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dbarn67 05-01-2013 07:12 PM

I noticed in going back over some of the pictures from the ceremonies. Maxima wore this lovely diamond and orange? ring. It's not her engagement ring. Does anyone have any information about this ring? I checked the dutchroyaljewels site but I don't see it with with the citrine and diamond jewels.

HRHHermione 05-01-2013 07:44 PM

No, that is her engagement ring. It's very lovely indeed.
The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: Flashback Friday: Benelux Engagement Rings

dbarn67 05-01-2013 07:50 PM

No, I don't think it is, her engagement ring is on the hand that's waving.

HRHHermione 05-01-2013 07:53 PM

Oh yes, I see what you mean now. I honestly had only looked at the first picture you posted- I thought that's what you meant was the new ring and I was very confused!

Maybe a gift to match her engagement ring now that she's Queen?

dbarn67 05-01-2013 08:20 PM

Probably, I found a picture with both her hands visible. Wouldn't that be a lovely and romantic welcome to queendom gift from WA.

Her_Majesty 05-02-2013 05:03 AM


Originally Posted by RoyalMess (Post 1546048)
It looks like the top-central portion has been altered (with the plume and three big diamonds being replaced with one big diamond).

Here's a picture to compare:

Tiara worn by Maxima (posted by Salma earlier)
Tiara worn by Beatrix , Another picture (partly hidden in the hair)

cdm 05-02-2013 05:17 AM

She had that ring before.
I always thought it had something to do with her husband and daughters because it's 3 diamond bands held together by an orange stone.
But I don't know since when she has it and if it was a present.
It perfectly matches all the citrine jewelry she has been collecting over the years.

salma 05-03-2013 04:42 AM

Abdication ceremony- I love this brooch
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Gala Dinner- Close ups
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
The necklace
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Noor Mariam 05-03-2013 07:34 AM

I would like to see a detail of the wonderful diamond ring Máxima wore at the Abdication ceremony at her left hand....please, is it possible ?

cdm 05-03-2013 07:57 AM


Originally Posted by Noor Mariam (Post 1547821)
I would like to see a detail of the wonderful diamond ring Máxima wore at the Abdication ceremony at her left hand....please, is it possible ?

Check out this post of the wonderfull Modekoningin Maxima blog

rominet09 05-03-2013 06:01 PM

I was really jealous already of her engagement ring, but a second orange beautiful one ? I won't survive ! LOL !

bertie5252003 05-04-2013 03:40 AM

I just love that necklace .. I just cannot stop saying she looked totally amazing those 2 days .. and the jewels such stunning the brooch as well I am rabbling sorry am tired ...

Baroness of Books 05-04-2013 04:24 AM

What an incredible diamond pendant on that necklace which is gaspworthy alone just for the amount and size of diamonds. Just indescribable.

An Ard Ri 05-04-2013 05:47 AM

Simply stunning,avid royal jewel watchers got a rare treat in the Netherlands this week!

IloveCP 05-04-2013 11:05 AM

Such magnificent jewels! I especially love that pink topaz brooch!

dbarn67 05-05-2013 08:45 PM

Maxima wearing a diamond brooch during day 1 of the Remembrance Day memorials.

Baroness of Books 05-05-2013 09:23 PM

A bow brooch; I just love that style. This looks like a modern design in comparison to the more traditional ones.

Frelinghighness 05-05-2013 09:39 PM

Very nice bow brooch, perfectly placed. I also like the diamond hoop earrings, at least that's what it looks like to me. wouldn't think it would go with such an outfit but looks good.

An Ard Ri 05-06-2013 05:01 AM

Its a very beautiful brooch,I wonder if its new or has she worn it before?

dbarn67 05-06-2013 05:25 AM

Yes, I believe it's these 2 put together to make 1.

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