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JessRulz 02-21-2014 01:43 AM

It's A Girl: HRH Princess Leonore Lilian Maria of Sweden: February 20, 2014

Birth of HRH Princess Leonore Lilian Maria of Sweden, Duchess of Gotland

Princess Madeleine has given birth to a healthy baby girl.
The infant was born on February 20, 2014 at 22:41, local time in New York City.


Riksmarskalksämbetet har glädjen att meddela att H.K.H. Prinsessan Madeleine torsdagen den 20 februari 2014 klockan 22.41, lokal tid New York, nedkom med en dotter.
Såväl mor som barn mår bra.

Svante Lindqvist

Communiqué from Grand Marshal
Riksmarskalksämbetet is pleased to announce that Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine on Thursday 20 February 2014 at 22.41, local New York, gave birth to a daughter.

Both mother and child are doing well.

Svante Lindqvist
Kommuniké från Riksmarskalken - Sveriges Kungahus [NS4 version]

Dman 02-21-2014 01:52 AM

Congratulations to the royal couple and welcome to the world baby girl.

ghost_night554 02-21-2014 01:52 AM

Woohoo Congrats Princess Madeleine and Christopher!

principessa 02-21-2014 01:58 AM

Welcome on earth, little Princess. Congratulations to Princess Madeleine and Christopher O'Neill.

Baron Brockdorf 02-21-2014 02:01 AM

crongratulations to the happy couple :)

Isabella Park 02-21-2014 02:02 AM

Congratulations to the Madeleine and Christopher! :clap:
welcome to the world little princess :wub::princess2::baby::star::heart2::rose2:

LadyFinn 02-21-2014 02:13 AM

Expressen writes that queen Silvia planned to be in New York when the child was born but she and the king are still in Stockholm. Annika Sönnerberg from the press department says that the king and queen have been informed. Everyone is happy, including the girl's father. Also Victoria is informed. But how the royal family is planning the future, if they are all going to the States, isn't clear yet. According to Expressen's sources the king has already decided that the girl will be a princess and get a duchy.
Prinsessan Madeleine har fött en dotter Nyheter Expressen Senaste nytt - Nyheter Sport Nöje TV

Good for the girl that she doesn't have the same birthday as Estelle.

Aftonbladet speculates about the name, it should be something that Chris has easy to pronounce.
When Victoria and Daniel became parents, many thought they would choose a classic queen name. But they found the name in the family, Estelle has been named after Folke Bernadotte's American wife .
On a betting site is Elouise, Desirée and Alice on top. Fundamentally, Ingrid , Ulrika and Ulla. Some of the names are linked to Madeleine's family. The daughter is scheduled for 25 February and in parenthood families. That the girl's name will match Chris nieces is not entirely impossible.
- Chris' sister Tatjana's daughters are named Anoushka and Celine, I think it will be something along those. They also have Maria on their name like Chris 's mother. So I think even Chris and Madeleine will give Maria as one name, says Johanna Lejon, reporter from Svensk Damtidning.
She thinks that Madeleine follows in Victoria's footsteps, and doesn't take any of the giant traditional names but some new and not so easy to bet. internationally valid name that they choose together. Something that works in all countries and that Chris has easy to pronounce.
But at least a royal name the girl can get:
- Silvia and Madeleine are very close so it's not entirely out of the question. But I also believe that there will be a wink to Princess Lilian , says Johanna Lejon.
Aftonbladet's new hovexpert Roger Lundgren hopes that the couple chooses something that ties in with the Swedish monarchy.
- I am a traditionalist and think it is fun with traditions. And I think that Josefina is a very nice name, there is a link in the royal history.
Queen Josefina of Leuchtenberg was married to King Oscar I.
Though the royal traditions do not play any role - name Madeleine before her had not previously been worn by a Swedish princess.
However Lundgren thinks that one of the middle names is found from the royal family.
- It is not impossible to understand that Victoria is one of the names because she certainly will be godmother to the baby.
”Det blir något som Chris kan uttala” Nyheter Aftonbladet

The party princess becomes maternity leave Madeleine
Partysessan blir mammalediga Madde Nyheter Aftonbladet

Imanmajed 02-21-2014 02:13 AM

Congratulations, may the newborn princess blessed by God with a happy life!

principessa 02-21-2014 02:18 AM

I wonder if we will know her name tomorrow or at Monday.

MagMil 02-21-2014 02:21 AM

Congratulation to the new parents, grandparents and all Swedish Royal family :rose::swedenflag:

The new cousin for Estelle is born just 3 days before her birthday :smile:

IloveCP 02-21-2014 02:39 AM

Congratulations! :swedenflag: May the baby live a long and happy life.

LadyFinn 02-21-2014 02:55 AM

Former court expert Sten Hedman says to Expressen that he thinks Désirée would be a good name. It is in the family, an international name and Madeleine and Chris are going to spend a lot of time abroad. Chris' mother is Eva Maria, perhaps a name from her and perhaps from princess Lilian.
Det kan Maddes dotter komma att döpas till Nyheter Expressen

The court confirms that the Te Deum will be on Sunday 2nd March at 14.00 at the Royal Chapel.
The Te Deum thanksgiving service in connection with Princess Madeleine’s delivery - Sveriges Kungahus

The girl was born at the New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center like the swedish press have written for months,
Princess Madeleine and Mr Christopher O’Neill have had a daughter - Sveriges Kungahus

Soli Deo Gloria 02-21-2014 02:55 AM

:) I think this is a reason to have "princess cake" (prinsesstårta) tonight :thumbup:

LadyFinn 02-21-2014 03:14 AM

The cabinet meeting will not be held today.
Press information regarding the cabinet meeting in connection with Princess Madeleine’s delivery - Sveriges Kungahus

Countessmeout 02-21-2014 03:16 AM

Congrats on the happy news. Glad mum and baby are doing well, looking forward to the name and title.

Rossina 02-21-2014 03:17 AM

Congrats to the newly parents & their families :smile:
When are they going to announce the baby name?

LadyFinn 02-21-2014 03:18 AM


Originally Posted by Rossina (Post 1642840)
Congrats to the newly parents & their families :smile:
When are they going to announce the baby name?

At the cabinet meeting. The court tells today when the cabinet meeting will be held. It will not be held today.

Live-TV's on Aftonbladet's and Expressen's website. They are talking about the birth of Madeleine's daughter. Aftonbladet has a reporter outside the hospital.

LadyFinn 02-21-2014 03:45 AM

"Unclear on succession and citizenship"

It is not clear how it will be with the newborn's citizenship and whether she would be able to inherit the Swedish throne, the court says to DN. Christopher O'Neill is a British and American citizen.
- We have no new information about his citizenship, says Annika Sönnerberg the acting chef of the press department.
Madeleine's daughter was born now on Friday morning in the U.S. and is therefore indefinite U.S. citizen and therefore can not inherit the Swedish throne.
- How it gets with her nationality is not yet clear. We will go out with more information as soon as we know anything further, says Sönnerberg.
”Oklart om tronföljd och medborgarskap” - DN.SE

This sounds quite ridiculous. The court has had almost nine months to sort the citizenship thing out.

Bine221 02-21-2014 04:05 AM

Congratulations to the happy couple.
Hope the Name(s) will be announced soon.


BYe Bine

Duke of Marmalade 02-21-2014 04:07 AM

It doesnt get into my head why they would publicly confirm their incompetence. 'we don't know this yet we don't know that yet', why don't they just keep their mouth shut and say something when they actually know.
And yes, Madeleine did not give birth out of the blue, so they should know by now about the citizenship, line of succession etc.

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