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MAfan 12-04-2014 05:33 PM

Noble Deaths Announcements 2015
Welcome to the thread for Noble deaths announcements in 2015. The 2014 version of this thread can be found HERE.

Please feel free to contribute to this thread.

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The original posts will be updated with news as soon as the information is made public.

MAfan 12-04-2014 05:34 PM


01 January: Countess Yves d'Ursel, née Mireille de Decker, aged 59.

10 January: Charles James Fitzroy, 6th Baron Southampton, aged 86.

23 January: Baron Hermann von Saalfeld, aged 86.

31 January: Baroness Marie-Adelheid von Freyberg-Eisenberg, née Princess von der Leyen und zu Hohengeroldseck, aged 82.

MAfan 12-04-2014 05:34 PM


08 February: Henry Massey Lopes, 3rd Baron Roborough, aged 75.

14 February: Fürst Ladislaus von Batthyány-Strattmann, aged 76.

16 February: Count Don Giberto Borromeo-Arese, Prince of Angera, aged 82.

20 February: Count Antoine d'Ursel, aged 61.

24 February: Count Christian d'Ursel, aged 77.

25 February: Prince Ludwik Rafał Józef Światopołk-Czetwertyński, aged 79.

.. February: Count Marcello Borromeo, aged 55.

MAfan 12-04-2014 05:35 PM


07 March: The Princess Poniatowski, Princess of Monte Rotondo, née Irène Bonnin de la Bonnière de Beaumont, aged 89.

MAfan 12-04-2014 05:35 PM


17 April: Baron Charles de Mevius, aged 4.

18 April: Countess Natalia Sobańska, née Princess Lubomirska, aged 91.

19 April: Margot Rufus Isaacs, Dowager Marchioness of Reading, née Duke, aged 96.

24 April: Edward Coke, 7th Earl of Leicester, aged 78.

25 April: Baron Thierry de Crombrugghe de Looringhe, aged 88.

MAfan 12-04-2014 05:36 PM


25 May: Fürstin Rosemarie zu Erbach-Schönberg, née Moshage, aged 87.

26 May: Maurizio Lodi-Fè (husband of Countess Helene of Meran), aged 96.

29 May: Ángela María Téllez-Girón y Duque de Estrada, 16th Duchess of Osuna, Grandee of Spain, aged 90.

MAfan 12-04-2014 05:36 PM


12 June: Don Barnabò Visconti di Modrone, Duke of Grazzano Visconti, Count of Lonate Pozzolo, aged 85.

14 June: Lady Sarah Clutton, née Fitzalan-Howard (of the Dukes of Norfolk), aged 73.

16 June: Count Gobert-Léopold d'Aspremont Lynden and of the Holy Roman Empire, aged 83.

17 June: Prince Maximilian von Croÿ, aged 82.

22 June: James Carnegie, 3rd Duke of Fife and 12th Earl of Southesk, aged 85.

22 June: Joseph de Pasquale (widow of Duchess Maria Magdalene of Leuchtenberg), aged 95.

29 June: Countess Alexandre de La Rochefoucauld, Duchess d'Estissac, née Antoinette de Moustier, aged 91.

30 June: The Lady Aline Caroline Cholmondeley (of the Marquesses of Cholmondeley), aged 98.

MAfan 12-04-2014 05:36 PM


01 July: Don Francesco Alliata, Prince of Villafranca, Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, Duke of Salaparuta, Grandee of Spain, etc., aged 95.

07 July: Marquess Luigi Coda Nunziante di San Ferdinando, aged 84.

07 July: Count Claude Emanuel "Manu" d'Oultremont, aged 84.

07 July: Countess Anna Alexandra zu Solms-Wildenfels, aged 89.

07 July: Princess Marie Evelyne de Broglie-Revel, aged 86.

09 July: Princess Irina Bagration-Mukhransky, née Countess Irina Sergeievna Tchernysheva-Besobrasova, aged 88.

09 July: The Dowager Duchess of Newcastle, née Sally Ann Wemyss Anstice, aged 87.

10 July: Rosemary Alice Collins, née Montagu-Douglas-Scott (of the Dukes of Buccleuch and Queensberry), aged 75.

12 July: Count Depold Czernin von Chudenitz, aged 79.

14 July: Cecilie Falck, née Countess von Collalto und San Salvatore, aged 73.

24 July: Prince Bernard de Polignac, aged 70.

28 July: Henri de Potter d'Indoye, née Princess Elisabeth de Merode, aged 81.

.. July: Countess Luise zu Stolberg-Stolberg, née von Pachmann, aged 92.

MAfan 12-04-2014 05:37 PM


12 August: Baroness Marie-Sophie von Doblhoff-Dier, née Princess von Auersperg, aged 92.

16 August: Count Gustaf Mannerheim, aged 50.

31 August: Edward Douglas-Scott-Montagu, 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu, aged 88.

MAfan 12-04-2014 05:37 PM


08 September: Roger de Cock de Rameyen, née Countess Christine d'Oultremont, aged 92.

14 September: Countess Jean d'Ursel, née Countess Arlette d'Oultremont, aged 93.

25 September: Count Hubert d'Ornano, aged 89.

30 September: Charles-Louis Coppieters de Gibson (widower of Countess Myriam de Lannoy), aged 88.

MAfan 12-04-2014 05:37 PM


09 October: Princess Pauline Lobkowicz, née Countess d'Ursel, aged 89.

23 October: Baron Sven von Saalfeld, aged 69.

MAfan 12-04-2014 05:37 PM


04 November: Countess Catharina von Orsini und Rosenberg, née Countess Bielke, aged 84.

07 November: The Dowager Marchioness of Cholmondeley, née Lavinia Margaret Leslie, aged 94.

15 November: Countess Marc de Lannoy, née Jessica Home, aged 53.

23 November: Donna Topazia Alliata, of the Princes of Villafranca and Dukes of Salaparuta, aged 102.

29 November: Count Jean d'Harcourt, aged 85.

MAfan 12-04-2014 05:37 PM


02 December: Baroness Maria Ursula von Ow, née Countess Henckel von Donnsersmarck, aged 77.

03 December: Count Don Giammaria Visconti di Modrone, of the Dukes of Grazzano Visconti and Counts of Lonate Pozzolo, aged 80.

06 December: Count Carl Anton von Goëss-Saurau, aged 94.

11 December: Stephanie Christoforetti, née Princess zu Windisch-Grätz, aged 82.

28 December: The Dowager Duchess de Mortemart, née Anne Mouchet de Battefort de Laubespin, aged 78.

MAfan 12-04-2014 05:38 PM

Exact date unknown:

Countess Silvia von Wedel, née Majal, aged 58/59.

Count Georg von Goëss, aged 77.

Biri 01-04-2015 09:45 PM

Countess Mireille of Ursel, nee Decker died on 1 January in Ottignies.

She was born in Lier, Belgium, on 19 June 1955. She married civilly in Schilde on 25 August and religiously in Massenhoven on 4 September 1976 Count Yves of Ursel (b.1951) [second of seven childrenand older son of Count Aymard of Ursel (1923-2005) & his wife Nadine, nee Viscountess of Spoelberch (1922-2007)].
Apart from her husband she is survived by her three children: Francois (b.1978), Evelyne (b.1980) & Guillaume (b.1988) as well as a grandson Martin (b.2009) [son of Francois & his wife Julie, nee Countess of Aspremont-Lynden (b.1980) and four granddaughters: Clementine (b.2007), Alix (b.2008), Rosalie (b.2011) & Margot (b.2014) - Clementine & Margot are daughters of Francois & Julie, whereas Alix & Rosalie - those of Evelyne & her husband Aurelien Janssens de Bisthoven (b.1977).


Biri 01-27-2015 05:34 PM

Liesel-Charlotte von Siemens, nee Krome died this year.

She was born in 1921. In 1958 she married Wendelin Arnold Oskar von Siemens (b.1919) [oldest son of Arnold Wilhelm von Siemens (1853-1918) & his wife Ellen Ida Elizabeth von Helmholtz (1864-1941)] by whom she had a daughter Corinna (b.1959) and a son Henrik (b.1961) [married to Victoria Engelke (b.1966) and father of Sophia Charlotte Brianna (b.1995) & Philippa Cosima (b.1999)].

Source: Descendants of Christian Ferdinand Siemens and Eleonore Deichmann

Biri 02-02-2015 04:36 PM

Hermann, Baron von Saalfeld died this year.

He was born in 1928 as younger of two children of Ralf, Baron von Saalfeld (1900-1947) & his first wife Marie Seitz (1903-1931). He married in 1956 Monica Deinhardt (b.1933) by whom he had three children: Katharina (b.1959), Franz (b.1961) & Peter (b.1963) and one granddaughter Mara (b.2009) - daughter of Peter & his wife Silke, nee Ludwig.

Source: Descendants of Queen Victoria's siblings

Cris M 02-03-2015 11:45 AM

Hélène Missoffe died on January 22, in Paris.

She was born on June 15 1927, as Hélène Mitry, daughter of Count Emanuel of Mitry (1892-1983) and his wife, Countess Marguerite (1907-1976), from the De Wendel family. She married François Missoffe (1919-2003), an politician and diplomat, by whom she had eight children, including politician Françoise Panafieu.

Her granddaughter, Charlotte Panafieu (daughter of Françoise) is married to Baron Afonso Carlos Tasso of Bordonha and Valnigra, a descendant of Emperor Pedro II of Brazil (1825-1891) and eldest son of Baron Carlos Tasso of Bordonha and Valnigra and his wife, born Archduchess Walburga of Austria, Princess of Tuscany.

Soucer: Blog Monarquia Já: Faleceu Hélène Missoffe, avó de Dona Charlotte Tasso de Saxe-Coburgo e Bragança

Spheno 02-11-2015 07:13 PM

The 3rd Baron Roborough (Peerage of the UK, cr 1938), died 8 February, 2015. The Devon landowner seated near Plymouth, was aged 75
Peerage News: 3rd Baron Roborough 1940-2015

MAfan 02-19-2015 06:34 PM

Count Don Giberto Borromeo-Arese, Prince of Angera, passed away on 16 February 2015 at Milano, Italy. He was 82.

He was born on 21 November 1932, the eldest son and second child of Count Don Vitaliano Borromeo, Prince of Angera, and of his wife Ida, née Taverna (of the Counts of Landriano).
He was married since 1958 to Bona Orlando, by whom he had two sons, Vitaliano and Federico.

He is survived by his wife, their sons, their daughters-in-law, four grandchildren, as well as by his two siblings.

La Stampa - Addio al principe Giberto Borromeo Arese

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