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Countessmeout 12-31-2019 04:24 PM

Lovely to see Christina and Tord with their daughter in law and granddaughter. Desiree is a sweet child.

LadyFinn 01-02-2020 10:56 AM

Désirée has thought that it is time to get rid of the gingerbread house.

LadyFinn 01-14-2020 03:35 PM

New photos taken of Vicky to her portfolio at MIKAs Agency.
MIKAs _ Vicky Andrén

Vicky Andrén Magnuson, 36, and Gustaf Magnuson, 44, have filed for a divorce on 13th January. They got married in August 2013 and have daughter Désirée, born 11th July 2014. They write at an sms to Expressen that the divorce is their joint and undramatic decision and they continue as good friends and good team as parents to their beloved daughter. They also ask to be able to go through this separation period in peace and quiet with regard to the well-being of their family and their daughter.
Gustaf Magnuson och Vicky Andrén skiljer sig
Vicky Andrén och Gustaf Magnuson skiljer sig _ Svensk Dam
Kungabarnens kusin skiljer sig från toppmodellen - Allt om kungligt

Gallery of Vicky and Gustaf
ROYAL: Victorias Cousin und die schöne Vicky trennen sich nach Traumhochzeit

LadyFinn 02-07-2020 02:23 PM

Photos of Désirée at Junibacken at her mother's Instagram

Princess Christina and Tord Magnuson at the launch of Björn Axén's new hair care products, 5th February.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

LadyFinn 03-05-2020 12:03 AM

Princess Christina was one of those who would have been present when the Anders Wall Foundation on next Tuesday planned to deliver its scholarships at the Royal Academy of Music. A ceremony that traditionally always takes place on Anders Wall's birthday.
Princess Christina has delivered the scholarships in many years. But now the whole party is set.
- In light of the rapidly deteriorating situation regarding the spread of the corona virus and the number of new cases, the board of the Anders Wall Foundation has decided to suspend this year's scholarship distribution. This was not an easy decision to make, but it is done for all of you. Now we hope to welcome this year's scholarship recipients at a special gathering later this spring and count on your full understanding of this decision - which has been taken into account for all of you, says Anders Wall.
- There were 600 guests, so Anders Wall thought it was unwise to gather so many in this rather cramped room, says Cari Hildebrand, who is the press officer for Anders Wall's Scholarships.
Prinsessan Christinas bakslag – festen ställdes in i sista sekund _ Svensk Dam

Tord and Gustaf Magnuson attended the reopening of Östermalms Saluhall food hall on 5th March.

Vicky, soon ex-wife of Gustaf Magnuson, on the cover of swedish magazine Femina.

LadyFinn 03-21-2020 06:27 AM

This is an important spring for Princess Christina. Soon her new book is coming - but the uncertainty is great, because of the corona crisis.
In a month it will be out: Princess Christina's long-awaited book about her own grandmother, named "Hon kallades Daisy" (She was called Daisy) - and takes out of the shadows the 23-year-old English princess who fell in love with Gustaf VI Adolf at a ball in Cairo in 1905. And who died just 15 years later, 38 years old and pregnant with her sixth child.
- It is a very fascinating woman's fate that Princess Christina highlights. She has never really known her grandmother. But she has got to do that now, in connection with the book, says Sofia Heurlin at the publisher Bonnier Fakta.
But the book launch risks not really becoming as it was intended. The invitations to the reception at Prince Eugen's Waldemarsudde have been sent out, and the plan is for Princess Christina and her co-author Carl Otto Werkelid to also tell us about her book.
- They have done a fantastic job, and they have had access to the royal family archives in both Denmark and Sweden, says Sofia Heurlin.
Among other things, Princess Christina's cousin Queen Margrethe helped to deepen the image of their common petition.
But now in the middle of the corona crisis there is a great risk that the publisher will have to postpone the whole event.
- It's not set yet. But definitely that can be so. The situation changes from day to day. But as I said, nothing has been decided, says Sofia Heurlin.
And the book signings that are planned?
- Yes, they can not be implemented as it looks right now, but some authors sign here at us and then the books are sent out.
- Then there will be some interviews too, but those the Princess and Carl Otto do on the phone and digital.
Prinsessan Christina drabbad av coronakrisen _ Svensk Dam

LadyFinn 04-01-2020 10:55 AM

Svensk Damtidning had contacted Margareta Thorgren about how princess Christina is doing during this corona crisis.
- Princess Christina feels good, said Thorgren.
Christina and her husband Tord Magnuson usually spend a lot of time at their summer house Ingarö. Here also come their three sons Gustaf, Victor and Oscar and the five grandchildren.
However, Margareta Thorgren doesn't want to say whether Christina and Tord chose the Ingarö house as their sanctuary during the corona crisis.
- The court doesn't comment where the princess is privately, said Thorgren.
Coronavirus_ Så mår prinsessan Christina _ Svensk Dam

Sarahbellar 04-03-2020 08:38 AM


Originally Posted by LadyFinn (Post 2305103)
Svensk Damtidning had contacted Margareta Thorgren about how princess Christina is doing during this corona crisis.
- Princess Christina feels good, said Thorgren.
Christina and her husband Tord Magnuson usually spend a lot of time at their summer house Ingarö. Here also come their three sons Gustaf, Victor and Oscar and the five grandchildren.
However, Margareta Thorgren doesn't want to say whether Christina and Tord chose the Ingarö house as their sanctuary during the corona crisis.
- The court doesn't comment where the princess is privately, said Thorgren.
Coronavirus_ Så mår prinsessan Christina _ Svensk Dam

Princess Christina is in Stockholm. She was seen yesterday.

LadyFinn 04-04-2020 03:23 AM

Ewa Eiman and her students met princess Christina at Slottsbacken, Ewa Eiman told about the meeting to Svensk Damtidning.

Ewa Eiman and her students at Solstrålen in Stockholm were recently out on a city walk - when they suddenly encountered Princess Christina.
- We have learned about the 18th century. Gustav III is the children's favorite. Now we were out looking for buildings that symbolize his time, Ewa says.
- When we went down Slottsbacken, I saw her. I love the royal family, so I thought she was familiar. When she would unlock a gate, because she would park her car, I recognized her. Then I said to the children: “Now you see a real princess! You can wave to her!”.
Christina noticed Ewa and her children - and came to them.
- She kept herself within a meter of course, says Ewa.
- She was very humble and nice. She asked the children what they were doing, why they were there and heard all about our project. They will remember that. I told them that she is the king's big sister. It was an incredibly nice meeting. You have to keep in mind that she is in the risk group, and yet she comes and talks.
Did she look good?
- Yes! She was very alert and brisk.
- I asked if I could take a picture, and I got it!
Coronavirus_ Besked om prinsessan Christina _ Svensk Dam

HereditaryPrincess 04-04-2020 05:58 PM

:previous: Such a heartwarming story - which we need in the world situation - thanks for sharing! Christina seems very friendly and approachable. I've always thought she had a kindly appearance.

Lady Daly 04-04-2020 07:41 PM

:previous: Yes, excellent post. This story really is precious, lucky children. Princess Christina looked well decked out in some very cheery colors

LadyFinn 04-11-2020 02:39 AM

About princess Christina's book about her grandmother she has written with Carl Otto Werkelid. They have given an interview to TT News Agency, which other media quotes.

Princess Christina has found her grandmother
"The ray of sunshine at Stockholm Palace". This is how Hjalmar Branting is said to have called Crown Princess Margareta after she had died at 38, in the suites of an ear infection. 100 years later, Princess Christina has found her grandmother in the archives.
Certainly she saw the woman in the painting that always hung with her grandfather, Gustaf VI Adolf, in his floor at Stockholm Palace. But Princess Christina never heard him talk about Margareta - "Darling Daisy" as she had been called in the family, his first British wife and mother of the five children - also pregnant with a sixth when she died in 1920.
- She was what she was, a beautiful painting that hung there. I knew I had a grandmother but nothing more than that, end of discussion.
Princess Christina's father had died in a plane crash when she was three years old, and she wouldn't ask her grandfather.
- I can regret it today but I didn't do that. I don't really know what I would have asked, it's hard to imagine it now, she says.
- That never happened.
Gusty and Daisy
The explanations for the monumental silence now constitute the issue - and the pain spot - in Princess Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid's book "Hon kallades Daisy" (She was called Daisy). In connection with the investigations into their first book "Days at Drottningholm", they found a gold mine: annual scrapbooks that Crown Princess Margareta herself had made, but also deeply personal letters that she had written to her friend in England, including directly after her first meeting with "Gusty" on a ball in Cairo 1905.
After just one more meeting, they got engaged, which was reinforced with a first kiss.
- I knew the formal event, but I hadn't read her own experience of it. It was mind-boggling, imagine yourself reading your grandmother's story of her great love, says Princess Christina.
The Bernadotte archive proved to contain much of what Gustaf VI Adolf couldn't talk about. Hjalmar Branting was not the only one who had expressed missing the crown princess. At the Swedish Academy, Selma Lagerlöf held a literary memorial on "a shimmering noble lily" which, in wartime, "encumbered the shame of begging for gifts for the poor". But here was also the estate inventory with seven diadem and a porridge cooker.
Margareta's great garden interest - she wrote two books - had lived on, but not the knowledge that she was breastfeeding her children, something publicly announced, or about her strong commitment to prisoners of war during the First World War. Equally unknown was her campaign to get the Swedes to start eating nutritious weeds - goosefoot - which she picked up by herself.
- It took a while before we realized what it was. But that they could be used as spinach and that they were healthy and nutritious, she knew that. She not only showed this to her family but also to her friends, says Princess Christina.
- I got an insight into how incredible much she was involved in and how much she set in motion, especially during the war years, from 1914 to 1918. She saw the problems but also possible solutions, that was significant to her.
The light is strong, some actual shadows could not be dug out despite trying, according to Carl Otto Werkelid. He describes Margareta as a person who broke herself free, went outside the protocol and made contact with people herself. Her life fell short, but seemed happy.
- We haven't found anything in the letters or documents that say otherwise. She was an incredibly harmonious and well-balanced person from the very beginning, and to then experience this strong love as it obviously was, it makes a person strong, he says.
In the scrapbooks, Princess Christina also found newspaper articles on things that interested her grandmother, including the fight for female suffrage.
- It's difficult to know what she could have achieved if she had lived longer, but she sees quite clearly that she and her family shouldn't float on top but be an example.
Prinsessan Christina har hittat sin farmor _ Aftonbladet
Christina berättar nu_ Vågade aldrig fråga farfar om sorgen _ Svensk Dam

Gallery of princess Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid photographed in Stockholm on 6th April.
TT Nyhetsbyrån

Princess Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid at a visit to their publisher
"Here is Princess Christina and holds in her brand new and fantastic book "Hon kallades Daisy". The book is written in collaboration with Carl Otto Werkelid and will be published on April 20!"

LadyFinn 04-13-2020 02:35 PM

Dagens Nyheter interviewed princess Christina about her book. The interview is a paywall article, but Expressen quotes some of it.

The youngster who became King Gustav VI Adolf fell in 1905 to Margaret of Connaught - they would have five children.
She died young in 1920 and is today forgotten.
Now Princess Christina has written a book about her unknown grandmother.
- She was very modern for her time, she could have lived 50 years later and been exactly the same person, Christina tells DN.
In Dagens Nyheter's Saturday issue, Christina talks about the search for Margareta's story - and how Christina's own siblings expressed their concern about the project.
- They have probably been a little worried. Are you really going to do any of this?, says the princess to DN.
Gustaf VI Adolf was called Gusty by his Daisy (Margareta). They met for the first time in Cairo when the last century was in its fifth year.
Apparence arose after a dance at a party. They immediately engaged, married June 15, and in April 1906 the first of their five children was born.
But they only got 15 years together - in 1920 Daisy, 38 years old, died of a blood poisoning, and pregnant with the couple's sixth child. Gusty remarried after three and a half years. 1973 At the age of 91, he passed away.
Thus, one of Gustaf VI Adolf's grandchildren - also known as Mrs. Magnuson - has tried to capture Daisy's dramatic story.
She is asked why it became so quiet about Daisy, even within the family. Princess Christina replies:
- In part, this is probably due to the fact that at that time there was not much talk about sorrows and worries. Grandpa might just be trying to protect his children: "We won't talk about Mammy anymore, she's gone, now we move on ..."
She goes on to say that today she regrets not asking more questions about Daisy from her grandfather.
Something she thinks is important to do in the corona times we live in now.
- Ask the elderly before it's too late. Ask them to tell you how it really was.
Prinsessan Christina skrivit en bok om sin okända farmor
Prinsessan Christina om boken ”Hon kallades Daisy” - DN.SE

LadyFinn 04-18-2020 02:12 AM

Oscar Magnuson designed a jewellery collection to court jeweller W.A. Bolin in 2009, here is a pair of earrings of that collection, diamonds and fire opals.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

W.A. Bolin is still selling these designed by Oscar Magnuson

LadyFinn 04-20-2020 12:39 PM

Princess Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid's book "Hon kallades Daisy" (She was called Daisy) was published today.

At the website is some nice photos from the book, of Christina's grandparents.
Hon kallades Daisy

Read an exclusive excerpt from Princess Christina's book "She Was Called Daisy" (2 chapters from the book)
Läs ett utdrag ur prinsessan Christinas bok _Hon kallades Daisy_ _ Selma Stories

LadyFinn 04-25-2020 03:05 AM

Princess Christina's book "Hon kallades Daisy" is on sale at the Royal Gift Shop.
HON KALLADES DAISY Kungliga Slottsbonden

LadyFinn 04-27-2020 12:48 AM

There is an article about princess Christina and her book at the newest issue of Majesty Magazine. Trond Norén Isaksen has spoken with princess Christina. A part of the article:

LadyFinn 04-28-2020 02:31 PM

There is also an audio book version of princess Christina's book "Hon kallades Daisy". The narrator at the book is princess Christina herself.
Hon kallades Daisy - Prinsessan Christina Fru Magnuson - Ljudbok - BookBeat

LadyFinn 04-30-2020 12:32 PM

Princess Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid were as guests at SVT's "Go'kväll" on Tuesday, telling about their book "Hon kallades Daisy".
The interview starts at 2.35. You can put texts on and at Google Chrome translate then to english.
Go'kväll _ SVT Play

Screen shots

- There has never been a direct line between my grandmother and me. I was simply very curious. Who was she? How was she? says Christina in the program.
It's easy to be impressed by "Daisy", Christina says.
- She was very spontaneous. She turned directly to people. She was involved in so much. She lived in a difficult time, the First World War was no easy period. She also had relatives around Europe, so it was very personal for her. She had a thousand engagements. She helped prisoners of war. She built a small organization, she says.
For Christina, the book has meant an important discovery. She has felt a connection to Margareta - a kind of spiritual relationship.
- I notice that we have thought a little in the same way. It's exciting to me. Because this is a person I have never been able to meet in person. But to still feel that, over the centuries, there is a certain sense of something that binds us together, that's fine, says Christina.
- I feel very close to the person who disappeared a hundred years ago. It's an amazing feeling.
Prinsessan Christina om sin farmor Daisy _ Svensk Dam

LadyFinn 05-03-2020 03:30 AM

Svensk Damtidning has interviewed princess Christina about her book of her grandmother Daisy. It has taken over three years for princess Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid to write the book. Margareta and Gustaf Adolf well in love at first sight. In the end of the interview princess Christina is asked:
Love at first sight sounds so romantic. Has the princess experienced it?
- No, it took several years before I fell in love with my husband!
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Article in Älskade Östermalm
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

As a member of the Bernadotte family, princess Christina has exclusive access to a family archive which, according to Gustaf VI Adolf's will, will not be opened to outsiders until 2035. The archive proved to be a real gold mine for Princess and cultural writer Carl Otto Werkelid. Carl Otto is co-author of the book which became the end result of the research project. Countless hours, the duo sat in the castle's Bernadotte library and went through numerous letters, cards, photographs and scrapbooks that provided important clues to who Crown Princess Margareta was as a person.
Prinsessan Christina skrev bok om sin farmor – Hemmets Journal

Cecilia Hagen's chronicle
Princess Christina has now, together with Carl Otto Werkelid, done just that, written a book about her grandmother, "She was called Daisy - finding a grandmother" it is called. And it's that "along with" that I envy her a bit, plus all the other help she thanks at the end.
Now this Daisy, born Princess Margaret of Connaught, Swedish Crown Princess, is married to the future Gustav VI Adolf, mother of Gustaf Adolf, Sigvard, Ingrid (who became queen of Denmark), Bertil and Carl Johan Bernadotte in a completely different league than mine Ellen Hagen, but still.
Regardless of this, it is a pure pleasure to read the book. Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson, the present King's sister, the fourth girl in a row that Prince Gustaf Adolf - who died in an air crash in 1947 - and German Princess Sibylla had before it finally became a boy. This does not seem to have made her forever bitter, because in this book, which is written in I-form, she appears so wise and sympathetic that all possible prejudices about royalty flow from the reader directly.
What the book depicts is a moving love story, the one about how her grandfather on a ball in Cairo meets her grandmother. He is 22 years old, she is 23 and they fall completely madly in love and get engaged soon.
They have fifteen very happy years together and five children at sixth before she, 38 years old, quickly dies in blood poisoning.
Cecilia Hagen_ Prinsessan Christinas bok – en rörande kärlekshistoria

Princess Christina signing books

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