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Alexandra 06-06-2003 01:50 PM

Prince Nikolaus (1947- ), Princess Margaretha (1957- ) and Family: October 2004-
Princess Margaretha and Prince Nicolaus had a fourth child as well. Their first child died very soon after his birth. I found on a Swedish site a Liechtensteiner family tree with a mention of little Leopold.

Äldste son till prinsessan MARGARETHA AV LUXEMBURG 1957- och hennes man prins NIKOLAUS AV LIECHTENSTEIN 1947-
FÖDD: 20 maj 1984 i Brüssel, Belgien
SYSKON: Maria Annunciata, Marie Astrid, Josef-Emanuel
DÖD: 22 maj 1984 i Brüssel, Belgien

Swedish is not my mother tonque, but I tried to translate it in English (which - you can see it - is neither my mother tongue... ). :blush:

Leopold of Liechtenstein 1984-1984
The oldest son of princess MARGARETHA of LUXEMBURG 1957 – and his husband prince NIKOLAUS of LIECHTENSTEIN 1947-
Born: 20 May 1984 in Brüssel, Belgien
Name: LEOPOLD Emanuel
Siblings: Maria Annunciata, Marie Astrid, Josef-Emanuel
Dead: 22 maj 1984 i Brüssel, Belgien

Jalmey 06-06-2003 01:53 PM

That's so sad. Its terrible to lose a child and my heart goes out to Princess Margaretha and Prince Nicolas.


Thanks for posting the information Alexandra!

Jalmey 06-24-2003 02:30 PM

3 Attachment(s)
04/11/2003. Wedding of PrinceLaurent of Belgium with ClaireCoombs: Concert and reception at the "Palais des Beaux arts" of Brussels. Nikolaus & Margaretha of Lichtenstein; Photo News / Gamma 734745
06/18/2000. The Maharajah cup at Geneva polo club. Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein and wife Margaretha of Liechtenstein. Alain Morvan / Gamma 688911

drimal 10-17-2004 01:25 PM

Princess Margaretha and Family: News and Pictures, Part 1 (October 2004 - )
Does anybody have more recent photos of Princess Margarethas two daughter Maria Anunciata and Marie Astrid!!!!

Please show them!!!! All I found were old photos!

suturegeisha 10-17-2004 03:15 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here you go....I could only find one recent picture of the two girls [who are very pretty, by the way]. This was taken at the beatification of Emperor Karl of Austria in Rome 10.2.2004. From left to right are Maria Annunciata, Marie Astrid, Josef Emanuel [handsome!], Margaretha, and Nikolaus.


hillary_nugent 10-18-2004 10:31 AM

who is their father?

hrhcp 10-18-2004 11:43 AM


Originally Posted by hillary_nugent
who is their father?

The guy on the right, Prince Nikolaus, who is ten years older than his wife.

Did you know that their first stab at pro-creating led to a miscarriage?

drimal 10-18-2004 12:02 PM

Thank you hrhcp for this photo. Can you give me the link of the page please?:)

suturegeisha 10-18-2004 12:50 PM


Originally Posted by drimal
Thank you hrhcp for this photo. Can you give me the link of the page please?:)

Well, actually, it was me who posted the picture.

The page I got it from is RPH:

Royal Press Holland


stacy 10-19-2004 08:27 AM


Originally Posted by suturegeisha
Actually, it wasn't a miscarriage- their first son was born, but I believe he died when he was five months old. My info on this is extremely spotty, but I am sure that he was indeed born.


you are right, their first son (Leopold) was born was born in May 1984 - but I thought he died the same month?

Sancia 10-19-2004 10:20 AM


Originally Posted by stacy
you are right, their first son (Leopold) was born was born in May 1984 - but I thought he died the same month?

He died the day he was born.

drimal 10-22-2004 05:18 AM

Photos of Princess Margaretha's children!!!
9 Attachment(s)
Hello to all. I have a large photo collection of Princess Margaretha's children. To make this thread a little more interesting I will post them three times the week (every Friday!!!:), every Monday:) and every Wednesday:) ).

PS: I also have a thread with photos of beautiful Princess Marie-Astrid and her beautiful daughters: If you desire I will also manage this thread chronologically!!

I will start chronologically from lower years to now!!! I hope you enjoy this new thread, the first thread on the web with many photos of Princess Margaretha's children! The majority of the pictures will consider Princess Maria Anunciata!

This Friday the photo series start with:

PART I Two little princess and one little prince
1.and 2. new born princess Maria Anunciata in 1985
3.and 4. new born prince Josef-Emanuel in 1989
5. to 9. Maria Anunciata, Marie-Astrid and Josef Emanuel before 1990

;) Bye to next Monday with Part II The 1994 photos!

hillary_nugent 10-22-2004 07:29 AM

thanks Drimal ^__^ i didn't know Austria was still a monarchy...are any of the above Royals the next heir to the throne?

suturegeisha 10-22-2004 09:29 AM

I love that last picture, where the girls have Josef Emmanuel stretched over their laps and are poking at him, like "what that heck is this?" Heh.

drimal 10-22-2004 11:04 AM

6 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by hillary_nugent
thanks Drimal ^__^ i didn't know Austria was still a monarchy...are any of the above Royals the next heir to the throne?

Princess Margaretha is the daughter of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg. She is born 1957 in Luxembourg (as the twin sister of Prince Jean) and married Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein (born 1947) in March 1982. Her husband is the brother of Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein. Princess Margaretha's sister Princess Marie-Astrid married Carl-Christian from Austria and her (Marie-Astrid's) children are Archdukes and Archduchess of Austria.

Princess Margaretha's children have the title of Liechtenstein
I have found two links for you that should interest you:

Here are the wedding photos of March 1982: Aren't they gorgeous?:)

Marengo 10-22-2004 11:59 AM

After the death of her first child Margaretha grew very close to her aunt Queen Fabiola, who supported her a lot. Does the family still live in Brussels? Nicolaus is still Liechtensteins ambassador to the EU?

Nice pictures btw! Margaretha is wearing her mothers wedding tiara during her own wedding. I believe it was a gift from the belgian Congo to their Princess Josephine-Charlotte.

Marengo 10-22-2004 12:04 PM


thanks Drimal ^__^ i didn't know Austria was still a monarchy...are any of the above Royals the next heir to the throne

Austria isn t a monarchy anymore (since 1918) but that does not mean that her imperial family has died out, on the contrary, it blossomed! In my eyes it is the 'best' royal family of europe, with decent, hard working, discrete etc. members & I think that the Austrians werent to clever to kick emperor Karl out of the country (or empress Zita for that matter, she was just wonderfull).

suturegeisha 10-23-2004 12:07 AM


Originally Posted by Marengo
No, I am sorry. I saw their pictures in the point de vue issue which featured the baptism of Prince Jeasn (Guillaume & Sybilla's son) but I have no scanner. I haven t seen any pictures of the baptism online (yet). Gabriella and Constantin attended + Prince Jean (their father) Helene was absent, she never seems to attend family functions.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't Jean and Helene seperated?

gaggleofcrazypeople 10-23-2004 04:14 PM

There are rumors that they divorced, but it is only speculation because Jean lives such a private life.

drimal 10-25-2004 04:09 AM

The names of the children

Princess Maria Anunciata (born the 12th May 1985) has a really pretty and melodious name, but it is also difficult to spell!:)

In the history there was a queen of Naples that was called Maria Anunciata Bonaparte living from 1782 to 1839.
Anunciata (or Annunciata) is an Latin-Italian name and it means the promising.

Princess Marie-Astrid (born 26th June 1987) has a name that has its roots in Princess Margaretha's family; thus her sister Archduchess Princess Marie Astrid from Austria also has that name. Astrid is a Skandinavian name meaning the rider of God

Prince Josef-Emanuel (born 20th May 1993) also has a difficult name. Josef is Hebrew and means God gives propagation. Emanuel is also Hebrew and means God with us.

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