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iceflower 11-27-2018 11:38 AM


Today's posts about Crown Prince Frederik and the Ryder Cup have been moved to the following thread:

** Crown Prince Frederik's Patronages and Charities **

polyesco 11-28-2018 11:14 AM

Frederik attends a symposium on Arctic construction and inauguration of new facilities at DTU Lyngby Campus

Muhler 11-28-2018 11:29 AM

Ah, so it's a kind of ice-pick.
I thought he was spear-fishing for goldfish.

polyesco 11-28-2018 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by Muhler (Post 2175611)
Ah, so it's a kind of ice-pick.
I thought he was spear-fishing for goldfish.

I think so, here is a close up :flowers:

article on the event


It was marked by the fact that a permafrost from #Ilulissat (in the red holder on the stage) was chopped over with the ice-jacket held by the crown prince.

another gallery from the second event- research facilities

Videos and articles from his event today

Roskilde 11-29-2018 06:10 AM

Thanks Polyesco :flowers:

Great pictures, nice event.
Frederik really has his own cool style, I really like him in the green suit. It suits him.

Here article and pictures from the Greenlandic Newspaper:
Se billeder: Kronprinsen indviede arktiske laboratorier | Sermitsiaq.AG

polyesco 11-30-2018 02:05 PM

video w/ English captions and photos
Crown Prince Frederik has initiated two new laboratories at DTU Byg - for research in technical geology, geotechnics and development of sustainable building materials. The laboratories form the basis for analyzes, trials and teaching - to address the challenges that climate change and pressure on Earth's resources make for construction and construction worldwide.

Next week, Frederik will attend the inauguration of the new K.B. Hallen, which 80 years ago the original opening was attended by his great-grandfather King Christian X

polyesco 12-05-2018 11:10 AM

Two events for Frederik today:
The Crown Prince participates in the Export Association's networking event
The Crown Prince participates in the initiation of K.B. hall

Second event at K.B. hall

galleries from the inauguration of the new KB Hallen

hopefully we get pictures from the first event, Danish Export Association networking event.

"Since 1982, Danish Export Association's diploma & H.R.H. Prince Henrik's Honorary Medal has been awarded to persons or companies worldwide who have made a special effort to promote Danish products and services abroad. Every second year, Danish companies, who are behind the foreign prize recipients, are invited to a networking event together with among others the sponsors of the honorary award and the evaluation committee."

iceflower 12-06-2018 04:55 AM


Finally some photos of the mentioned first event, the Danish Export Association's networking event:

** kongehuset: H.K.H. Kronprinsen deltog i Eksportforeningens netværksarrangement **

And here's an article about the hall inauguration:

** BB: Kronprins Frederik overraskede alle i K.B. Hallen ** translation **

polyesco 12-06-2018 11:15 AM

Great! finally photos from the first event. He looks fantastic.
DRF instagram with two more photos

and articles on his inauguration of the Hall
Kronprinsen indvier K.B. Hallen med bold og ketsjer - TV 2
"The Crown Prince himself has good memories of this particular sports and music scene. In the early 80's he saw tennis player Bjørn Borg playing here.
- I got a racket from the man myself - by Borg. With double hand grip, said the Crown Prince.
"It was fun at the time, and so I have also stood here - as close to the stage as possible - for various distinguished rock concerts, it sounded from Crown Prince Frederik."

polyesco 12-10-2018 01:08 PM

Today, as regent, Frederik held the public audiences
Monday, 89 citizens were invited to the audience at Crown Prince Frederik to thank for the orders, appointments and medals.

polyesco 12-12-2018 11:49 AM

It looks like yesterday Frederik visited a Danish Technology company

Yesterday, His Royal Highness crown prince Frederik came by Futurebox for a tour and to meet the deep tech startups of the house - including this year's DTC participants.
His Royal Highness was very interested and got to learn more about technologies, business models and teams. A great experience for everyone.

Frederik is involved with the Danish Tech Challenge

polyesco 12-18-2018 05:12 PM

another article and picture of Frederik's visit to a tech company last week,
He will be handing the award in 2019, so these meetings were probably to get to know the companies

"His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik hand's over the Industrial Fund's Entrepreneurship Prize to the winner of Danish Tech Challenge 2018. The award will take place at a festive award show in January 2019."

Muhler 01-05-2019 01:08 PM

Upon arriving in Herning today, Frederik hinted that a Royal Run #2 may be arranged this year as well, write Billed Bladet.

He said:
"I took part in Royal Run last year, but had problems with the back. Now the back is better, so perhaps I can improve the next year."
Jeg deltog i Royal Run sidste år, men havde problemer med ryggen. Nu går det bedre med ryggen, så måske kan jeg forbedre det næste år

As you know Frederik isn't exactly known for expressing himself precisely. So IMO the quote suggests to me that a royal run might be arranged this year or next year.
Personally I think it's a great idea to turn Royal Run into an annual event. Not least because a lot of people who had otherwise never taken up jogging, running or walking before did so, in order to take part.
The health authorities haven't taken their arms down yet!

polyesco 01-05-2019 02:04 PM

:previous: that would be great! It was a gran event that involved so many. Athletes, first timers, young and old.

More pictures

iceflower 01-05-2019 03:50 PM


The following gallery also includes some photos of Frederik at the gala tonight:

** Fotos: Kronprins, ministre, sportsstjerner og kendisser i Boxen til sportsgalla **

polyesco 01-06-2019 04:31 PM

Video and gallery from the Sports Gala

polyesco 01-09-2019 12:32 PM

pictures from the DRF of Frederik attending the sports gala
H.K.H. Kronprinsen overværede Sport 2018 | Kongehuset

Tomorrow he will be attending opening match of the IHF World Championships in men's handball between Chile and Denmark at the Royal Arena, Copenhagen

First time in 40 years the men's World cup is played in Denmark
"- Slightly anecdotal and sentimental to me, it is also that at the final round in 1978 was a then nine-year-old crown prince who was responsible for the draw for the pools." -Morten Stig Christensen

polyesco 01-10-2019 01:49 PM

Frederik arriving to the IHF World Championships in men's handball

he tried his hand in some handball exercises
DRF Instagram story

iceflower 01-10-2019 02:34 PM


Here are a few more photos:

** gettyimages gallery ** rex gallery ** belga gallery **

** BB: Kronprins Frederik satte gang i håndboldfesten ** translation **

eya 01-10-2019 03:49 PM

And pictures from the Palace!


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