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polyesco 05-09-2014 04:28 PM

A lovely photo of Mary

and a lovely hug between the two

Roskilde 05-09-2014 05:56 PM

Quite a lovely picture of Mary and Mette-Marit :blush:


Originally Posted by Tiggersk8 (Post 1663854)
M&M!?! Please tell me I wasn't the only one whose mind went to Red and Yellow, the mascots for M&M's candy on seeing that up there?

I am so tired right now, I'm at that punchy stage, so just bear w/me for the time being. I'll be fine after the upcoming nap coming my way.

Maybe. ;o)

I love, love, love what Mary has on. Very elegant and Jackie O in feel. I'd love Mette-Marit's too if it wasn't for that tacky headband...fascinator...thing on the side of her head. A shame too because it's so good to see her, about and looking so very good healthwise and then...Sigh!!

You wasn't! I actually had that in mind too when I wrote it :biggrin:

Three very lovely pics


And gifs

MaggieDenmark 05-09-2014 07:53 PM

thank for all photos..nice event with two nordic crown princesses :)

i can hear in the video that they speak danish/norwegian to each other..i dont know..but i actually thought they were speaking english together..i know the nordic languages is similar..but i as a native danes think it can be pretty hard to understand norwegian..

fairy tale 05-10-2014 01:28 PM

another large picture gallery Royalportraits

Kronprinsesse Mary og kronprinsesse Mette-Marit i Kristiansand - YouTube

Kronprisessene på besøk MhG - YouTube

Kronprinsesse Mette-Marit hilser på barna - YouTube

Danmarks kronprinsesse Mary og Norges kronprinsesse Mette-Marit - YouTube

Kronprinsesse Mary nedlegger blomsterkrans - YouTube

Kronprinsesse Mary hilser på barn - YouTube

great pictures here Danemark et Norvège. Mary et Mette-Marit, ensemble pour l'Histoire - Paris Match

and more nice pictures
Brit Sviggum @britws | Websta
lindafralista @lindafralista | Websta
carovagle @carovagle | Websta
Brit Sviggum @britws | Websta
Bjørn Kollen @bjornkollen | Websta

short video Bjørn Kollen @bjornkollen | Websta

fairy tale 05-13-2014 01:45 PM

PurePeople gallery Princesse Mary : Retrouvailles émues avec Mette-Marit, arrivée stylée à Varsovie

rominet09 05-13-2014 06:46 PM

Lovely pix and video : a joy to behold !!!!

Muhler 05-14-2014 03:53 PM

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #20, 2014.
Written by the everpresent Ulrik Ulriksen.

It was a special day for Mary and Mette-Marit for several reasons. For Mary to honor those Danish sailors that died at battle of Heligoland and who were subsequently buried in Norway, but also because the two close friends met again, albeit only for a few hours. On top of that Kristiansand is Mette-Marit's hometown.
Mary flew to Norway and was recieved at the airport by Mette-Marit and from her the two of them drove to Kristiansand. Here they were met by crowds of locals, among them two children from Mette-Marit's old school who presented their Crown Princess with an old class-photo. Something both Mary and MM had fun looking at.
They visited a local cemetary where Mary laid down a wreath in honor of the fallen.

However during the tight schedule there was also time for a little sightseeing with a local guide. From a cliff at Odderøya, there is a spectacular view over Kristinsand and surroundings and from here Mette-Marit pointed out various things for Mary and she apparently had a lot to tell Mary!
Then it was on to the last item on the agenda, a reception onboard the Danish Navy Home Guard vessel Manø, where a maritime choir was heard entertaining the guests during the hour the reception lasted.

But all things come to an end and MM and Mary said goodbye with a big hug. MM was heard saying: "It's been a lovely day and I hope to see you here again soon".
Mary flew home and MM went to the nearby island of Dvergsøya, where the Norwegian CP couple has a cabin and here she spend the weekend with her family.

marfre 05-16-2014 03:54 AM

Thanks for all the links, it was nice to see the two ladies together. Both looked lovely and it was easy to see the genuine friendship between them without the need to be over the tops as we see some others.

fairy tale 06-07-2014 05:03 AM

scanpix picture gallery mette-marit | Scanpix

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