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ashelen 07-01-2013 03:47 PM

The Family Business Of Being Royal
I just was thinking, about all the kings and queens, they born to be the heir of the thone and even if they have the option to abdicate most of them accept their destinity and live for it. I wonder how their parents do it?
How many families with differents type of bussiness want their kids to follow the family bussiness but most of them chosse a different path, or you have some of them that they choose the wrong path, I mean embarrasing carrears or lifes, or they are just lazy leaving out of daddi's money.
so what is the secret that Royals have to make their kids to follow their Royal bussines? Most of them even if they are not the future Queen or King, Princess and Prince they have a full life to the service of the family bussiness.
I am just really curious to know how they do it?
( and please moderators if I start a threat in the wrong place feel free to change it to their correct one and accept my appologies!)

Lumutqueen 07-01-2013 04:01 PM

I don't think there is a "how do they do it?" it's all about understanding. Take the BRF, Prince Henry understands that he is the spare, unless tragedy strikes he's never going to be King but he's still a member of the family and he will effectively be third in line until Baby Cambridge 1 becomes of age. He's been given the freedom to do as he likes, he's experienced army life he's fought in a war zone, he's had a "life" and now he seems to have come to the understanding that his "duty" life is calling him.

If HM The Queen went full barrell and inducted everyone from day 1 that they must perform 800 engagements a year and attend state banquets every other week and they wouldn't go to their choice of university etc I think we'd have issues with unhappy royals.

It all comes down to understanding duty, they can hate the guy upstairs all they like for being born into a royal family but if they have the attitude of making the best of what god gave them then I'd wager they'd think being in a royal family wasn't too bad.

ashelen 07-02-2013 11:27 PM

you might be right, but when you grow up and you became a teenager, you really don't care about family bussiness , you just care that you want to find yourself and do what you like without somebody telling you what you will be! still I think they have a great way to bring their kids up to get to do what they want. still I think is amazing how they do it!

AristoCat 07-02-2013 11:59 PM

IT's kind of a drag; they dislike it, but they won't just walk away and make the lives of the others easier. Being a prince isn't half the problem that it used to be and the destinies of princes and princesses are such that would make past royals green with envy. They can marry who they want and can end up living in their home nations if they want. They don't need to marry to secure alliances and treaties or money.

Lumutqueen 07-03-2013 03:01 AM


Originally Posted by ashelen (Post 1570629)
you might be right, but when you grow up and you became a teenager, you really don't care about family bussiness , you just care that you want to find yourself and do what you like without somebody telling you what you will be! still I think they have a great way to bring their kids up to get to do what they want. still I think is amazing how they do it!

I don't think that's the case. A teenage Beatrice or William is going to have a totally different outlook on "being a teen" then I would have.

nascarlucy 07-04-2013 09:51 AM

People are born into different worlds. Some parents are royals, others are sports figures or celebs, or others are presidents and business persons. People that are born into royalty only know the lifestyle of being a royal. Most of them accept it because that is part of who they are and it is something that a very tiny percentage of the world has. Most of them try to use their royal backgrounds to help others or to be productive especially among the younger royals. Being royal today is not the same as it was decades ago.

There are probably times in their life where they wish they weren't royal or times when they wish they could have a more normal life. If they didn't, then this would be very unusual.

Very few of them abandon their royal roots. This would be abandoning their family if they did this. I would think this would be very difficult to do unless the person had a job which they made a lot of money or who had a very bad relationship with their family.

Another reason I would think most royals don't abandon being royal is there is security within their family. They have their family even if the family isn't always happy with each other or gets along with each other. They can't exactly escape being royal.

This isn't the same as a son whose father is a champion football or basketball player or a daughter whose mother is a 6 grammy award winning singer. The child of this individual doesn't have to follow in the same profession as their parents.

Many don't because they are constantly being compared to their parent or family member. They are other options for them. They may be identified as the son or daughter of so and so but then what they do as a career would also be noted.

Some royals can navigate the royal world and the commoner world very well. Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry are good examples of this. They are royal but they also have the common touch and can relate to others who aren't royal. The influence of their mother Princess Diana had a lot to do with this.

ashelen 07-04-2013 01:50 PM

Thank you nascarlucy. I think a lot of this sports persons, artists, singers, when they have a kid they havetheir geens so I guess the havethequality of their parents to succed in the same bussines but how to handle it as a parent to make them to follow their steps when most of the times out own kids don't want to listen the parents or their advice?

nascarlucy 07-04-2013 02:33 PM

The Monarch and the heir to the throne are the ones in the royal family that are judged by their leadership role within the family and the country. The other royals are judged by their actions and what they do with their life. They will always be subjected to some type of criticism relating to their activities. Most royals are able to brush it off most of the time (I would imagine at times this would get to them, can't imagine that it wouldn't).

In NASCAR you have certain families that are considered NASCAR royalty and you have families (children and grandchildren) that race in NASCAR. A lot of people who are related to each other work for NASCAR and it's considered a family oriented sport.

It is easier to race in NASCAR if you aren't NASCAR royalty (people have certain expectations of you if you are NASCAR royalty). Those children who race in NASCAR have never achieved the same level or greatness as their parent or grandparent as of yet.. Most of them who are currently NASCAR drivers are what I would call average to slightly above average NASCAR drivers. Some of them race for a while and then bow out. The jury is still out on their grandchildren who are in recent years coming into the circuit.

When you're constantly being compared to you're dad, grandfather or other relative, there is a lot of pressure on you to be a great driver or to break racing records. There is baggage in other words. Someone who comes in that doesn't have this legacy or someone whose family did race but weren't superstars don't have this type of pressure on them. Most of the current great NASCAR drivers fit into this category. They earned the title NASCAR royalty. There is pressure on them of course to win but they aren't being compared to a family member or someone else.

This is probably comparing apples and oranges but in any family business be it royalty, sports, acting,etc there are similiar elements to it.

ashelen 07-04-2013 11:12 PM

What I can see the parents/family being the "A" bussiness open the doors for their kids and grandkids. Of course it is up to them to take it, but for example in the acting bussiness I see how many kids and grandkids can access easier than a person from a family that does nothing to do with the bussines. their are cases like the parents were in the bussines but not very successfull but their kids are, this is the case of Anne Hathaway! sometimes it is not who you are but who you know to get a job or to get somewhere. I think probably in Anne case the mothr knew where to knock the door for her daugther. It is interesting to see in other hand how Paris Hilton is a completely waste of time, where she had the acces to study or do something productive but she decidd otherwise!

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