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iceflower 04-20-2017 11:19 AM

Princess Benedikte Current Events Part 1: April 2017 -
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Welcome to Part 1 of the thread for the Current Events of Princess Benedikte!

You can find the old thread here:

** Princess Benedikte and Prince Richard, Current Events 2: September 2005 - March 2017 **

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iceflower 04-20-2017 11:22 AM


Princess Benedikte held a board meeting of the Queen Ingrid Hæderslegat in Copenhagen today, April 20. It was the first event she attended since Prince Richard's death in March:

** BB: Prinsesse Benedikte tilbage på arbejde efter prins Richards død ** translation **

iceflower 05-06-2017 01:30 AM


Yesterday, May 5, Princess Benedikte visited the company Rikki Tikki and participated in the 40th anniversary of the Bernadotte Garden in Hadsund:

** gallery ** article ** translation **

** fjordavisen: Prinsesse Benedikte besøgte RikkiTikki i Hadsund ** translation **

iceflower 05-11-2017 09:34 AM


On May 7 Princess Benedikte participated in the Osteoporosis Society's anniversary event at the Aarhus Music House:

** gallery: Osteoporoseforeningens jubilæumsarrangement **

** BB: VIDEO: Prinsesse Benedikte til jubilæumsfejring ** translation **

LadyFinn 07-12-2017 07:10 AM

Princess Benedikte attends today the funeral of countess Alice Trolle-Wachtmeister, the former Mistress of the Robes of the Swedish Royal Court. The funeral is held at the Trolle-Ljungby Church at Trolle-Ljungby Castle, where Alice Trolle-Wachtmeister has lived since 1949, when he married count Hans-Gabriel Trolle-Wachtmeister.

iceflower 07-28-2017 03:24 PM


Princess Benedikte participated in the Rotary's 100th anniversary and awarded prizes at Gråsten today, July 28:

** Modtagelse af Paul Harris Fellow prisen **

eya 09-27-2017 02:54 PM

Princess Benedikte meeting today with the exchange students from Tasiilaq in Greenland

PPE Agency

Muhler 09-27-2017 03:34 PM

Thank you, Eya. :flowers:

The purpose of this exchange is of course allowing pupils to get to know different cultures. I.e. the Danish culture and the Greenlandic culture.
Often the Greenlandic children come from school in hamlets of at best large villages of up to several hundred people.
They will rarely get an opportunity to travel abroad, because it's seriously expensive to travel to or from Greenland on holiday!

Since the largest town in Greenland is Nuuk, with a population of 16.000, imagine landing in Copenhagen for the first time abroad. A city 100 times larger!
The children will never have seen a forest before. A corn field or a sandy beach where you can actually bathe and frolic for hours and still be comfortable... Photos, TV and Internet cannot convey the feeling of actually experiencing it yourself.
That they on top of that get to go to Amalienborg and meet a member of the DRF, who have a big star in Greenland, is an added experience.

Many Greenlanders never leave Greenland. It's either too expensive or simply too much trouble, because wherever they live may so remote that even getting to the airport is a journey in its own right!
The hamlets of western Greenland are dotted over a coastline that can easily rival the length of the entire US East Coast. The modes of transportation are light planes, helicopters, boats or small coasters. - Dog-sleighs are mainly used for long range person-transport on the east coast.

How about going to Canada, I can hear some of you ask.
The Canadian coast opposite western Greenland is even more remote! So remote that agreements have been made between Denmark/Greenland and Canada that Canadians who need treatment may be transported to Greenland if need be. It's simply easier to transport a seriously sick Canadian to Copenhagen than to say Toronto!

iceflower 09-27-2017 03:54 PM


The Palace also shared some photos of the annual reception today:

** Modtagelse af børn fra Grønland og Gentofte Kommune **

And here are some more:

** rex gallery ** BB: Prinsesse Benedikte fik besøg af grønlandske børn ** translation **

iceflower 09-28-2017 11:42 AM


Princess Benedikte made a visit to the Gardehusar barracks in Slagelse this morning, September 28:

** gallery: Besøg ved Gardehusarregimentets Hesteskadron **

** BB: VIDEO: Prinsesse Benedikte besøgte gardehusarerne i Slagelse ** translation **

iceflower 10-06-2017 03:21 PM


Today, October 6, Princess Benedikte opened a Holger Blom exhibition at the Skanderborg Art Museum. Holger Blom was one of Queen Ingrid's tailors.

** skanderborg: Royal åbning af Blom-udstilling ** translation **

** BB: Prinsesse Bendikte åbnede udstilling om sin mors gamle skrædder ** translation **

iceflower 11-15-2017 06:43 AM


Princess Benedikte was honoured with a festive concert by the Royal Guards Music Corps in Copenhagen yesterday evening, November 14, on the occasion of her 45th anniversary as rigsforstander (assistant regent):

** gallery: Festkoncert til ære for H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte **

polyesco 11-15-2017 11:19 AM

what a nice event for her. 45th anniversary as rigsforstander, so the reign of the Queen.

iceflower 12-15-2017 08:42 AM


Yesterday, December 14, Princess Benedikte viewed the exhibition Design Collaborations in Copenhagen:

** gallery: H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte besøgte Design Collaborations **

eya 01-08-2018 04:10 PM

Princess Benedikte send her wishes for 2018 with her grandchildren

polyesco 01-08-2018 10:08 PM

What a very nice photo with her 4 grandchildren! It's nice to see them, especially the youngest who we don't see often.

iceflower 01-23-2018 09:41 AM


Princess Benedikte was in Essen, Germany, today, January 23, to attend the opening of the International Plant Fair (IPM) and to unveil a new rose breeding. Denmark is the partner country of this year's fair.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **

** gallery: H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte åbnede Plantefagmessen i Essen **

iceflower 01-26-2018 03:32 AM


Yesterday evening, January 25, Princess Benedikte was the guest of honour at the 40th anniversary dinner for the International Women's Club in Copenhagen.
The club is a network for foreign and Danish women who have lived abroad.

** ppe gallery ** gallery **

iceflower 02-07-2018 07:27 AM


Princess Benedikte opened the fair Travel Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany, today, February 7. Denmark is the fair's partner country in 2018.

** gettyimages gallery ** rex gallery ** ppe gallery ** fb video 1 ** fb video 2 **

** gallery: H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte åbnede messen "Reisen Hamburg" **

iceflower 04-23-2018 11:07 AM


Princess Benedikte handed out the scholarships of the Queen Ingrid Hæderslegat at Christian VIII's Palace, Amalienborg, today, April 23:

** belga gallery **

** Offentliggørelsen af årets legatmodtagere af Dronning Ingrids Hæderslegat **

iceflower 05-07-2018 12:49 PM


Princess Benedikte attended the inauguration of the sports care centre Mølleparken in Dianalund this afternoon, May 7:

** gallery **

** BB: VIDEO: Prinsesse Benedikte bakker op om idrætscenter for ældre **

** H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte indviede Mølleparkens Plejecenter **

eya 05-09-2018 01:32 AM

From 1 June 2018, Prince Benedikte will have a new lady-in-waiting the Anne Dorthe Iuel

Appointment of new lady-in-waiting for HRH Princess Benedikte | The Danish Monarchy - Front Page

eya 06-02-2018 02:32 PM

Princess Benedikte visiting today 2 June the Klampenborg racecourse during the "H.R.H. Princess Benedikte's Honorary Prize Run".

iceflower 06-03-2018 05:47 AM


Here are some more photos and a video from yesterday:

** fb gallery **

** BB: VIDEO: Sommer-smart prinsesse Benedikte til galop i høj solskin **

iceflower 06-23-2018 09:51 AM


Today, June 23, Princess Benedikte participated in the 50th anniversary of the Egernsund Bridge. Benedikte herself had conducted the inauguration in 1968.

** gallery ** gallery **

iceflower 06-28-2018 04:04 PM


Princess Benedikte is currently participating in the Gentofte Municipality's Greenland Committee's visit to Greenland (June 26th - July 1st).

Today, June 28, she was in Tasiilaq to visit an orphanage, a retirement home, the city's hospital and town hall:

** gallery: Billederne: Prinsesse på besøg i Tasiilaq **

** H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte besøger Grønland sammen med Gentofte Kommunes Grønlands Komite **

iceflower 09-10-2018 03:28 PM


On September 6 Princess Benedikte opened an exhibition of Danish architects at the HafenCity in Hamburg, Germany. The Copenhagen office "Werarkitekter" presents models for sustainable urban development from Hamburg and Copenhagen in the showroom of the Association of German Architects.

** Pic ** H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte deltog i åbningen af Werks udstilling **

iceflower 09-27-2018 08:33 AM


As in previous years Princess Benedikte received exchange students from Greenland and their Danish hosts from Gentofte Municipality at Christian VII's Palace, Amalienborg, today, September 27:

** kongehuset fb gallery ** ppe gallery ** kongehuset gallery **

polyesco 09-27-2018 11:42 AM

Always love this event. The kids are super cute and very elegant princess :flowers:

iceflower 09-30-2018 03:38 PM


Princess Benedikte attended the performance "Fly with the Flying Theatre" in Copenhagen this evening, September 30:

** Pic ** BB: Prinsesse Benedikte betaget af teaterforestilling **

** H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte overværede forestillingen Flygt med Det Flydende Teater **

maria-olivia 10-02-2018 05:40 PM

Princess Benedikte likes the Danish Court and Honors.
Was she happy as german Princess ? Was she popular among the german royals ?
I suppose Gustav and Carina are living in the SWB castle. But what is their future?

iceflower 10-18-2018 09:46 AM


Princess Benedikte is in Germany today, October 18, to open the exhibition "H. C. Andersen - poet with pen and scissors" in Bremen and on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Denmark in Bremen:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 ** Pic 7 ** Pic 8 ** Pic 9 **

** bild: Velkommen, Prinzessin Benedikte ** rex gallery ** kongehuset: Åbning af udstilling i Bremen **

iceflower 10-23-2018 06:34 AM


Princess Benedikte visited the Danish design company Georg Jensen Damask and the Kolding Design School in Kolding today, October 23:

** tvsyd: Prinsesse Benedikte besøger Kolding **

** BB: Travl tirsdag for prinsesse Benedikte **

** gallery ** kongehuset: Besøg hos Georg Jensen Damask **

** kongehuset: H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte besøgte Designskolen Kolding **

** designskolenkolding gallery: Et kongeligt besøg med fiskeskind og rosenblade **

polyesco 10-23-2018 11:28 AM

:previous: thanks for the photo. Benedikte always a job well done

iceflower 11-05-2018 03:37 PM


Princess Benedikte has given an interview to Danish "Sunday", talking about her mother, the loss of her husband, Queen Margrethe's loss and her own positive attitude to life - very likable:

** SØNDAG møder Prinsesse Benedikte: "Jeg er ret nysgerrig" ** translation **

iceflower 11-08-2018 03:35 PM

Princess Benedikte was recently seen visiting Bering House of Flowers in Copenhagen to buy Christmas decorations:

** BB: VIDEO: Prinsesse Benedikte købte julegaver **

eya 11-23-2018 01:31 PM

Princess Benedikte at the opening of the Christmas bazaar in the Swedish church in Copenhagen today 23 November


iceflower 11-23-2018 03:13 PM


Here are some more nice photos of Benedikte at the opening today - many lovely Christmas products to discover:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 ** Pic 7 ** Pic 8 **

** kongehuset gallery: Julebasar i Den Svenske Kirke **

iceflower 11-26-2018 11:20 AM


Today, November 26, Princess Benedikte attended the event "Denmark India 400 Years" at Kronborg Castle in Helsingør, marking the 400th anniversary of the departure of a Danish flotilla that reached Tharangambadi in India in 1620. With that Tharangambadi became the first Danish trading post in India:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **

** kongehuset: H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte deltog i arrangementet "Danmark Indien 400 År" **

iceflower 01-29-2019 02:18 PM


On the occasion of Princess Benedikte's upcoming 75th birthday (April 29), a new biography will be released. The book has been written in cooperation with Benedikte's family and will contain yet unseen photos of her life - that sounds interesting! :smile:

** BB: Ny bog om prinsesse Benedikte ** translation **

iceflower 03-05-2019 09:26 AM


Princess Benedikte visited the UN City in Copenhagen this morning, March 5, to "meet with heads of the resident 11 UN agencies and get an intro to their work on implementing the SDGs". She also visited UN City Campus 2:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **

** BB: Imponeret prinsesse Benedikte på FN-besøg **

** kongehuset: H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte på besøg i FN byen **

eya 03-10-2019 07:22 AM

Princess Benedikte watches Danish Warmblood Hingstekaring on 8-10 March in Herning.


iceflower 03-18-2019 04:11 PM


On March 15 Princess Benedikte attended the Novo Nordisk Foundation's Price Celebration 2019 in Bagsværd:

** kongehuset gallery: Novo Nordisk Fondens Price Celebration 2019 **

eya 04-29-2019 07:11 AM

On Friday, 26 April , Princess Benedikte took part in the celebration of the Odd Fellow Order's 200th anniversary in Copenhagen.

Odd Fellow Ordenens 200-års jubilæum | Kongehuset

iceflower 08-07-2019 02:34 PM

Today, August 7, Princess Benedikte attended the opening ceremony of the European Championship in Wheelchair Rugby in Vejle:

** instagram gallery ** kongehuset gallery **

** article & gallery: Fint besøg i Vejle - Prinsesse med til EM-åbning **

iceflower 09-24-2019 02:30 PM


Princess Benedikte opened the exhibition "The Second Golden Age" in Copenhagen today, September 24:

** ppe gallery **

iceflower 09-25-2019 10:47 AM


Princess Benedikte attended the 300th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the Princess Schools today, September 25:

** Pic ** tv2nord: 7-årige Josefine gav prinsessen blomster: - Jag havde øvet mig inden **

eya 09-26-2019 07:47 AM

Princess Benedikte receives exchange students from Greenland and their Danish hosts from Gentofte Municipality today 26 September

eya 11-03-2019 01:41 PM

Princess Benedkte attend the celebration of the Agerskov Youth School's 100th anniversary this afternoon

iceflower 11-04-2019 07:54 AM


Here are some photos of the school anniversary:

** fb gallery **

** ugeavisen: Sønderjyllands ældste efterskole fyldte 100 år **

** kongehuset: H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte deltog i Agerskov Ungdomsskoles 100-års jubilæum **

eya 11-22-2019 10:59 AM

Princess Benedikte opens the Christmas bazaar in the Swedish church in Copenhagen today

eya 01-06-2020 03:23 AM

Princess Benedikte attends the performance "The Snow Queen" at the Opera in Munich on 4 January

eya 01-17-2020 12:25 PM

Princess Benedikte opens today 17 January the exhibition "100 years with Denmark - Southern Jutland since the reunion" at the Museum of Southern Jutland, Sonderborg Castle in Sonderborg

polyesco 01-17-2020 12:27 PM

Princess Benedikte opens the exhibition "100 years with Denmark - Southern Jutland since the reunion" at the Museum of Southern Jutland. Sonderborg Castle, Sonderborg, at. 14.00.

The exhibition "100 years with Denmark - Southern Jutland since the reunification" portrays the past 100 years with a focus on special borderland history, but also industry and border trade and southern Jutland customs.

iceflower 01-17-2020 02:48 PM

The Palace has also shared some photos of today's exhibition opening:

** kongehuset: 100 år med Danmark – Sønderjylland siden genforeningen **

iceflower 01-22-2020 02:55 PM

This evening, January 22, Princess Benedikte attended the premiere of the musical "Mamma Mia" at the Tivoli Concert Hall:

** Prinsesse Benedikte overrasker **

An Ard Ri 01-22-2020 05:00 PM

Here are a few more photos of Princess Benedikte arriving at the Tivoli Concert Hall in Copenhagen. :previous:

eya 01-23-2020 03:17 AM

The Palace shares some pictures from yesterday

iceflower 02-06-2020 03:04 PM

Princess Benedikte opened the exhibition "Simply Danish" at the Øregaard Museum in Hellerup today, February 6:

** kongehuset gallery **

eya 03-04-2020 10:45 AM

Princess Benedikte presents grants to Queen Ingrid's Honorary Grant today

Offentliggørelsen af årets legatmodtagere af Dronning Ingrids Hæderslegat | Kongehuset

iceflower 03-05-2020 05:54 AM

Here's a nice video of Benedikte at the presentation of the Queen Ingrid's Honorary Grant yesterday:

Muhler 03-10-2020 10:21 AM

Benedikte should Saturday have attended an event at the owner of Lego, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen's horse farm.
But due to the Corona virus he has cancelled the event and as such Benedikte will not go.

The reason for the cancellation is that the number who were expected to attend the event would have exceeded the 1.000 person limit advised by the government.

Muhler 03-19-2020 08:36 AM

BB reports that Benedikte has taken up residence at Schloss Berleburg - after a very busy period in DK.

Tarlita 03-19-2020 09:20 AM

You don't realise or even think about how many sporting events there are until they get cancelled and are affecting so many people.
Now that the Princess is back in Germany perhaps she may not be able to get back to Denmark with the borders closed.

Muhler 03-19-2020 09:43 AM

Well, I'd say she could get back if it was necessary. Like if she was to act as Rigsforstander or (let's not hope that!) her sister gets infected and is seriously ill.
QMII was once flown to and from Berleburg with an air force helicopter, I imagine a similar arrangement could be set up for Benedikte.

But apart from such an emergency, I doubt Benedikte will get back to DK anytime soon, even though she would no doubt be let through the border checks simply due to her status.

Tarlita 03-19-2020 09:47 AM

Yes I guess it would depend on circumstances.

eya 07-31-2020 12:34 PM

Princess Benedikte today visiting the Danish Consulate General in Flensburg, Germany


iceflower 07-31-2020 02:27 PM


Here are some more photos of her visit to Flensburg today:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **

** kongehuset gallery: H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte deltog i en frokost hos den danske generalkonsul i Flensborg..**

eya 09-18-2020 12:51 PM

Princess Benedikte present today the Alzheimer's Association's Researcher Award.

iceflower 09-18-2020 04:04 PM


The following entry by the Alzheimer's Association contains two more photos:

** Prinsesse overrækker forskerpriser i demens **

And the Palace has shared some more:

** kongehuset gallery **

iceflower 09-19-2020 11:27 AM

Princess Benedikte visited the exhibition "Vigdís Finnbogadóttir - the world's first female president" in Copenhagen today, September 19:

** BB article: Elegant Benedikte i højt humør på særlig dag **

** kongehuset: H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte besøgte udstilling om Vigdís Finnbogadóttir **

iceflower 09-24-2020 10:35 AM

Princess Benedikte visited the exhibition "The Queen's Faces" at the National History Museum at Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød this afternoon, September 24:

** kongehuset gallery **

eya 09-27-2020 05:53 AM

Princess Benedikte at the official opening of an exhibition at Randers Art Museum on 26 September


iceflower 09-27-2020 07:53 AM


Here are some more photos of the exhibition opening:

** amtsavisen pictured article: Kunstnerens og prinsessens passion for heste blev samlet på Randers Kunstmuseum **

iceflower 10-11-2020 02:26 PM

This morning, October 11, Princess Benedikte was present at the memorial service and wreath-laying on the occasion of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Denmark's liberation in Spentrup:

** video ** kongehuset gallery **

** amtsavisen pictured article: Se billederne: Prinsesse og jægersoldater fejrede befrielsen i Hvidsten **

iceflower 10-24-2020 08:03 AM

Yesterday afternoon, October 23, Princess Benedikte attended the celebration of the 275th anniversary of the Danish Masonic Order in Copenhagen:

** kongehuset gallery **

** with gallery: H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte besøgte Ordenen **

REAL COUNTESS 10-24-2020 12:18 PM

Great color, timeless and elegant.

Muhler 10-24-2020 01:03 PM

Now, one or two among you may ask: Why does Benedikte visit the Freemasons? An association she can't even join as a woman.

- Among other reasons because the Freemasons supply the waiters who serve at gala-dinners. As freemasons they are supposed to have been vetted as being discreet and and able to both communicate with foreign guests and knowing how to behave.

iceflower 12-03-2020 05:10 AM

Yesterday, December 2, Princess Benedikte visited the association Hellebro in Valby that aims to help young homeless and vulnerable people aged 18-29:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **

** BB: Prinsesse Benedikte på herberg ** translation **

eya 04-29-2021 01:34 AM

"Her Royal Highness Princess Benedict has a birthday and turns 77 today ����⁣ ⁣

The Princess celebrates her birthday privately in Christian VIII's Palace at Amalienborg. "

eya 05-20-2021 12:10 PM

A new portrait of Princess Benedikte was unveiled today at the National History Museum at Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød

iceflower 05-20-2021 01:13 PM


Here are some more photos of the special event today:

** gallery **

** BB article: Stor begejstring: Nyt portræt af prinsesse Benedikte afsløret **

Muhler 05-20-2021 03:33 PM

Watched it on the news.
The portrait is OK, I think.

I'm not sure I appreciate the "embossed" paintings that is his style. That is that parts of the painting is sticking out, so to speak.
I don't understand the purpose and to me it's just as way to make the artist stand out.
He does that will all his portraits as far as I could tell.

Anyway, according to the news, Benedikte got this portrait exhibited as a recognition of her very considerable work for the DRF.

JR76 05-20-2021 06:52 PM


Originally Posted by Muhler (Post 2400784)
Watched it on the news.
The portrait is OK, I think.

I'm not sure I appreciate the "embossed" paintings that is his style. That is that parts of the painting is sticking out, so to speak.
I don't understand the purpose and to me it's just as way to make the artist stand out.
He does that will all his portraits as far as I could tell.

Anyway, according to the news, Benedikte got this portrait exhibited as a recognition of her very considerable work for the DRF.

Bendy deserves every accolade thrown at her and as she seemed very happy about the portrait I'll give the artist a pass... this time

Of course with Benedikte we'll never know what she really thinks about the portrait. The Queen of Berleburg would never let on if she didn't like it.

Tarlita 05-20-2021 09:52 PM

Princess Benedikte is deserving of her own portrait. I think she is wonderful in her support to her sister the Queen and her love of Denmark and Greenland.

iceflower 05-27-2021 07:05 AM

Princess Benedikte visited the exhibition "Developments" at the Hirschsprung Collection in Copenhagen this morning, May 27:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** kongehuset gallery **

eya 05-29-2021 11:00 AM

Princess Benedikte attends the theater performance "Romeo + Juliet" in Haderslev on 28 May

Muhler 05-29-2021 12:18 PM

I don't think it's a coincidence that she attends a theater performance in Haderslev. That's a town in Southern Jutland and as you know there is a lot of DRF-focus on Southern Jutland and Bornholm this year.

Bornholm, because the Soviet troops there left in 1946.
Southern Jutland because that province was reunified with DK in 1920 - after having been lost after the Second Schleswigan War in 1864.

iceflower 06-14-2021 02:33 PM

Patronage related posts have been moved to Princess Benedikte‘s Charities and Patronages thread.

iceflower 06-20-2021 12:49 AM

On June 16 Princess Benedikte attended the Summer Ballet performance of the Royal Theatre in the park of the Karen Blixsen Museum of Rungsted:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** gallery **

** BB article: Chik Benedikte med på kongelig trend **

iceflower 06-23-2021 08:31 AM

Princess Benedikte participated in the Historical Botanical Garden's 100th anniversary at Vordingborg castle ruin in Vordingborg today, June 23:

** gallery ** kongehuset gallery **

iceflower 08-16-2021 06:44 AM

On August 13 Princess Benedikte attended the premiere of the "Chamber Ballet" at the Opera of Copenhagen:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **

iceflower 08-22-2021 01:59 PM

Princess Benedikte attended the Border Association's People's meeting at Ejer Bavnehøj in Skanderborg today, August 22:

** skanderborglokalavisen article: Prinsessen fejrede genforening på Ejer Bavnehøj **

eya 08-24-2021 01:00 PM

Princess Benedikte present today 24 August the Helene Alsace Prize at the Alsace Foundation.

iceflower 08-25-2021 03:29 PM

Princess Benedikte attended the performance of actor Ulf Pilgaard and his colleagues at the Cirkusrevyen revue in Dyrehavsbakken, followed by a reception today, August 25. Pilgaard is a contributor of the "Cirkusrevyen" since more than 40 years and Princess Benedikte „has long had a desire to experience Ulf Pilgaard on stage“:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** instagram gallery with video **

** BB article: Prinsesse Benedikte overraskede: Ville opleve Ulf Pilgaard i Cirkusrevyen **

eya 08-28-2021 07:03 PM

Princess Benedikte attended at the Bent Fabricius-Bjerre Tribute Concert tonight 28 August

iceflower 08-30-2021 02:31 PM

Photos and information about Queen Anne-Marie‘s birthday can be found at this thread, and should not be reposted here. Reposts have been removed.

iceflower 09-23-2021 10:34 AM

Princess Benedikte received exchange students from Greenland and their Danish hosts from Gentofte at Amalienborg today, September 23:

** kongehuset gallery **

** ppe gallery ** BB article: 11-årige Silvia overraskede Benedikte med specielt foto **

** BB video: Prinsesse Benedikte om dronning Margrethe: Hun var meget skuffet **

eya 09-27-2021 11:12 AM

Princess Benedikte visit today the secretariat of the ECCO FEI World Championships Herning - Denmark 2022.

iceflower 09-27-2021 02:09 PM

Yesterday, September 26, Princess Benedikte attended a festive service on the occasion of the Church of Denmark in South Schleswig's 100th anniversary in Schleswig, Germany:

** kongehuset: H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte overværede festgudstjeneste i anledning …**

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