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LauraS3514 02-04-2020 11:10 PM


Originally Posted by Carin (Post 2290491)
I have some very interesting questions to ask.
If the unthinkable happened to William and his family. and Harry became heir after Charles,
1, could Harry turn down the big job on his and Archie's behalf?
2. Could Archie become King if Harry refused.
3. Would Andrew become King or be banned
4. Could Beatrice be moved up the line very quickly

As was said above, Harry could abdicate for himself but not for Archie. If Harry REALLY doesn't want his family on the throne, he and Archie (and future children) could always become Roman Catholic which would automatically bar them. I would hope, though, that any religious conversions would be for faith, and not expediency...:whistling:

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