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polyesco 05-15-2019 04:34 PM

Tomorrow, Frederik will visit Bornholm to start a small training course for children and elderly, and thus create interest in a real Royal Run in just over a month.
Kronprinsen kommer til Bornholm

Manden bag løbeaftale med kronprinsen: Det var lidt et skud i tågen » Bornholms Tidende
"- I think it's great that he still wants to use his role and influence as a role model. The idea of ​​Royal Run is to activate some that are not as active. Children and the elderly also enjoy exercising. That's why it's great that he comes to just that event, says the sports consultant."

Today, the royal ship Dannebrog left Copenhagen with Frederik on board
Dannebrog på vej mod Bornholm

iceflower 05-16-2019 08:12 AM


Crown Prince Frederik took part in the Royal Run training event for children and the elderly in Bornholm today:

** video **

Muhler 05-16-2019 09:56 AM

Thanks Polyesco & Iceflower. :flowers:

Yes, it's quite normal that members of the DRF catch a lift aboard Dannebrog prior to the summer cruises.
The conscript crew needs practice.

Frederik does have a way with children, eh?
He is telling the two girls dressed in white something about him cycling with the wind against him. Alas, my hearing isn't what it used to be, so I can't really make out what else what said in that story.

polyesco 05-16-2019 11:09 AM

What a wonderful video. He has a way with kids.
And I love that they use the Dannebrog!

A nice gallery
Billedserier » High five til kronprinsen » Bornholms Tidende

He hoped on a bike this morning to reach the location
Kronprinsen er steget op på cyklen

it's great promoting and encouraging an active lifestyle
Kronprinsen er glad for opbakningen til Royal Run

:previous: And a lovely gallery from the DRF
Træningsløbet Royal Run på Bornholm | Kongehuset

cuteness overload ;)

polyesco 05-23-2019 12:25 PM

Tomorrow, Crown Prince Frederik participates in a conference on leadership at Aarhus University

iceflower 05-24-2019 06:28 AM


Crown Prince Frederik participated in the annual MatchPoints conference at the Crown Prince Frederik Center for Public Leadership of the Aarhus University this morning. This year's theme is "Leadership and performance in the 21st century":

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **

polyesco 05-24-2019 11:27 AM

video and article

gallery from the DRF
H.K.H. Kronprinsen deltog i konferencen MatchPoints | Kongehuset

Straight from his 3 day visit to South Korea with Mary, Frederik looks good

iceflower 05-29-2019 10:43 AM


Crown Prince Frederik presented grants of the Crown Prince Frederik Fund today, May 29:

** kongehuset: Legatuddeling fra Crown Prince Frederik Fund **

polyesco 05-29-2019 12:40 PM

"Crown Prince Frederik invited inside at home at Amalienborg, when he awarded scholarships from Crown Prince Frederik Fund at the magnificent premises of Frederik VIII's Palace."

polyesco 05-30-2019 11:16 AM

article from yesterday's event

and from the DRF instagram -photos and short video

iceflower 05-31-2019 06:29 AM


Crown Prince Frederik opened a new railway line between Copenhagen and Ringsted today, May 31:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** kongehuset gallery **

** gallery: Se billederne: Kronprinsen indvier Køge Nord Station **

polyesco 05-31-2019 01:41 PM

He looks great and a positive attitude.

Large gallery

articles and galleries


Muhler 06-01-2019 01:46 AM

Thanks, Polyesco & Iceflower :flowers:

In the brief BB video Frederik talks about his back and he explains that is fully capable of standing up, walking around and cycle, moderately. But running is something he should be careful about. Only short distances as he'd like to go through this without further problems.
- As you recall last year he needed surgery a couple of months after finishing Royal Run. And he obviously doesn't want to go through that again.

There have been quite a few articles where doctors and royal experts have talked about his back-problems. And they are all in agreement: Careful, Frederik! Your back is gong to have to last for many years yet and it would be a pity if he were to end up ruling DK from a wheelchair.

polyesco 06-01-2019 09:28 AM

Today Frederik was present at the Royal Run in the Faroe Islands.
He help start the race

And was everywhere cheering on and taking photos with the participants.

What a photo

Muhler 06-01-2019 01:35 PM

Thanks, Polyesco.

Yes, according to the news the Faeroese are out in force today! And the coverage up there is massive! So prepare for a flood of pics coming in over the next 24 hours.

Some local news:

For the newsdiggers. I suggest you paste this into your search engines: klaksvik royal run.

The young woman in this photo, getting a selfie with Frederik, was prominent on the main news tonight.
The coverage from the islands was very good and it was indeed very enthusiastic islanders who went running up there today!
The mood was great and they had turned it into a communal party.
Frederik did what he is so good at, interacting with people on a personal level.
At some point he jumped on a bike and rode out along some of the route offering a high five to the runners passing him, to the delight of people taking part. It added a personal touch he would not have been able to offer, had he been running along.
But back to our charming, and very merry, young lady. A painter by trade she is going to get married this summer, hence her veil.

Roskilde 06-01-2019 01:46 PM

Wonderful pictures from Royal Run at the Faeroese! I hope Royal Run will be a yearly tradition!

"This - This is Royal Run.
The Crown Prince gives a hug to Rigmor Andreasen. She is 92 years old and she had signed up for the 10 km distance. Rigmor completed in 1 hour and 58 minutes"

iceflower 06-01-2019 03:00 PM


Here are some more photos of today's Royal Run:

** ppe gallery **

** kongehuset gallery: Royal Run på Færøerne **

** BB: Kronprins Frederik kickstartede Royal Run på cykel **

Alisa 06-01-2019 03:40 PM

I loooove it. The royal run is truly amazing! Young, old, and even generations of family are getting out there and getting active! Awesome!

polyesco 06-01-2019 04:17 PM

Agree! these pictures are excellent. Young, old, handicapped, entire families all enjoying the day out and participating.
Frederik was nonstop and a great support all day

A great photo in the middle of the race, running and the Crown Prince behind cheering on.
and like this one there are so many on Instagram.
What a great idea to bring the race to the Faroe Islands. Looking forward to the race on the 10th with Mary joining Frederik and of course our dear Muhler and family.
"The Crown Prince has brought you to life for the Faroe Islands and with this Royal Run may have helped to create even greater joy in running and walking."
"For me, it is also great to see the many who have never run or had a number on their stomach trying to run. And it is in itself a huge victory, I think, and a success for them," sounded. it further from the Crown Prince.


Muhler 06-01-2019 04:30 PM

This is now the largest run that has ever taken place on the Faeroe Islands.
4.010 attended, or some 8 % of the entire population there.
39 % of those attending had never taken part in such a run before.

So this is by any yardstick a success. - And I believe Frederik will go to the islands next year as well.

- In comparison, more than 70.000 have signed up in DK, and that's roughly 1.5 % of the entire population.
Or to put it into an international context, the equivalent of 4.8 million Americans.
330.000 Australians.
900.000 Britons.
Or 18 million Chinese.

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