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Anna1519 05-22-2021 08:54 PM

Hello everyone! I've been lurking for several years now and have finally decided to make an account. It's been a pleasure reading the discussions here and I hope to contribute positively in some way.

My interests began with the (current) British Royal Family but in recent years has evolved to include other families such as the Danish Royal Family and the Swedish Royal Family. I've learned a lot just while lurking here and hope to continue that. :flowers:

Curryong 05-23-2021 12:28 AM

Welcome, Anna1519. Hope you enjoy yourself on the forum!

CyrilVladisla 05-23-2021 01:29 AM

Bonjour, Anna1519! There is a lot of royal history to learn about. :king2::queen2::king2::queen2:

eya 05-23-2021 02:39 AM

Welcome to the Royal Forums Anna1519!!!! Enjoy it!!!

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