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Reina 12-06-2004 05:25 PM

Which Royal Family Would You Marry Into?
Which Royal Family would you marry into and to whom and what position?

For me it would be the British RF, but I will post more later.

queenanne 12-06-2004 08:42 PM

Well, if the Bourbons still sat on the French throne, they would be my first choice. But, since they don't, I would have to say the Belgian or Danish royal families. They just seem so close to each other.

michelleq 12-06-2004 09:15 PM

I would marry HSH Prince Gustav of Sayn Wittgenstein Berleburg. My favorite family, they do not rule but are related to just about every Royal Family. They are not in the news media often and seems to be very private which I like.

Reina 12-06-2004 10:59 PM

Ok I would marry either Prince WIlliam or the Prince of Monaco. I think both are intelligent, sensitive guys and I like the idea of being the consort of the future head of state.

sara1981 12-07-2004 01:06 AM

I like being as Crown Princess and William will makes his own rules after his grandmother who been rules for more over 50 years i would obey his grandmother and his dad the Prince of Wales.

Sara Boyce

billie-jo 12-07-2004 01:22 AM

For me it will be danish royal family

NJRedDevils 12-07-2004 03:02 AM

i'd marry Princess Madeleine of Sweden, oh wait i did already..

bad_barbarella 12-07-2004 03:12 AM

luxembourg... monaco or england

ElissaGray 12-07-2004 04:20 AM

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden!!!

HMQueenElizabethII 12-07-2004 05:29 AM

I think British Royal Family.

Freedom 12-07-2004 05:44 AM

Since, I adore Albert, think the world of the Principality, and sense tremendous potential for both of the aforementioned's futures, I would choose Monaco. As far as what position I would would be anyone where I could make a difference.

Elsa M. 12-07-2004 07:24 AM

All my expectations of becoming a Princess have just vanished, when Felipe married Letizia... :D But I do think he couldn't make a better choice, so I believe he's better with Letizia, than me... ;)

Roxy_bula 01-08-2005 03:48 PM

i would marry into the windsor family, and i would marry Prince William

Nichola 01-08-2005 03:59 PM

I would like to marry into the British Royal Family.

If I were to marry into the Royal Family, I don't think I could handle the pressure of being married to Prince William or Harry. Instead, I would like to marry a 'lesser' royal, perhaps someone in Peter Phillips' position?

Nathalian 01-08-2005 04:47 PM

I would get married to Andrea Casiraghi....because, Albert is to old to marry me and, i donīt think heīs will inheirit, that leaves Andrea. But, i adore Felix of Luxemburgo...and, of course, but not last, our William...or Harry...

Reina 01-08-2005 05:32 PM

I don't think it is accurate to say that Albert will not inherit Monaco. He is first in line and will and I pray that he gets married and hsas kids-I have faith he will

semisquare 01-09-2005 10:13 AM

i think a lot ,if not all, of oldly married women dream of a prince taking them away from their very boring lives. so having said that, my first choice would be louis xx but since he is happily married, the runner up would be albert of monaco and i dont have a third choice.
and them i would have lots and lots of babies, clothings, parities, cars , a motorcycle, could have skiing lessons, cause i would a princesses. which would be funny, i would be the first black princesses. sweet:p

hillary_nugent 01-09-2005 10:13 PM

Pierre Casiraghi from Monaco's Royal family ^___^ omg the beach there looks beautiful!!!

azile 01-10-2005 03:57 PM

As a member of the Commonwealth, my natural inclination is to pick a member of the British Royal Family......

Since Peter Phillips is born the same decade as I am, he'll do quite nicely! He's the Queen's firstborn grandchild so certainly, has close connections to her, is the nephew and cousin of future Kings yet was raised without a title and with rather humble surroundings. I think it would be the best of both worlds- Royal at times and "normal" much of the rest of the time. And, I'd be able to go riding whenever I wanted at my "mum-in-law's" home!

I would have picked Nikolaus of Greece for many of the same reasons, but I can't imagine being compared to Marie-Chantal for the rest of my life. I'd love to have Alexia as my sister-in-law, but I don't think I could stomach Marie-Chantal.

ladybelline 01-10-2005 04:09 PM

I 'd like to marry Carl Philip...We were born on the same year, same month, with just one week of difference...:D that could be interesting, and anyway I've always find him very attractive...

And as he is not Crown Prince, there won't be as much as official duties to do than Crown Princess Victoria...would give me more time to go shopping with Madeleine :D !!!

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