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Fijiro 11-30-2018 08:02 PM

We all know that Harry and Meghan, during their 16 days tour also visited Tonga and Fiji, countries where Zika virus has been reported and is known to exist. I imagine it must have been a difficult decision to continue with the visit considering Meghan is pregnant.

The Zambia trip was Harry’s solo trip right from the time it was officially announced.
The tabloids and their benefactors are running this narrative that Meghan skipped the Zambia trip because of Zika virus, yet there’s never been Zika virus in Zambia. Even now some tabloids are still peddling this false narrative, IMHO to thwart ever acknowledging Meghan’s very difficult decision to proceed with the visit to Tonga and Fiji while pregnant.
Also, if Meghan had joined Harry on this trip to Zambia that she was not officially scheduled to be in, I imagine there would’ve been some outcry about who is paying for her trip and clothes.

Harry has a solo engagement on Thursday and the press is already bringing up “pregnant” Meghan’s nonattendance; it’s like Harry cannot go on solo engagement ...

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