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Humera 08-31-2015 01:36 AM

Best Summer Outfit: July-August, 2015
Welcome to the Best Summer Outfit poll for the best outfits worn by royals during their summer holidays between the months of July and August, 2015.

The poll will close on September 5, 2015.

Please feel free to discuss which outfit you voted for but remember to tell us why. If you like an outfit that is not included in this poll, please share it with the rest of us.

A small group of team members/advisers have assisted the Picture of the Week coordinators in selecting these pictures. Their names are listed below:


Have fun!

Picture of the Week Coordinators
ANNIE_S, Humera, soapstar, Tilia C.

eya 08-31-2015 04:13 AM

Welcome fashion polls again.
I voted CP Mary July 19. Very summery dress. Beatiful.
But i also like Mathilde and Letizia August 8.

ANNIE_S 08-31-2015 04:58 AM

I voted for Princess Marie's mini-dress in August 2, what a lovely summery dress!

An Ard Ri 08-31-2015 05:30 AM

HRH Crown Princess Mary on July 19th got my vote,ps welcome back :flowers:

Jacknch 08-31-2015 07:46 AM

It's great to have another poll to vote on again! My vote went to Queen Sofia of Spain evening outfit on 5 August - very dressy for a summer night out but in a nice light material to give a floaty look!

Marty91charmed 08-31-2015 08:31 AM

I voted for Queen Sofia too. Her look was certainly the most convincing... Not great choices all in all, to be fair...

dazzling 08-31-2015 01:18 PM

I voted for Mary on July 25. I thought her maxi skirt was great and matched perfectly with the white top and chunky necklace, the look was well accessorized.

Duc_et_Pair 08-31-2015 01:28 PM

Strange that another great summer outfit was not at all in the poll. Picture.

Rudolph 08-31-2015 01:44 PM

CP Mary on 19 July. She looks very nice.

Humera 08-31-2015 02:04 PM


Originally Posted by Duc_et_Pair (Post 1815011)
Strange that another great summer outfit was not at all in the poll. Picture.

We try to include as many pictures in these polls as possible. However, every picture we use needs to conform to certain criteria which is why we have to exclude some images.
The picture you've shared, for example, doesn't qualify because it's not a full-length image (I haven't see pictures of Maxima from this event which conformed to our copyright guidelines and was full-length).
But you're always welcome to share and vote for images that aren't listed in the poll.

PS...thank for all the welcomes everyone!:flowers:

Marengo 08-31-2015 04:17 PM

Nice to have the polls back! I voted for Queen Mathilde, the color suits her very well.

lucymae88 08-31-2015 06:16 PM

I voted for Mary July 19th look. It was the only look I liked and the dress looked good on her.

IloveCP 08-31-2015 09:02 PM

I voted for Mary's blue and white outfit.

My favorites:

1. Mary's blue and white outfit
2. Alexandra
3. Carina
4. Mary's green dress

Moonmaiden23 08-31-2015 09:53 PM

Queen Letizia all the way, especially the black shirt/white pants with dark sunglasses Aug 8th.

She looks like a dead ringer for Jackie Kennedy Onassis on holiday in Greece in that photo!;)

Tilia C. 09-01-2015 06:29 AM

My favourite is CP Mary on July 25. I love those maxi skirts and the white blose is gorgeous. Last but not least the necklace adds a perfect finishing touch to the outfit.

The second favourite is Letizia in black and white, she looks just cool and stylish.

HereditaryPrincess 09-01-2015 11:35 AM

I voted for Carina Axelsson on July 19. I like the colour combination of her outfit, it feels soft and summery.

I'm not big on the other outfits, though if I had to choose a runner up it would be CP Mary on July 19. I also like the casual outfit Maxima wore to Sail Amsterdam a lot, though that didn't get in the poll.

Humera 09-02-2015 03:28 PM

I vote for CP Mary on July 19. Her dress was light and summery and accessories nicely with delicate jewellery.
My second favourite was Princess Alexandra. I loved her vibrant blue skirt.

soapstar 09-02-2015 04:24 PM

I loved everything about Carina's outfit, so she got my vote. My second favorite was Queen Letizia's August 8th outfit, followed by CP Mary from July 19.

JessRulz 09-02-2015 11:33 PM

I voted for Princess Alexandra zu S-W-B - the style of the outfit is very "her" and I love the cobalt blue of the skirt. A lovely choice for a garden shoot!

Marika86 09-03-2015 05:12 PM

I voted for Mary on July 19. It's a lovely dress. I also like Carina and Mary on July 25.

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