capetian Dynasty
  1. 987–996 Hugh Capet m. Adelaide of Aquitaine
  2. 996–1031 Robert II (the Pious) m. 1. Rozala of Italy 2. Bertha of Burgundy 3. Constance of Arles
  3. 1031–1060 Henry I m. 1. Matilda of Frisia 2. Anne of Kiev
  4. 1060–1108 Philip I m. 1. Bertha of Holland 2. Bertrade de Montfort
  5. 1108–1137 Louis VI (the Fat) m. 1.Lucienne of Rochefort 2.Adélaide of Maurienne
  6. 1137–1180 Louis VII (the Young) m. 1. Eleanor of Aquitaine 2. Constance of Castile 3. Adèle of Champagne
  7. 1180–1223 Philip II Augustus m. 1.Isabella of Hainault 2.Ingeborg of Denmark 3.Agnes of Merania
  8. 1223–1226 Louis VIII (the Lion) m. Blanche of Castile
  9. 1226–1270 Louis IX (St. Louis) m. Margaret of Provence
  10. 1270–1285 Philip III (the Bold) m. 1. Isabella of Aragon 2. Maria of Brabant
  11. 1285–1314 Philip IV (the Fair) m. Joana I, Queen of Navarre
  12. 1314–1316 Louis X (the Stubborn) m. 1. Margaret of Burgundy 2. Clementia of Hungary
  13. 1316–John I
  14. 1316–1322 Philip V (the Tall) m. Joan II of Burgundy
  15. 1322–1328 Charles IV (the Fair) m. 1. Blanche of Burgundy 2. Marie of Luxembourg 3. Joan of Évreux

Valois Dynasty
  1. 1328–1350 Philip VI m. 1. Joan of Burgundy 2. Blanche of Navarre
  2. 1350–1364 John II (the Good) m. 1. Bonne of Bohemia 2. Joan I, Countess of Auvergne
  3. 1364–1380 Charles V (the Wise) m. Joanna of Bourbon
  4. 1380–1422 Charles VI (the Mad, Well-Beloved, or Foolish) m. Isabeau of Bavaria
  5. 1422–1461 Charles VII (the Well-Served or Victorious) m. Marie of Anjou
  6. 1461–1483 Louis XI (the Spider) m. 1. Margaret of Scotland 2. Charlotte of Savoy
  7. 1483–1498 Charles VIII (Father of his People) m. Anne, Duchess of Brittany
  8. 1498–1515 Louis XII m. 1. Joan of France 2. Anne, Duchess of Brittany 3. Mary of England
  9. 1515–1547 Francis I m. 1. Claude, Duchess of Brittany 2. Eleanor of Austria
  10. 1547–1559 Henry II m. Catherine de' Medici
  11. 1559–1560 Francis II m. Mary, Queen of Scots
  12. 1560–1574 Charles IX m. Elisabeth of Austria
  13. 1574–1589 Henry III m. Louise of Lorraine

Bourbon Dynasty
  1. 1589–1610 Henry IV m. 1.Margaret of Valois 2.Marie de' Medici
  2. 1610–1643 Louis XIII m. Anne of Austria
  3. 1643–1715 Louis XIV (the Sun King) m. 1. Maria Theresa of Spain 2. Françoise d'Aubigné, Marquise de Maintenon
  4. 1715–1774 Louis XV m. Marie Leszczyńska
  5. 1774–1792 Louis XVI m. Marie Antoinette of Austria

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First Empire (Emperors)
  1. 1804–1814 and 1815 Napoleon I m. 1. Joséphine de Beauharnais 2. Marie Louise of Austria
  2. 1814–1815 Louis XVIII (king) m. Marie Joséphine of Savoy

Bourbons (Restored)
  1. 1814–1824 Louis XVIII m. Marie Joséphine of Savoy
  2. 1824–1830 Charles X m. Marie Thérèse of Savoy

  1. 1830–1848 Louis Philippe m. Maria Amalia of Naples and Sicily

Second Empire (Emperors)
  1. 1852–1870 (Louis) Napoleon III m. Eugénie de Montijo

Kataryn 07-15-2021 06:44 AM

Just wanted to add that the Valois and Bourbon/Orleáns dynasties are a part of the original Capetinian family as they were minor lines descending from Hugo Capet. Odo of Paris and Robert I. were members of the "Robertines"-family, of which Hugo Capet was a descendant, too, as Hugo was the grandson of king Robert I.

What is shown here as Capetians are the kings of the "ligne des capetiens directe" - a line from father to son - which ended in 1328 with the death of king Charles IV. The general assembly was called in and the same year the Count of Valois, as direct male line descendant (grandson) of king Charles III. as capetinian as well, was voted for as king Philippe VI. The Valois-dynasty was founded which reigned till 1589, when the next line of the capetinian dynasty started their reign, the Bourbons who descended from king Louis IX (Saint Louis). Henri IV. had been the son from the marriage of Navarra's queen Jeanne d'Albret and Antoine de Bourbon, a male-line capetinian. His grandson Philippe, younger brother of Louis XIV. and duke of Orléans, formed the Orléans-branch of the Bourbons, where king Louis-Philippe was descended from.

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