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JessRulz 06-22-2015 10:27 PM

Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 25: June 2015 - December 2015
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Welcome to Part 25 of the thread for Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion!

You can find the old thread here:

** Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 24: January 2015 - June 2015 **

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Muhler 06-25-2015 02:14 PM

A BB gallery devoted to the poncho Mary wore recently: GALLERI: Marys lækre poncho | Billed Bladet

And an encouragement to knit your own. Strik dig smart som Mary | Billed Bladet

Complete with knitting recipes (I think they are called) Strik en skøn poncho | Femina
Strikkeopskrift på enkel poncho med rullekrave | Overtøj til kolde dage | Lækker og lun strik | Håndarbejde
Though I must admit it's Russian to me. :ermm:

dazzling 07-13-2015 03:04 AM

July 2015 - Mary in Grasten. Love the look!


Duke of Marmalade 07-19-2015 10:32 AM

GRASTEN - Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended with children Prince Christian Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine a horse parade at Grasten Slot during the horse parade

great dress for Mary!

Daria_S 07-19-2015 12:36 PM

I really like this dress. Mary looks very comfortable, but still appropriate.

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rubies 07-19-2015 01:53 PM

I hate that dress but love her necklaces

eya 07-19-2015 02:51 PM

I love this dress.

IloveCP 07-19-2015 03:15 PM

The dress is very elegant.

Emmily 07-19-2015 09:38 PM

Lovely dress for summer and she looks great in it!

biboquinhas 07-20-2015 06:08 AM

Not a very pretty dress for Mary, but she looks lovely has always!

Roskilde 07-20-2015 10:06 AM

Mary's summer dress is from Danish Heartmade/Julie Fagerholdt :)

She looks lovely and healthy.

roseroyal 07-20-2015 12:30 PM

Lovely dress.

polyesco 07-20-2015 01:32 PM

Wonderful dress for a summer outing with kids and horses.
Mary looks beautiful

dazzling 07-20-2015 01:33 PM

The dress fit was unflattering but the print and color was great.

missjane 07-20-2015 10:09 PM

Summer dress for summer holidays. Love the accessories with it. Her hair has gotten quite long. I liked the look a lot.

Roskilde 07-24-2015 10:57 AM

CP Mary and family today at the weekly changing of the Guards on Gråsten Manor, July the 24th:

Looking lovely in a top and a short skirt. Looks great with Mary's summer brown legs.

Close up:

Daria_S 07-24-2015 12:07 PM

I think Mary's outfit is great; it's summery, comfortable, and she looks lovely in it.

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AdmirerUS 07-24-2015 12:30 PM

The whole crew looked great! I do love Mary's casual summer style

polyesco 07-24-2015 12:45 PM

Mary looks great for summer and with an active family
can i say i love Frederik's shoes

dazzling 07-24-2015 01:14 PM

I really like Mary's outfit! The color is very pretty and so is the print. Mary wears prints very well.

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