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iceflower 11-15-2015 03:27 AM

Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine, News Part 3: November 2015 -
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Welcome to Part 3 of the thread for News about Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine!

You can find the old thread here:

** Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine, News Part 2: January 2013 - November 2015 **

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:flowers: Happy Posting! :flowers:

Roskilde 01-07-2016 05:30 PM

Tommorow, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine can celebate their 5th birthday :smile:

Two splendid galleries to warm-up with. Maybe we will get some news pictures tomorrow.

SE BILLEDERNE: Fredagens fødselsdags-børn - Vincent og Josephine | BILLED-BLADET

Frelinghighness 01-07-2016 10:48 PM

Great galleries! Such beautiful and beautifully dressed children. And they were so small at birth.

Muhler 01-08-2016 12:11 AM

Thanks, Roskilde. It's more fun to watch them now, that their personalities shines through clearly.

Hannelore 01-08-2016 12:47 AM

Five already! I think little Vincent is such a sweet, handsome little boy. Sometimes his crazy sister outshines him a bit ;-) but that's how it goes... The girls get more attention :lol:

SnowBirds 01-08-2016 01:38 AM

Thanks for the pictures, Prince Vincent is such a cute shy guy, he is adorable while his sister, Princess Josephine, well she wants to be front and center. She want to be seen and heard and voice her opinion.....what a go-getter she is. And she is going to be a great beauty as she gets is going to have his hands full with 2 princesses and it's call out the guard...:lol:

eurosroyals 01-08-2016 02:17 AM

New photographs of Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine has been released as they turn 5 years old today. These pictures were taken by their mother Crown Princess Mary.


Roskilde 01-08-2016 02:22 AM


I just knew we would get picutres taken by mommy Mary from their familytrip in Australia :wub: And of course with a coala beer :) Vincent and Josephine have woken up today on their birthday to a Denmark there is white and filled with snow. So I guess they will go out and build a snowman and then walk inside again to hot chocolate, birthday cake and presents.

Kongehuset has today also published pictures of what 5-years old Vincent and Josephine wakes up to today on their their birthday. A snowy Amalienborg. It must be fun for Vincent and Josephine - they celebrated Christmas Eve in the 30 degree and sun and two weeks later they celebrate their birthday in the snow.
Den første sne på Amalienborg | Kongehuset - Forside


The new official pictures has hit the news and lot's of greeting to Vincent and Josephine :smile:

TV2 News:
Kongelige tvillinger fylder 5: Se Marys egne billeder her - TV 2

BILLEDER Se kronprinsessens egne billeder af fødselsdags-tvillingerne | Nyheder | DR

BT - have made a happy birthday video to Vincent and Josephine:

BB - new pictures:
Se Marys nye fødselsdagsbilleder af tvillingerne | BILLED-BLADET

BB - have made a nice birthday video for Vincent and Josephine:
VIDEO: Tillykke til prins Vincent og prinsesse Josephine | BILLED-BLADET

Hello Magazine:

Nye billeder af de kongelige fødselarer – Ekstra Bladet


Hannelore 01-08-2016 02:48 AM

(...) these are beautiful. :flowers:

Their faces are changing... It'll be interesting to see if Josephine still resembles Mary so much when she grows up. These things can really change so much in just a few year's time.

And here's the owl sweater again! :lol: A smart way of showing they pass on clothes between the kids too, that it's not all "Versace kidswear" so to speak. I do hope Mary & Frederik's children realize their priviledged position in life, as they get a bit older, and that they don't take it for granted but will give something back to society. (this is a general thought I have about all royal children BTW).

MissP 01-08-2016 07:01 AM

Aw. What lovely pictures!

But whoever is holding the koala is really bad at hiding! :lol:

Honeybees 01-08-2016 07:37 AM

Lovely photograph's as always.

iceflower 01-08-2016 08:01 AM


All posts wishing the Danish twins a happy birthday have been moved to the following extra thread:

** Denmark: Birthday and Anniversary Wishes 2016 **

kathia_sophia 01-08-2016 09:03 AM

Is it just me or Vincent looks so much like Frederik on those pics, especially the one with just him! A mini-Frederik!

I think Josephine is very Mary, but she also has her own look as well.

Muhler 01-08-2016 09:20 AM

I think the expression in the eyes say a lot about especially children.

And again I'm personally confirmed in my impression that Josephine will grow up to be the brains of the family. (Not that her siblings appear the least bit slow!) And Vincent. That a thoughtful almost pensive expression - a gentle little man.

polyesco 01-08-2016 11:33 AM

I suspected we would get a photo from Australia. very nice! and like years prior and with photos of Christian and Isabella, its nice that Mary took them herself.

Judging from the clothes on the two individual pictures, I would say it was taken the same day as the Christmas New Years card at Trend. (maybe they used a self timer for the family photo, since Mary took these)

HereditaryPrincess 01-08-2016 05:57 PM

I can't believe that the twins are five already. I read on that there is snow in Copenhagen, which means the twins get to experience a snowy birthday.

I loved the new photos of them and it's nice that they were taken in Australia. I also like how Mary took them, it's a very normal thing for mothers to take photos of their children so I like it when the royals do this as it makes them seem down-to-earth (I've always thought the Danish CP family are very normal and down-to-earth in the first place, though).

My favourite photo is the one of the twins with the koala - animals and children are often an adorable combination!

rominet09 01-08-2016 05:59 PM

They are remarquably beautiful children !!!!

acdc1 01-08-2016 10:07 PM

I can't believe how much they've grown up! Vincent looks very much like his father and sister Isabella, IMO, while Josephine is a little Mary! It's fun watching them grow up.

Daria_S 01-08-2016 10:50 PM

Mary takes lovely pictures of her children and the latest ones are no exception. I love the personal touch instead of professional,portraits. The twins are so cute. Hard to believe they're five already.

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GracieGiraffe 01-08-2016 10:56 PM


Originally Posted by kathia_sophia (Post 1854168)
Is it just me or Vincent looks so much like Frederik on those pics, especially the one with just him! A mini-Frederik!

I think Josephine is very Mary, but she also has her own look as well.

Vincent is starting to look more like his father, and I see a bit of his brother in him too. While I always thought Josephine was a mini-Mary I now see Isabella (and hence Margrethe) in her.

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