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polyesco 09-05-2014 01:07 PM

Prince Harry will attend all sporting events of the Invictus Games in the coming week, says Kensington Palace.

Prince Charles, Camilla, William, Kate and Harry will attend the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games, the Olympic Park on September 10.

Skippyboo 09-05-2014 06:42 PM

Richard Palmer also mentioned that WK are attending athletics for the Invictus Games on Sept 11 also.

I saw someone on twitter wondering if the Cambridges were trying to piggy back on Harry's Invictus Games for good PR. The Royal Foundation of WK & H put in a 1 million pounds towards the games so WK have a vested interest in supporting the games.

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Iluvbertie 09-05-2014 07:12 PM

On other sites, which I won't name here but most people can probably guess, they are always criticising William and Kate for attending events with Harry claiming that they only attend to gain from Harry's popularity as they ignore the facts - such as the one about where some of the money for the games have come from.

AdmirerUS 09-05-2014 07:35 PM

Look, if I am the talking head for the Invictus games, I am going to invite the sport besotted members of my family to come along. Because I can. Because they will enjoy it. Because I laugh and joke with them. Because that is what family is all about.
That they will attract two times the press and photogs that I would and help shine a light on a worthy cause is the cherry on the soda.
But either way, I invite them because this is life and you might as well live the good bits to the fullest.

Dman 09-07-2014 08:38 AM

Countdown to the Invictus Games: Meet the Warriors: Tonight-BBCTwo-9:15 UK Time-
"HRH Prince Harry's commitment to injured, wounded and sick servicemen and women takes the ultimate test as the first ever Invictus Games are about to start in London's Olympic Park. Many have returned from recent conflicts with life-threatening injuries. This documentary follows a few who share their extraordinary and inspirational stories as they try to secure their place in the British team to compete against comrades from around the world. Meanwhile, HRH Prince Harry keeps a watchful eye on preparations for the games, which have been organised from scratch following his announcement in 2013."
BBC Two - Invictus Games, Countdown to the Invictus Games: Meet the Warriors

Live Coverage:
Invictus Games Opening Ceremony: BBC One-September 10th, 7pm UK Time-

"The One Show comes live from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for a special programme to broadcast the launch of Prince Harry's first ever Invictus Games, the major international sports event for wounded soldiers.

Matt Baker, Alex Jones and Clare Balding report on the spectacular Opening Ceremony, where highlights include a flypast from the Red Arrows and an exclusive performance of the Invictus Anthem penned by Coldplay.

The ceremony culminates in the Athletes' Parade, where over 400 competing wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women from 13 nations are led into the park by detachments from the three services."

Dman 09-08-2014 01:01 PM

Prince Harry can't wait to see his brother "suffer more" with the arrival of a second child, he joked today. Speaking as he visited competitors training for the inaugural Invictus Games, Harry said it was "very exciting news". He said: "I can't wait to see my brother suffer more", saying if the Duke and Duchess' second child is a girl he would "love to see him try and cope with that"-
Home - ITNSource News

polyesco 09-08-2014 04:35 PM

Monday September 8

• Prince Harry will meet Team Captains all nations Invictus Games 1 Embankment Place, London WC2 participants.
• Invictus Games Prince Harry attend training sessions and fitness Sporthouse Barking, Mayesbrook Park, Dagenham, Essex.

Harry at a ceremony for the New Zealand team

meeting with members of Team Netherlands

Dman 09-09-2014 11:53 AM

The Invictus Games will be the main way Prince Harry marks his 30th birthday, the royal said today. Asked at an event dubbed the "curtain raiser" for the Games how he would celebrate the milestone birthday on September 15, Harry replied "probably by this". The royal spoke as he presented the first medals in his inaugural Invictus Games for a driving challenge at Jaguar Land Rover in Gaydon, Warwickshire-
Home - ITNSource News

Prince Harry was given the chance to show off his driving skills during a visit to the Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge in Warwickshire today. The 29 year old royal was driven around the assault course in a Land Rover Discovery before getting behind the wheels of a white sports car to put it through its paces around the venue's race circuit. He later presented the first medals in his inaugural Invictus Games for the driving challenge at Jaguar Land Rover in Gaydon, Warwickshire-

cepe 09-09-2014 04:44 PM

Not sure if this is the right thread. Great picture

BritishMonarchy ‏@BritishMonarchy 7m
@InvictusLondon Buckingham Palace is getting behind the #InvictusGames in a big way this evening #IAM

Tiggersk8 09-09-2014 07:14 PM


Originally Posted by polyesco (Post 1700924)
@InvictusLondon Buckingham Palace is getting behind the #InvictusGames in a big way this evening #IAM

BP looks amazing!!

I really hope this is such a huge success for Harry. He's put so much of his heart and soul into these Games, I really hope it's an out of this World smash!!

I have seen in other threads worries about the Royal Baby news overshadowing the Games and I have no worries on that front. What's coming on Thursday out of South Africa & the Bladerunner Murder Verdict OTOH...Now that does have me concerned.

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Dman 09-10-2014 06:29 AM

Richard Palmer @RoyalReporter 1h
The Duchess of Cambridge has pulled out of tonight's opening ceremony and tomorrow's athletics at the Invictus Games.

PrincessOfPeace 09-10-2014 12:04 PM


Over the next four days 400 wounded, injured or sick Servicemen and women from 13 nations will descend on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to compete in the first ever Invictus Games.

Championed by Prince Harry who was inspired by the similar US Warriors Games, the event will shine a spotlight on Armed Forces personnel who have put their lives on the line and who have fought for their country.

It also aims to highlight and encourage the use of sport to inspire recovery and aid rehabilitation.

Some 130 members or veterans of the British Armed Forces will compete in the event.

Here we meet a few of them, and hear the stories that brought them to the Invictus Games.

The stories behind Britain's Invictus competitors

Dman 09-10-2014 12:36 PM

Outside UK Viewers:
BBC One: Invictus Games Opening Ceremony Live- Tonight- 7pm UK time: - BBC 1

Invictus Games Opening Ceremony: On Now Live- - BBC 1

PrincessOfPeace 09-10-2014 02:03 PM


Princes Harry and William have arrived for the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games, a sporting contest for brave servicemen and women injured in the line of duty.
The brothers were pictured at The Queen Elizabeth Park in east London for the opening of the games, in which more than 400 injured servicemen and women will take part.
For each of them, competing in the Games is the latest turn in a long road to recovery from devastating injuries sustained in war.
Come here dad, give us a kiss! Wills and Harry embrace Prince Charles as he arrives for the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games* | Mail Online

Tiggersk8 09-10-2014 02:05 PM

Looks like a great crowd there.

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roseroyal 09-10-2014 02:12 PM

Great photos.

Tiggersk8 09-10-2014 03:00 PM

What a great start and Well Done Harry on his speech!!

Dman 09-10-2014 03:06 PM

I enjoyed the ceremony. To see our men and women of the armed services coming together and participating in the Invictus Games is very touching and may all of them have fun and win some medals. I'm glad our President and First Lady supports the games and those who serve our countries.

Well done Prince Harry and the team behind putting these events together.

Osipi 09-10-2014 03:15 PM

How wonderfully proud Charles must be feeling right now as he thinks over the events of the opening of the Invictus Games. This was Harry's baby from the very beginning from the idea planted at the US games to the final opening ceremony and the parade of athletes.

No matter what any one's comment in the DM is or how they can look at and bash Harry for being a posh, playboy prince, Harry is a man that has actually accomplished something in a major way that will continue long after he is gone or our planet finds a way to end all wars.

Not bad for a 30 year old in my book. Well done Harry!

Dman 09-10-2014 03:22 PM

Charles & Camilla and William looked very proud of Harry for putting this event together. I'm sure Catherine watched from home and is too proud of her brother-in-law.

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