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redtulip 11-12-2013 12:36 AM

It's unusual and outrageous = Maxima! Just the way I like her!

vee 11-12-2013 12:57 AM

LOVED the navy, red AND green outfits on QM!

Yep, that bow on the navy and the green combined with the burgundy WERE a sight to behold, but, then again, who else but MAX could've POSSIBLY pulled both of those off and reasonably made them work?

Just two TINY nitpicks . . .

I agree that the black gloves weren't the GREATEST choice with the nude bag in the navy ensemble. And yep, the peplum on the green dress WAS a wee tad bit too long.

Even with those minor (to me, at least!) "OOOpsies!", Max looked GREAT!

I ESPECIALLY liked her in the red!

HighnessN 11-12-2013 01:05 AM


Originally Posted by iceflower (Post 1617018)

Máxima has handed out the Prince Bernhard Culture Prize 2013 in Amsterdam today, November 11, 2013, looking lovely in a new dark green dress and burgundy accessories.

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part 2 **

On anyone else I would hate this outfit but for some weird reason it works on Maxima.

iceflower 11-12-2013 03:47 PM


Time to close this thread! Thanks for all your contributions!
The new thread can be found here!

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