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Warren 04-14-2014 04:25 PM

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: Tour of Australia - April 16-25, 2014

The Australian Leg
16-25 April 2014

Wednesday 16 Sydney
Arrival Sydney airport (no time announced, but around midday)
Sydney Opera House reception
Boat to Admiralty House

Thursday 17 Blue Mountains
Visit to bushfire affected street
Meeting with community leaders and firefighters

Friday 18 Sydney
Royal Easter Show visit
Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice, Manly
Surf lifesaving demonstration, Manly

Saturday 19 Brisbane
RAAF Amberley base visit
Brisbane Convention Centre reception

Sunday 20 Sydney
Easter Sunday service at St Andrew’s Cathedral
Taronga Zoo visit including bilby enclosure

Monday 21 Sydney
No engagements

Tuesday 22 Uluru
National Indigenous Training Academy visit
Uluru cultural centre visit
Afternoon tea with NT chief minister
Walk around base of Uluru

Wednesday 23 Adelaide
Visit to Northern Sound System studios
Reception at Playford civic centre

Thursday 24 Canberra
National Portrait Gallery visit
Prime Minister’s reception, Parliament House
National Arboretum tree-planting
Governor-General’s reception

Friday 25 Canberra
ANZAC Day march and commemorative service, Australian War Memorial
Lone Pine planting ceremony

AdmirerUS 04-14-2014 06:57 PM

Woot, woot! :flowers:

Dman 04-15-2014 01:10 PM

Reuters Live Stream ‏@ReutersStream 8h

Australia Royal Tour Itinerary and Timings-

Sun Lion 04-15-2014 08:41 PM

''The World's Tiniest Trendsetter''.
Bryce Corbett from the Australian ''Women's Weekly'' is on morning TV calling Prince George the ''world's tiniest trendsetter'' - and going through his Royal Tour wardrobe, and what has sold out since he was seen wearing it.

We got a look at the surf-board that has been made especially for PG.

And were told that the little Prince will also be given a hand-made football from South Australia.

The TV hosts and Bryce also spoke about a toy-truck with opal encrusted charms in the back.

This is the first I've heard of this, so I don't know the details - although opals would be something to do with SA, I'd guess.

Footage of this morning's ''puppy' event in NZ - and still big raindrops falling.

Looks like it should stay dry for W and C's boat trip across Sydney Harbour from the Opera House to their lodgings at Admiralty House.

Thanks again for the good wishes,

Cheers, Sun Lion.

SElizabeth 04-15-2014 08:45 PM

:ohmy:Oh Sun Lion, sending you an :flowers::tea: smile with some flowers and a hot cup of tea and hope your better real quick. One of your fans who loves your comments, you are so informative and precise in your reporting. Get well soon!

Sun Lion 04-15-2014 09:06 PM

What a time for this to happen - Barry O'Farrell's - the Premier of NSW -resignation, just hours before he was meant to meet the Royal party at the airport.
No wonder the Duke and Duchess are travelling with their Foreign Affairs advisor.
Bet there will be some briefing going on as W and C cross the ditch.
(''The Ditch'' is what Oz calls the bit of sea between us and NZ.)

This is all over Australian TV now, with even the Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Abbott, speaking live.
This will be the big story of the day, and will head all the news reports - not W and C's arrival.

Thank you SElizabeth - moving about, washed and dressed, feeling better each day.

Cheers, Sun Lion.

Dman 04-15-2014 09:08 PM

Wednesday 16th April

2/2.30pm Arrival to Sydney {George}

Sydney Opera House reception
Royal Kate Debate: Australia Royal Tour Itinerary and Timings

Barry a no show at Sydney Airport ... so far
Apparently no replacement for Barry O'Farrell at #RoyalTourAus airport welcome.

— Daisy Dumas (@daisydumas) April 16, 2014
There's still no word on whether NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell will actually welcome the Royals to Australia. Technically O'Farrell is still the Premier until he hands in written notice to parliament next week.

Sun Lion 04-15-2014 09:42 PM

Majestic Opals, based in Coober Pedy in South Australia, will be giving little PG an opal-encrusted koala, boomerang and kangeroo a well as the toy truck - when the Duke and Duchess visit Elizabeth in SA.

Pouring rain for the final wreath-laying in New Zealand.
Sun is out here in Sydney - 11.30am at the moment.

No mention yet who is to take over for Barry O'Farrell.

There will be about four hundred invited guests at the Sydney Opera House Reception.
W and C will be photographed with some cricket players in order to promote next year's Cricket World Cup.

Rumours the Duchess will disembark the plane here in Sydney carrying PG, and wearing the well-known ''Wattle Brooch''.

Photos yet? - Prince William was spotted carrying PG aboard the plane to Australia.

Live TV coverage as Barry O'Farrell is grilled on the stand - reporters inside on their mobiles to on-air TV reporters outside, giving us a moment by moment comments of what is happening. As Easter is just days away, a lot of Palimentarians are not about - so can't arrange who is to take over the Premiership. Maybe they will get lovely Marie Bashir, the NSW Governor, to step in for the ex-Premier.

What a day for all this to blow-up.

Cheers, Sun Lion.

Frelinghighness 04-15-2014 10:35 PM

Oh, my dear, nothing new. Sorry to have these trials when the royals arrive, all the better.
Hope your arm isn't hurting too bad sun lion, we do appreciate your posts.

Sun Lion 04-15-2014 11:20 PM

I'm on some pretty strong pain killers still Frelinghness, so managing pretty ok - which is a suprise :lol:.

I've just seen that one of the TV channels is extending it's afternoon news broadcast to start at 2.00pm- now only forty-five minutes away - to get live coverage of the touchdown here in Sydney. I bet those on board are hoping they'll know who is to be at the bottom of the stairs before they come face to face with them. And poor Mrs O'Farrell - what a change to what she thought she would be doing this afternoon. (The news is saying Mr O'Farrell is now just another ordinary citizen - like the rest of us here.)

P.S. Forgot to say - the day is warming up here, and the Harbour is trying to get to it's sapphire blue best for the photographers. (A few clouds about, but it doesn't feel like rain.)

PP.S. Prince George got the cover of one of our women's magazines this week - sitting on the floor at his NZ party. (A small photo on the cover of the other main weekly magazine - the cuddle on mum's shoulder photo.)

Dman 04-15-2014 11:21 PM

Media waiting for the first sight of the Royal plane
There is still more than one hour to go until William, Catherine and George arrive at Sydney airport. Already the media are on alert.
Media waiting to get onto the tarmac for the arrival of William, Kate and George in Sydney#RoyalVisitAus
David Wilkinson (@DWilkinsonCNN) April 16, 2014
Live Blog: Royal visit to NZ - National - NZ Herald News

Where you can see the Royals
Sorry WA. Sorry Melbourne. If you want to catch the Royals in Australia, your best bet is Sydney or Canberra. Here's the Royal itinerary for the next few days.
At 9:00pm EST & 2pm local we switch to hashtag#RoyalTourAUS for the next leg of the tour, schedule attached
Kelly Mathews (@allthingsregal) April 15, 2014

Blue skies and big crowds ahead of Kate and William's arrival at the Sydney Opera House

PM Tony Abbott has arrived at the airport
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has arrived at the tarmac of Sydney Airport @TenNewsSydney @channelten #royaltouraus
Anna Taylor (@AnnaUsher) April 16, 2014

Mark Stewart @RegalEyes 57s
Jocelyn Sweeney 22 has been chosen to present the first bouquet to the Duchess in Australia after her mother wrote to the couple.

Camilla Tominey ‏@CamillaTominey 7m
Don Harwin, representative of NSW Govt, is rumoured to be stepping in for recently resigned Premier #O'Farrell to meet #royals at SOH

Sun Lion 04-16-2014 12:03 AM

Around 6,000 Awaiting Duke and Duchess.
Live TV coverage now broadcasting from the airport, and ready and waiting at the Opera House - broadcasting from the tarmac and from helicopters.
Crowds also lined around the Harbour - being reported as four/five deep.
Marie Bashir will greet them in place of Barry O'Farrell.
Sunshine out, and Sydney sparkling.

The Royal party is due to land in thirty minutes.
People have been waiting since 8.00am this morning at the Opera House, and when security opened up the closed off area, there was a mad scramble to get in position. The waiting crowds have been amusing themselves by breaking out into the National Anthem - not sure if that was "God Save The Queen" or "Advance Australia Fair".

The Australian news host is currently interviewing Katie Nicholl in the TV studio.

Cheers, Sun Lion.

Dman 04-16-2014 12:20 AM

Live Streaming Coverage:
Watch Reuters Live Online live at

Sun Lion 04-16-2014 12:28 AM

Plane Just Landing.
They'll be emerging from the plane in about ten minutes.
New Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove, NSW Governor Marie Bashir, and Prime Minister Mr Abbott are at the airport for the arrival.
Comments now from Katie Nicholl as we watch the plane taxing into position.

Sun Lion.

Dman 04-16-2014 12:31 AM

Just landed in Sydney: William, Kate & Prince George! via @9NewsAus #RoyalVisitAus

Sun Lion 04-16-2014 12:39 AM

PG In The Arms of The Duchess
The Duchess is dressed in "wattle" yellow - with white sections. No "Wattle Brooch" though.
Prince William took over holding PG while the Duchess spoke with the lady who presented the bouquet.
This twenty-two year old lady has Down's Syndrome, and has been inspired by the Duchess to turn her life around - take care of her appearance etc.
Her mother wrote to the UK, and this presentation was arranged.
If you see the footage, C is being very generous with her time and attention as she takes the flowers.
PG now seperated from the Duke and the Duchess - footage from helicopters as the motorcade heads to the Opera House.

Cheers. Sun Lion.

Dman 04-16-2014 12:45 AM

Kate's in yellow-
No brooch, but Kate has changed into a bright yellow dress with three quarter length sleeves. Prince George has also been changed into a white romper suit. Australian PM Tony Abbott and other dignitaries have greeted the couple after exiting the plane. They'll be heading straight to the Sydney Opera House for a State Reception where they'll be meeting cricketing great Glenn McGrath.
Live Blog: Royal visit to NZ - National - NZ Herald News

Victoria Murphy ‏@QueenVicMirror 3m
Kate in Roksanda ilincic yellow dress - one of Australia's colours

Sun Lion 04-16-2014 12:57 AM

TV coverage still following the Royal Motorcade as it travels through the streets to the Opera House.
And the pretty yellow and white dress the Duchess is wearing is by Roksanda Ilincic.
Lots of information from Katie Nicholl as we watch the helicopter footage.
Poor Marie Bashir had to be at the airport - then race away to greet W and C again at the Opera House.
A group of young girls are being interviewed on TV, who have flown up from country Victoria, to have a chance to see the Duke and Duchess.

Katie Nicholl has a copy of the Duke's speech that he has just given inside the Opera House.
Prince William spoke about Australia's "great generosity" regarding our involvement in the Solomon Islands disaster and the search for the missing airliner.
And that Prince George's first word may be bilby - koala being too hard to say.
Footage of the Reception being broadcast - drinks and mingling, and watching a dance performance.
P.S. Footage of people in boats around the Opera House being broadcast.

Broadcast of Prince William giving his speech now.
Having to look into the sun, despite being indoors - Reception seems to be in the glass curtain of the main Opera House sail, looking out to the Harbour.
More footage of mingling - all eyes on Catherine.
Now waiting for W and C to emerge and do a walkabout with the crowds outside.

P.S. I can see the helicopters from my place. I think they will be in the air until the Royal party go into Amiralty House.

A lineup of young chidren dressed in the various national costumes of the countries taking part in the Cricket World Cup meeting the Duke and Duchess - and having photos taken. And footage of meeting the cricketers and the trophy.
Mini cricket bat for PG.

Reporters are saying security closed off access at 1.00pm, so a lot of the crowd are cut off from the Duke and Duchess.
Helicopter footage as the Royal party travel across the Harbour in a police vessel, and in the garden of Admiralty House having official photos.
Also footage of the Duches and Mrs Cosgrove with their arms around each others backs, indicating the other should enter Admiralty House first - a laugh, and Mrs Cosgrove enters ahead of the Duchess.
Also rumours that the Duke and Duchess won't just watch some abseiling in the Blue Mts tomorrow, but may take part.

Sun Lion.

AfricanAUSSIE 04-16-2014 03:08 AM

Hahaha! Sun Lion, your coverage is priceless.:flowers:

I have friends attending the reception at the Opera House. They are not as exited as you Sun Lion, you should be there instead!! From what I can understand, Protocol (a section of the premier's department) issued invitations to schools, etc. to organise people to attend.

A good day today, all be it way too cold for my liking!!:sad:

Sun Lion 04-16-2014 03:19 AM

They must be young, your friends AfricanAUSSIE.
I was young once :lol: and I try not to let anything in life just slip by these days. I learnt that lesson.
I would have loved to have been at the Opera House Reception.
Please let us know some inside info if they tell you anything about it.
And, thank goodness the sun was out - lovely to see some bright light, but yes, the breeze is cold from the Harbour this time of year.

Best Wishes, Sun Lion.

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