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Kelly B 12-16-2002 01:07 PM

Prince Harry Current Events 1: December 2002-September 2003
From the "Give Me a Break" file...

Snip Prince Harry's Hair for DNA Test?


There were crazy doings in London this weekend amid reports that Sir Michael Peat, Prince Charles's private secretary, was forced to alert the police about an alleged plot to seize hair from Prince Harry for DNA testing -- apparently to answer lingering questions about his paternity.
It has long been rumored that Princess Diana's former lover, army officer James Hewitt -- and not Prince Charles -- is the father of Harry, 18. Harry and Hewitt, 44, share the same light coloring, and Hewitt and Diana carried on their affair during the late '80s and early '90s.

The Mail on Sunday and Sunday Times claimed the DNA-theft allegation was made in a lawyer's letter Peat had received from a former police officer last week.

It suggested that a news organization had enlisted a private detective to snip a sample of the prince's hair, possibly with the help of an attractive young woman.

Stuart Kuttner, editor of the sensational weekly News of the World, denied that it was his paper behind the scheme, calling the allegation "utterly preposterous. Our legal manager formally told (Peat) so in the plainest of terms today. It is a pity Sir Michael chooses to think otherwise."

Meanwhile, in other news involving Hewitt and the News of the World, the paper did confirm that the "love rat" -- as he had been dubbed by British papers after he told all about his relationship with Diana -- had offered to sell the News 64 love letters she sent him during their affair.

Hewitt reportedly wanted $16 million and claimed an American buyer had offered him nearly $6 million for 10 of the steamiest of the letters, the paper said. Hewitt's lawyer confirmed the story, according to the London Guardian.

Kelly B 12-16-2002 01:17 PM

And also from

Britain's Prince Harry in hair-raising mystery

LONDON (Reuters) -- Prince Harry, the teenage son of the late Princess Diana, has been warned of a plot to steal some of his hair in a bid to obtain a sample of his DNA genetic makeup, a Sunday newspaper reported.

Britain's Sunday Times said police had been alerted after the private secretary of Prince Charles, Harry's father and the heir to the throne, received a letter from a former police officer's lawyer detailing the plans.

Neither the police nor Prince Charles's staff would comment on the matter. Scientists can carry out DNA tests on minute samples of hair, skin or saliva to establish a blood relationship between two individuals.

Harry, 18 and famous for his unruly shock of red hair, is the younger of Diana's two sons with her former husband Charles. He has become as much of a heart-throb with teenage girls as his blond older brother Prince William.

Diana, who died in a 1997 Paris car crash, and Charles divorced after revelations of adultery on both sides -- he with Camilla Parker Bowles and she with former British army officer James Hewitt.

In September, Hewitt categorically denied in a newspaper interview that he was Harry's real father in a bid to dispel long-standing rumours.

"I have been aware for a while that the issue of Harry's paternity has been a major talking point. There really is no possibility whatsoever that I am Harry's father," he told the Sunday Mirror, adding that his affair with Diana had begun when Harry was a toddler.

The Sunday Times, citing unnamed sources close to St James's Palace, Prince Charles's London residence, said the letter claimed that a media organisation had hired a private detective to obtain some of Harry's hair.

One part of the plan was to engineer an encounter between Harry, who is still at school at Eton, and an attractive young woman, who would pluck some hair from his head, the paper said.

The hair-snatching plot is the latest in a series of bizarre stories about the royal family to make headlines in recent weeks.

The collapse of the theft trial of Diana's former butler Paul Burrell led to a flood of embarrassing allegations that have tarnished Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee year.

During the trial, the court was told that Diana kept Hewitt's signet ring in a locked box in her sitting room and that she had taped allegations of gay rape involving two royal servants.

Lorraine 12-16-2002 01:44 PM

Hey Kelly B,

How are you? Thanks so much for posting the information. I think that it is so drastic or someone to be so desperate to find out the real identity of Prince Harry's father to that extreme? I think that they should leave the poor boy alone and just let his parentage go.

These speculations have been nothing but trouble for Harry which led to his alcohol and drug abuse. But then if I was Harry I would get a blood test just to find out the identity of who his "real" father is to shut the public and cease speculation if it turns out that Charles is his Dad and not major James Hewitt and if the latter turns out to be his Dad, then it is also o.k. But the cruelty and speculation of the press is such a nightmare. :x


:heart: Lorissa

Kelly B 12-16-2002 02:12 PM

I totally agree Lorissa.

I am a firm believer that one's parents are the ones who raised you. Biology is one thing, being a parent is totally different.

Lorraine 12-16-2002 02:33 PM

Hey Kelly B,

If I was Prince Harry and after the blood test find out that James Hewitt was my Dad I would go to the Tower of London and jump
off as he is such a pig for all the things he has done to Diana. She really loved him and gave him lots of sweet presents while he was serving in the Gulf War.

The news tonight did a coverage about his plan to sell Princess Diana's love letters and he was hoping to make $30 million dollars. What a filthy and dirty rotten scoundrel. The man has no ethics and makes me wonder if he ever really loved Diana at all. I think it was so sad that she confessed on national television that she trusted and loved him. what a betrayal by him. :angry:

After her death he betrayed her by writing a tell all book and even said that Diana had her first "O" with him and not Prince Charles. I think that the contents of that book could have traumatic effect on the Princes and now this...selling their mom's private letters - what a cruel
person. :x


:heart: Lorissa

Rick 12-17-2002 08:51 PM

Maybe I should have taken some of the hair from my haircut and sent it in to Scotland Yard as a prank :idea:. It's the same colour as Harry's so they'ed have no proof that Hewitt was the dad, or any proof that Di gave birth to or was pregnant to any other man besides her husband :devil:

Julia 05-01-2003 11:28 AM

1 MAY 2003
Though royal pin-up Prince William is famed for his striking good looks, a new survey shows that younger brother Harry has overtaken him in the heart-throb stakes.

Schoolgirls prefer 18-year-old Harry to his blond-haired sibling, says the Mizz magazine poll of young ladies aged ten to 14. The cute redhead scored points for his "fun, devilish ways and his wacky hairdo", said editor Sharon Christal. "At last a student royal who doesn't know what a hair brush looks like and doesn't care," she added.

However, William, who celebrates his 21st birthday on June 21, came in second place in the UK poll and isn't out of the game yet. While London girls found Harry the most fanciable, Scottish lassies – 82 per cent to be exact – overwhelmingly chose St Andrews University student Wills as their favourite pin-up.

Prince William's fans will be happy to know that his handsome face will be gracing a set of stamps set for release in conjunction with his birthday next month. The photogenic royal has approved four of his favourite black and white pictures to go on the stamps, which will be revealed on June 9.

bouga 05-11-2003 04:41 AM

i hope it works.. :blush:

bouga 05-11-2003 02:11 PM

1 Attachment(s)
arghhh!!!! i hate her!!lol :yuk:

bouga 05-11-2003 02:19 PM

i havent succeeded to attach the rest of the article... :shock: :cry: do u know how could i do to post it?? plz help me! :unsure:

Josefine 05-11-2003 02:34 PM

where is the article?
is it online?

Yuna 05-11-2003 06:18 PM

Eheh... bouga, je pense que vous pouvez attacher tout les images d'Harry, vous savez.

Prince Harry & Eton Mates at Polo

Josefine 05-12-2003 05:07 AM

6 Attachment(s)
Friend of Prince Harry who drove him to the Polo match, Laura Gerard-Leigh (girlfriend?)

1 to 4) picture from IBL Bildbyrå | 0435 44 07 65

10 MAY 2003

here is the first girl again


sara1981 05-12-2003 06:28 PM

i think you said that Prince Harry and girls gets kiss on the cheek not on the mouth see the pictures !

Sara Boyce

lila_cath 05-13-2003 04:35 PM

Well, I prefer the brunette to the blonde. She's prettier.

Jenna1186 05-15-2003 12:52 AM

Harry and Laura 'so close'

PRINCE Harry is getting “very close” to party-loving society beauty Laura Gerard-Leigh, it was claimed yesterday.

A neighbour living near her parent’s £750,000 Georgian millhouse said: “They are seeing a lot of each other.
“He’s been here for a party and she goes to Eton to see him.”

"But I wouldn’t like to say they are an item — I don’t know if it’s reached that stage yet.
“Laura is the youngest of three sisters, and they are all wonderful girls.”

Laura has been chums with Harry, 18, for years. Romance blossomed last month.

They were snapped last weekend at the Badminton Horse Trials, with Laura resting her head on his arm. A close friend said: “They have a lot in common.”

Like Harry she also enjoys drinking and smoking and is a well-known party animal in the posh bars and clubs of Chelsea’s Kings Road

From The Sun.

Julia 05-15-2003 01:05 PM

Poor Harry! It will be a huge media-fest when he turns 21! :wacko:

Jenna1186 05-17-2003 02:10 AM

This was sent to me by the Royal_Fantasy Yahoo group.

Flashy Harry's doing just fine

CHEEKY Prince Harry has a new girlfriend - but that didn't stop him
landing a kiss on a pretty pal at a polo match.

Prince Harry clearly enjoys the company of girls.
The prince embraced the mystery brunette just days after embarking on a
relationship with stunning blonde Laura Gerard-Leigh, 18.
But Laura didn't need to worry, as the "other girl" is apparently just
a mate.
Prince Charles's youngest son, also 18, has known the stockbroker's
daughter – his first serious girlfriend – for years, but they became
romantically linked only last month.
Last week they made their first public appearance, at the Badminton
Horse Trials.
Harry's growing affection for Laura was apparent as she rested her head
on his arm.
Laura is well known in Harry's social circle, nicknamed The Glossy
They have many mutual friends, and Laura is a chum of Guy Pelly, the
teenager who is believed to have introduced Harry to cannabis.
Laura attends St Marys, a prestigious boarding school in Wiltshire,
where, like Eton student Harry, she is studying for her A-levels.
A source close to the couple said last night Harry and Laura had become
"closer than just friends".
"They have an awful lot in common and share a boisterous sense of
humour. He seems quite serious at this point."

But Harry – who has been in trouble with his father and older brother
William over drinking and smoking cannabis – still clearly enjoys the
company of other girls.
He loves nightclubs, where he is always surrounded by admirers. And
photographs just released show him getting cosy with a mystery mate at a
polo match at Cheltenham on Saturday.
She turned up with other friends to watch Harry play for his school,
Eton, against a team from Cirencester.
The source added: "Laura makes secret trips to see Harry in Eton or
Windsor. They've met up like that a number of times and he likes the fact
that she can get away without any hassle."
They are able to meet during term time because Laura is allowed to
leave her school at weekends. She is said to be head-over-heels about the
young Prince and visits him at Eton most weekends.
He is allowed out in Eton or even into Windsor, but further astray and
there would be trouble. Really, they have been restricted to romantic
liaisons in that area. There are lots of quiet spots for them to meet.
Like Harry, who is known to enjoy partying, Laura is incredibly
sociable and likes going out in London. She is part of what is known as the
pashmina brigade in Londons exclusive Chelsea area, where she hangs out
at bars such as Crazy Larrys and Embargo on the Kings Road. Laura is
also passionate about sport and often attends matches with Harry.
Friends say Laura is Harrys most serious girlfriend to date. In the
past he has been linked with Natalie Pinkham, the 24-year-old former lover
of England rugby scrum half Matt Dawson. He bombarded the pretty
brunette with text messages. Last year he also struck up a close friendship
with Nicola Sturgis, a 20-year-old agricultural student who is one of
the Princes polo-playing set.
Harry, voted Britains most eligible bachelor by Harpers & Queen
magazine last year, is said to have become romantically linked with Laura at
the start of last month. But only a few weeks ago the Prince was seen
surrounded by girls at a party in Kensington, West London.
One source said: "You would never have guessed he had a girlfriend. He
was the centre of attention and had all the girls hanging off his every
Last night Laura's father John, 54, smiled when asked whether his
daughter was dating the Prince, and insisted they were just good friends.
Mr Gerard-Leigh is said to be very wealthy and once held six
directorships of leading investment firms. The family own an old mill house in
Wiltshire and a home in Parsons Green, West London.

Jenna1186 05-18-2003 11:42 PM

Sgt Harry becomes officer

PRINCE Harry tore off his sergeant’s stripes yesterday — after being promoted to the rank of officer cadet.

Proud Harry, 18, beamed as he was presented with an officer’s pip on each shoulder at an Eton school parade.

Officer cadet is the cadets’ highest rank — and comes after Harry rose rapidly to corporal last December then sergeant in February.

Harry has already beaten stiff competition to be commander for Eton’s annual tattoo in ten days.

He also has the Sword of Honour in his sights — awarded to Eton’s top cadet of the year.

An Eton insider said: “Prince William won the Sword when he was at Eton — and Prince Harry is determined to try and follow in his footsteps.

“In many ways he’s a better cadet than William and if he did win there wouldn’t be an ounce of favouritism.”

Speculation is growing that Harry will join the Welsh Guards instead of going to university.

From Sun.

Jenna1186 05-24-2003 12:24 AM

Eton boys' Harry pizza con


THREE Eton College boys used Prince Harry’s name to trick a pizza firm into delivering a giant deep-pan to their dormitory.

The lads were not allowed out because it was too late — but they knew Harry was a regular customer and gave his name in a phone call.

Staff at the takeaway reckoned the request might be bogus and politely turned down the £13.45 order.

But the trio rang again, this time claiming to be Harry’s Royal Protection Squad officer.

That convinced the fast food firm in nearby Slough which took the pizza to the £20,000-a-year Berkshire college.

The pranksters broke college rules by waiting outside to pay when Harry’s guards spotted them near Manor House, where the Prince was sleeping.

A source said: “The boys panicked, threw the pizza back and legged it.

“There was a lot of commotion and Prince Harry actually leaned out of his bedroom window.”

One upper sixth pupil and two from the lower sixth have lost their privileges for this weekend.

From The Sun.

All of this just for a PIZZA? :wacko: :blink:

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