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Daggy97 02-01-2021 12:28 PM

Witt von Doerring's genealogy
While working on the genealogy of European elites, I ran into a problem with the Witt von Doering family. I know that the ancestor of the family was Ferdinand Johannes Wit von Dörring (1799-1863). He had six children, but I can't find their names anywhere. Then I have Feliks Witt von Doerring, who will marry Johanna Kotz von Dobrz (1846-1911). Felix's date of birth is missing from the sources. Was he the son of Ferdinand?

It is even more interesting.
1. Felix Witt von Doerring, m. Johanna Kotz von Dobrz (1846-1911)
1.1. Aglae Witt von Doerring (1881-1949) m. Franz Schaffgotsch (1859-1907); four children, all without issue.
1.2. Karl Witt von Doerring (? -1915)
1.3. Emilie Witt von Doerring
1.4. Wilhelm Witt von Doerring
1.5. Christian Witt von Doerring

In most sources, the Witt Doerring genealogy begins with Christian (1914-2001), son of Christian and Theodora von Patzoll. Is the older of these two Christians the same as Christian, son of Felix?

There are no records of the issue of Emilie, Wilhelm and Karl.

victor1319 02-01-2021 12:59 PM

Wit von Doerring?
Hi, there is this article in the German Wikipedia:

About one Ferdinand Johannes Wit von Doerring (1799 - 1863)... The von Doerring part of his name comes from his Danish stepfather, the Wit part from his father. His mother was a Baroness von Eckstein...

Maybe you want to rush this article through an translator?

Daggy97 02-01-2021 01:27 PM

I read it. German is one of my native languages (I'm an Austrian countess).
Unfortunately, only the wife's details are there. Nothing about children and further descendants.

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