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sjetajiem 04-03-2018 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by Biri (Post 2088458)
Severin Meister (b.9 January 1981) [eldest of three children and only son of Archduchess Gabriela of Austria (b.1956) & her former husband, Christian Meister (b.1954)] married María Cristina Luna Loya (b.1985) this year.

Severin is the last child who marries.

Source: Descendants of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria

This announcement was found by Maria Victoria, who placed it on Nobiliana MAG 2018.
Severin and Cristina will marry on May 19th 2018 at Guanajuato (Mexico)

Listas de boda Zankyou

Biri 04-03-2018 03:33 PM

Updates of the facts concerning upcoming weddings:


Originally Posted by Biri (Post 2080967)

Princess Maria Assunta of Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg & Friedrich von Laer plan to marry religiously on 5 May in Habitzheim (Germany).
Princess Nicola of Auersperg (b.4 May 1991) [youngest of four children of Prince Andreas of Auersperg (b.1949) & his wife Julia, nee Griffith (b.1955)] will marry Camillo Ritter von Pachmann on 7 July.

Sources: Descendants of Prince Karl of Auersperg

Biri 04-08-2018 03:39 PM

Sheikh Khalid bin Ali bin Isa al-Khalifa [son of Sheikh Ali bin ‘Isa al-Khalifa, Brother of the current King, Minister of Royal Court Affairs since 1995& his wife Sheikha Anoud bint Muhammad al-Khalifa, daughter of his paternal uncle, Shaikh Muhammad bin Salman al-Khalifa, sometime Judge at the Appeal Court] got married at Al-Riffa, Bahrain, on 1 March.
Identity of his bride is unknown.


Biri 04-27-2018 01:26 PM

Princess Isabella "Minzi" of Hohenlohe-Jastberg (b.2 April 1972) [daughter of Johannes, Count von Mirbach-Geldern-Egmont, Prince of Hohenlohe-Jastberg, adopted by his uncle Ladislaus Gf von Mirbach-Geldern-Egmont (b.1939) & his wife Andrea, nee Vogel (b.1944)] married Burkhardt Keese (b.1966) sometime this year.

Her only brother Lamoral (b.27 December 1973) & his wife Ruve, nee Watts (b.26 June 1968) have four daughters: Feodora (5-12-2002), Franziska (15-1-2004), Mercedes (26-4-2007) & Henrietta (5-8-2009).


Biri 05-06-2018 01:25 PM

Princess Maria Assunta of Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg, who will turn 30 in three days [fifth of six daughters of Prince Felix of Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (b.1954) & his wife Elisabeth, nee Countess von Meran (b.1952)] married religiously Friedrich von Laer (b.1985) reportedly in Habitzheim (Germany) on 5 May; their civil wedding took place last year.

Sources: Descendants of Archduke Karl of Austria, Duke of Teschen

Biri 05-08-2018 06:50 PM

Princess Anna Maria Sapieha-Różańska, who will turn 37 in sixteen days [older daughter together of Jan Paweł, Prince Sapieha-Różański (b.1935) & his second former wife Princess Christina of Orleans-Braganza (b.1950)] married Benjamin Furlong this year.

Source: Descendants of King Louis Philippe I of the French

Biri 05-13-2018 11:18 AM

An update:

Religious wedding of Nicholas & Alina Maria Medforth-Mills will take place in Biserica Sfântul Ilie in Sinaia (Romania) on 30 September.


Biri 05-18-2018 11:41 AM

Baroness Clara von Gudenus (b. 1994) [daughter of Baron Gordian von Gudenus (b.1954) {himself son of Countess Anna Maria von Meran (1922-1999) & her husband Baron Gordian von Gudenus (1915-2003)} & Maria Anna, nee Baroness von Elverfeldt-Ulm (b.1959)] married Count Carl von Wedel (b.1990) sometime this year.

Clara is fourth of six children and second one who marries; her oldest brother Moritz (b. 1986)married Katharina Honsig-Erlenburg, Edle von Jagerhain (b.1990) in 2014; they have a son Ferdinand (b.2016).

Source: Descendants of Archduke Johann of Austria

Biri 05-19-2018 05:31 PM

Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales (b.15 September 1984) [younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales (b.1948) & his late first wife Diana, nee Lady Spencer (1961-1997)] married American actress Rachel Meghan Markle (b.4 August 1981) [only child together of Thomas Markle & his former wife Doria Ragland] in St. George's Chapel in Windsor on 19 May.

Their wedding thread:

Biri 06-02-2018 01:59 PM

Countess Marie-Catherine of Trautmansdorff-Weinsberg (b.20 January 1990) [oldest of six children of Count Alexander Franz of Trautmansdorff-Weinsberg (b.1962) & his wife Maria Theresia, nee Countess Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau (b.1963)] married Moritz von Nathusius (b.5 June 1989) on 2 June.

Count Conradin of Castell-Castell (b. 23 February 1984)
[oldest of five children of Count Alexander Friedrich Carl of Castell-Castell (b.1954) and older by his first wife Marion Stepp (b.1957)] married Desiree Peill reportedly in Illesheim (Germany, Bavaria) on 2 June.

Countess Paula Maria Eleonora Thun-Hohenstein-Salm-Reifferscheid (b.10 February 1988) [daughter of Count Felix Heinrich Pius Maria Thun-Hohenstein-Salm-Reifferscheid (b.1959) & his late wife Regina, nee Frankl (1960-6 September 2017)] married Tobias Pachman on 2 June.

Paula is the second of three children, only daughter and second one who marries; her brother Matteo Georg Ernst (b.24 November 1984) & his wife Josefa, nee Lovrek will celebrate their 1st Wedding Anniversary on 22 July.
Her younger brother Filippo Heinrich Maria (b.27 April 1990) is single.

Source for all:

Biri 06-07-2018 10:35 AM

An update of my post Concerning Castell-Castell wedding:


Originally Posted by Biri (Post 2118549)
Count Conradin of Castell-Castell (b. 23 February 1984)
[oldest of five children of Count Alexander Friedrich Carl of Castell-Castell (b.1954) and older by his first wife Marion Stepp (b.1957)] married Desiree Peill (b at Munich 3 May 1987) [daughter of Eberhard Peill and Patricia Schoeller] in Abenden (Germany, Rheinland-Pfalz) on 2 June.


isaroyfan 06-07-2018 01:29 PM

Ludwig Pacher von Theinburg (b.Lichtenfels 30 July 1990) is the son of Anton Pacher von Theinburg (1961) and of his wife nee Marie-Agnes von Geusau (b.1963).
Gothaisches Genealogisches Handbuch Adelige Hauser 2017 Band 6. p.365.


isaroyfan 06-08-2018 08:41 AM

Hello some little updates: Count Filippo Heinrich Maria Thun-Hohenstein Salm-Reifferscheidt (Vienna 27 April 1990) son of Count Felix and of his late wife nee Regina Frankl married Stephanie Hellbich-Poschacher (b.Vienna 28 April 1989) at Windhaag bei Perg on 18 June 2016.

Gothaisches Genealogisches Handbuch Grafliche Hauser 2016 Band 3. p.428.

Count Carl von Wedel was born at Koln on 21 February 1990 as the son of Count Burkhardt-Ico von Wedel (1961) and of his wife nee Baronness Maria-Annuntiata von Loe (1963).

Carl, Graf von Wedel, Baron Wedel-Jarlsberg : Genealogics


Biri 06-09-2018 03:09 PM

Prince Juan Jorge Bagration-Mukhransky (b.12 July 1977) [son of Prince Bagrat Bagration-Mukhransky (b.1949) {himself son of Infanta Maria de las Mercedes of Spain (1911-1953) & her husband Irakly, Prince Bagration-Mukhransky (1909-1977)} & his first wife Maria del Carmen de Ulloa y de Suelves (b.1953)] married religiously, as his second wife, Kristine Dzidziguri (b.1989) in the Svetitsjoveli Cathedral in Miskheta (Georgia) on 8 June; their civil wedding took place in Ronda (Spain) on 10 May 2014.

Prince Juan was previously divorced; his marriage to Floriane del Rio und Thorn was childless.

Sources: Bagration

isaroyfan 06-10-2018 10:46 AM

Friedrich Max Leopold Otto Hermann von Laer was born at Hildesheim on 11 June 1985 as the son of Hans-Hellmutt von Laer (1946) and of his wife nee Mechtild Kuhne (1958). He and wife were married civilly at Uetersen on 2 September 2017.

Source: Gothaiches Genealogisches Handbuch Adelige Hauser 2017 Band 6. p.333

isaroyfan 06-11-2018 11:47 AM

Baron Franziskus von Gumpenberg (1985) and Countess Katharina von Ballestrem (b.1983) were married at Pottmes on 9 June 2018.

Aichacher Zeitung | Über 600 Gäste bei Adelshochzeit in Pöttmes

isaroyfan 06-12-2018 08:43 AM

Count Carl von Wedel (1990) is the son of Count Ico von Wedel (1961) and his wife nee Baronness Maria Annuntiata von Loe.

Carl, Graf von Wedel, Baron Wedel-Jarlsberg : Genealogics


Biri 06-13-2018 02:17 PM

Joseph of Bourbon-Parma, who turned 29 exactly a week ago [younger son of Prince Philippe of Bourbom-Parma (b.1949) & his wife Annette, nee Smith (b.1955)] married his longtime fiancee Anna Louise Bogelov Budd on 9 June.

Sources: Descendants of King Christian IX of Denmark

Biri 06-23-2018 01:48 PM

Princess Noor bint Assem (b.6 October 1982) [youngest of three daughters together of Prince Asem bin Nayef of Jordan (b.1948) & his first wife, Firouzeh Vokhshouri (b.1948)] married Amr bin Farid bin Zidan (b.17 September 1974) [son of Dr. Farid bin Mohammed bin Zidan & his wife] on 21 June.

Princess Noor was previously married (from 2003 to 2009) to her paternal second cousin, Prince Hamzah bin Hussein of Jordan (b.29 March 1980) [oldest child together of late King Hussein I bin Talal of Jordan (1935-1999) & his fourth and last wife, Queen Noor, nee Lisa Halaby (b.1951)]; they had one daughter together, Haya (18-4-2007).

Source: Their wedding thread in this forum.

Prince Carl von Schoenaich-Carolath (b.4 August 1986) [oldest of six living children and only living son of Prince Sebastian von Schoenaich-Carolath (b.1957) & his wife Manuela-Franziska, nee Countess von Walderdorff (b.1959)] married Baroness Carlotta von Maltzahn on 19 May.

Carl is second of seven children, younger (and only living) son and first one who marries; his older (and only) brother Georg died in 1994 as a nine-year-old boy.
His sisters are: Sophie (b.1988), Teresa (b.1990), Huberta (b.1993), Marie (b.1994) & Ludmilla (b.1996).


He shares birthday and Wedding Anniversary with the Duchess of Sussex, what a coincidence!

Emanuele Casimiro San Martino d'Agliè (b.1985) [older son of Filippo Manfredo San Martino d'Agliè (b.1953) {himself youngest of five children of Donna Maria-Cristina Ruffo di Calabria (1920-2003) [oldest sister of Queen Paola of Belgium] & her husband Casimiro San Martino d'Agliè, Marquess di Fontanetto con San Germano (1903-1988)} & his wife Cristina, nee Flesia] married Philippine de Sevin this year.

His only brother Manfredi (b.1987) is single.


Edward Albert Charles Spencer-Churchill (b.19 August 1974) [son of late John Spencer-Churchill, 11th Duke of Marlborough (1926-2014) & his third wife, Countess Dagmar Rosita Douglas (b.1943)] married Kimberly Hammerström this year.


Biri 06-25-2018 07:01 PM

And another wedding in Jordanian Royal family!

Zein-al-Sharaf al.-Kurdi
[daughter of Princess Basma bint Talal of Jordan (b.1951) & her current husband Walid al.-Kurdi] married Karim Thomas, a British Muslim, in her parents' home in London on 25 June, twenty-four days after her 32nd birthday.

Zein-al-Sharaf is the youngest of Princess Basma's four children and last one who marries.

Source:, Rossina!)

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