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carlota 09-07-2019 04:28 AM

would someone explain the difference between the work of royal's private secretaries (such as Samantha Cohen, or Fiona Mcilwham) vs the subsecretary Heather Wond, vs the PR manager (Sara Latham) vs the programme coordinator (for a tour for example)? it is all a bit confusing.


Originally Posted by Countessmeout (Post 2251263)
:previous: The other being Pippa's wedding interestingly enough. She was in street clothes for Harry and Meghan's.

Not that I believe the rumors, think its more feeding the feud, but if the comment was real I doubt it meant about the uniform. But more about the very traditional view of a nanny. Perhaps in response to not wanting a Norland nanny who may be seen by some as being more stiff and formal.

maybe it has to do with on which capacity maria is invited? maybe in pippa's wedding she attended as the nanny of george and charlotte to help with the kids, whereas at H&M's she attended as a private guest? or maybe H&M simply didn't want her to wear a uniform to the wedding and requested she came in normal clothes instead.

Pranter 09-07-2019 08:35 AM

One time I recall her wearing it was for Charlotte's baptism.


tommy100 10-13-2019 04:58 AM
Samantha Cohen has officially left her role as Private Secretary, as has been long planned.

Fijiro 11-21-2019 01:27 PM

Today, during an investiture ceremony @Buckingham Palace, one of Harry and Meghan’s staff member, Assistant Communications Secretary Marnie Gaffney, was awarded the Royal Victorian Order honour by HM The Queen .


Lumutqueen 12-28-2019 05:32 AM

Clara Loughran, Senior Programme Coordinator for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has been awarded an RVO in this years New Years Honours.

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