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hillary_nugent 09-26-2004 11:29 PM

muhahahaha well that's there job hahaha

Ennyllorac 09-26-2004 11:31 PM

It is there job to report on their public lives. The private lives of people be it whoever they may be is the not publics business. The press has lost all sense of propriety.

Royal Highness 01-15-2005 12:07 AM

alex & jo
I can't believe alexandra and joachim are separated and getting a divorce

Australian 01-15-2005 12:11 AM

yeah well ive had time to get used to it now lol

susan alicia 01-15-2005 02:24 AM


Originally Posted by Lena
I´ve now seen the new pics of Alexandra, I have looked at the pictures of Nikolai´s first day at school in Copenhagen again, and I´ve now seen that Alexandra and Joachim will have an official engagement it just me or are there others, who still think, that this divorce-thing can´t be true, that it´s just a joke?! Of course I know the facts and that it is true, but my feeling still says "where is the problem, I can´t see a problem". How is it possible that they still deal so friendly with each other (that one takes Nikolai´s left hand and the other one the right at the same time)?! They have my deepest admiration. The press is creating an other picture of Joachim now, but for me this doesn´t matter. Joachim has class and decency. Not many men would do, what he´s doing now!

I think many men would be protective of their children and do the right thing.

Scanorama 01-15-2005 03:33 AM


Originally Posted by Moonlightrhapsody

Who gets to keep the boys? Well, in reality, Denmark gets to keep the boys; they can't leave the country because of the succession law. Since they're third and fourth in line for the throne, they can't leave without the permission of the Queen. This could change when Fredrik has his own children. Custody of Nikolai and Felix will be joint, I hear.

If Joachim remarries and has children with his new wife, do Nikolai and Felix still remain as the third and fourth in line for the throne?

Chatleen 01-15-2005 05:29 AM


Originally Posted by Scanorama
If Joachim remarries and has children with his new wife, do Nikolai and Felix still remain as the third and fourth in line for the throne?

Yes :)

But by the time Joachim remarries, they probably aren't 3rd and 4th in the line to the throne - probably Mary and Frederik would have had children by then :)

MoonlightRhapsody 01-15-2005 05:30 AM

Nikolai and Felix would still supercede any children Joachim might have with a remarriage. They are the oldest children of Joachim and since they were a product of his marriage to Alexandra, they are legitimate heirs. Even when Frederik has children of his own, Nikolai and Felix are still in line, albeit further down the succession line. Only after the two boys would any children Joachim and a second wife would fall in line.

Jasl 01-15-2005 06:08 AM


Originally Posted by Scanorama
If Joachim remarries and has children with his new wife, do Nikolai and Felix still remain as the third and fourth in line for the throne?

Of course! That won't change at all! (e.g. Charles and Diana's divorce didn't affect William's chances of inheriting the throne).

The only way they will be displaced as 3rd and 4th in line is when Frederik & Mary have children. F&M's children will follow Frederik, so even Joachim will be displaced as 2nd in line....

Alexandria 01-15-2005 10:47 AM


Originally Posted by Scanorama
If Joachim remarries and has children with his new wife, do Nikolai and Felix still remain as the third and fourth in line for the throne?

If Joachim has more children, they will follow in succession behind Nikolai and Felix respectively.

Nikolai and Felix are third and fourth in line to the throne until Frederik and Mary have children. Their first child will then become second in line to the throne, pushing Joachim to third, followed by his sons. The more kids Frederik and Mary have the further back Joachim and his sons will be pushed back in the succession to the throne.

marezdote 02-25-2005 06:51 AM

Is there a mandatory seperation period in Denmark before a divorce is granted?

norwegianne 02-25-2005 07:26 AM

I think that yesterday it was 20-something days until one of them could officially file the divorce-papers. (I'm not familiar with the terminology, sorry.)

GrandDuchess 03-14-2005 09:10 AM

No divorce - yet...
Danish newspaper BT reports that next week, on 22 March, it could be possible for Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra's divorce to be finalised, but that the couple will "only" be separated for a while more.

The couple separated on 22 September, and according to Danish law they can divorce after six months.

The Court confirms that the divorce will be a reality, but they do not want to say when. They noted that the day it will be all finalised, a notice will be sent out to make it public.

GrandDuchess 03-23-2005 09:40 AM

Official announcement from the Danish Royal Court
Deres Kongelige Højheder Prins Joachim og Prinsesse Alexandra
Amalienborg, den 23. marts 2005.

Hofmarskallatet meddeler:

Deres Kongelige Højheder Prins Joachim og Prinsesse Alexandra har i dag indgivet ansøgning om bevilling til skilsmisse efter forudgående separation. Sagen vil på samme måde som separationssagen blive behandlet af Ministeriet for Familie- og Forbrugeranliggender.

Deres Kongelige Højheder Prins Joachim og Prinsesse Alexandra udtaler:

"Den sympati og støtte, der er kommet fra så mange sider under separationen, har hjulpet os begge gennem en vanskelig tid og i høj grad været med til at sikre vore børn, Hans Højhed Prins Nikolai og Hans Højhed Prins Felix, gode og trygge rammer i hverdagen. De rammer vil vi gøre vort yderste for at bevare også efter skilsmissen".

Ove Ullerup


Today the Office of the Court Marshall announced that Their Royal Highnesses Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra have today filed for divorce after the period of separation.

Statement from the couple:
"The sympathy and support that have come from so many sides during the separation, have helped us both through a hard time and have been a part of securing our children’s, His Highness Prince Nikolai and His Highness Prince Felix, good and secure frame work in every day life. We will do our outmost to keep these frames also after the divorce."

Akilah 03-23-2005 10:15 AM

I have learned that all good things must come to and end. The children will be alright as long as they have parents that love them, which I am sure they do, and a support network of friends and family to help them along. Life is life. Live it to the fullest. You only live once.

bigheadshirmp 03-23-2005 04:30 PM


Royals file for divorce

Search articles AllThis weekArchiveIn & Out 23.03.2005Print article (IE & NS 4+) Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra have filed for a divorce Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra have filed for a divorce, the Danish Royal Court announced on Wednesday.

Queen Margarethe announced in September that her youngest son and daughter-in-law wished to part, and the couple was separated on September 22. Danish laws forbid full divorce until six months have passed from a legal separation.

‘The sympathy and support that we have felt from so many directions during the separation have helped us both through a difficult time and contributed to give our children, His Highness Prince Nikolaj and His Highness Prince Felix, a good and safe framework in their everyday lives,’ the couple said in a joint press release. ‘We want to do everything in our power to maintain that framework after the divorce.’

After the divorce, Princess Alexandra will lose her title as Her Royal Highness and is only to be addressed as Her Highness. She will continue to live in the royal household at Amalienborg until her house north of Copenhagen is ready for her.

lori 03-23-2005 07:31 PM

6 months after separation, filed for divorce, anyone knows if the divorce is in effect once the paper is in or needs to wait another period of time for the divorce to be granted? btw, the translation is too short to be summary. And to this date, I still see the journalist use the couple to describe their activities. They are a couple no more since the separation.

norwegianne 03-23-2005 07:36 PM

I believe that the paper is going to be run through some routines at the ministry of Family and Consumers, who will grant them the divorce after checking everything out. I can't imagine that it will take too long, as they have already had a six months separation period, and seeing that it is a highly public divorce, I'm sure that whoever is handling the papers will do so quickly.

Danielle 03-23-2005 10:11 PM

Denmark's other royals file for divorce
11:56 AEDT Thu Mar 24 2005

AP - Denmark's Prince Joachim and his Hong Kong-born wife Princess Alexandra have filed a request for divorce, the royal court has said.

The couple, who separated in October, have been married 10 years and have two sons, Prince Nikolai, 5, and Prince Felix, 2.

As Queen Margrethe's second son, 35-year-old Joachim is second in line to the throne after his older brother, Crown Prince Frederik.

"The sympathy and support we have enjoyed from several sides during the separation has helped us both through a difficult time," the prince and the princess said in a joint statement.

"And it has especially helped our children His Royal Highness Prince Nikolai and His Royal Highness Prince Felix to be safe and well," they said.

"We will do our utmost to maintain this safe situation after the divorce."

The royal court said it handed in the divorce request to the ministry for family affairs on Wednesday. An official at the ministry said the case would likely be processed within a few weeks.

The couple met in January 1994 in Hong Kong, where the prince was working for a Danish shipping company.

After marrying into Europe's oldest monarchy, Alexandra gave up her professional life as a mutual fund manager and dropped her British citizenship for a Danish passport.

Alexandra, 40, studied economics in Hong Kong, London and Vienna, and speaks German and French.

Since the couple announced the separation, Alexandra has emerged as the more popular of the two.

Before the separation, rumours of tension between the two surfaced in gossip magazines and tabloid newspapers but offered no clues a major rift had developed. The palace has declined to say why the couple is divorcing.

Danish media have described Alexandra as having a more professional attitude to her job than Joachim, who has been dubbed a "party prince" by tabloids and paparazzi magazines, due to his visits to discos.

Alexandra is expected to retain her royal title and receive an annual allowance of 1.7 million kroner ($A379,700) after the divorce.

Last year's separation announcement came four months after Crown Prince Frederik's wedding to Australian-born Crown Princess Mary.
©AAP 2005

Claire 03-26-2005 03:37 AM

I didn't like the tone of that article from AAP.
The way they are referring to Jochiam and Alexander as the 'other' royals, and then spend the majority of the article talking about popularity.
People are affected by divorce in differently ways.

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