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lucien 04-17-2013 11:09 PM

Kathia_Sophia Thank you very much for the translation!!
A lot of work and highly appreciated:flowers:

Jacknch 04-18-2013 02:13 AM

Found this today on the BBC News website: -

BBC News - Don't call me Majesty, says future Dutch King

lucien 04-18-2013 02:16 AM


Originally Posted by Jacknch (Post 1540810)
Found this today on the BBC News website: -

BBC News - Don't call me Majesty, says future Dutch King

On the headline of the BBC link:That is NOT what he know..the BBC isn't the worthwhile trustworthy messenger it once was anymore:smile:..He said people can address me as they wish if that puts them at ease....quite a different matter..

kathia_sophia 04-18-2013 03:29 AM

Continuation - Last Parts

Now, about that economic crisis. Do you understand that people might say more than in the past: let them even pay taxes?
I see. But I can not help - now as a very formal response, huh - then follow what the Chamber indicates salary and expenses to us. There is a law, the Act on Financial Regulations - which is quite recently adopted unanimously by the House - which is precisely regulated how the monarchy is funded in Netherlands. And that is probably because they say the King can not take additional salary themselves, because we love this way closely. But that also goes the other way: it is not for us to decide. We are trend followers according to that law.

But people say that royals really costs a lot of money, it is very expensive, and it is at present crisis, what do you say those people?

I tell people that I understand their situation, but I sometimes question: how much do you think it would be? And people can therefore not answer. Because it is very difficult to quantify what a monarchy should cost.
Because ultimately what you see, budgets, actual costs, that really went down every year. And we are very very busy. I also understand that we have a fantastic income, get a fantastic support and we are extremely grateful. Here we try to provide maximum. And I, well, actually we are very sorry that we say to all members of the household: watch your costs, watch your costs.

Interviewer: Yet a little while, you said, I start with a formal response, because it is decided for us. But you can do as King say: I'd like to do more with less?

If you're going to cut down on the cost of the monarchy means that almost immediately cut back on that we have to lay off people here. Because in the end it's all mainly for salaries of people who work for us. Certain things will not work out. And then you're firing ordinary people.

Then integration. A few years ago you said during an interview for your 40th birthday, that you found the integration debate sharp, and you mentioned that "destructive". How do you think it is now?

I think I was naming the integration debate in the last decade that way. We obviously come from that situation in the Netherlands. And it's a pendulum that goes in one direction and the other direction. And I think at the time of the interview where you refer to, that we were really on the other hand, it was extreme. And it is becoming more realistic. And I hope that in the coming years will also be realistic. That would be my great desire. Because if we can solve it, then it is good to have a debate about to it.

It can be very dificult when you want to debate. However, we saw that at times with your mother, ex: Christmas Speech. Is that something we can expect from yours too?

I have no concrete interpretation for myself at the Christmas speech, but it is a moment where you can lay down their own vision. I know it takes a lot of time to run a good Christmas Speech in each set. My mother has always put a lot of energy... Look, of course I'm a different person. Of course, I also want to keep a Christmas speech but whether that is in the same form and the same way to take shape, I do not know.

Interviewer: Maybe in 2013 a twitter message instead of a ...

Interviewer2: (Laughs). Yes, very little reference marks, huh?

PRINCE OF ORANGE: If you can say it in as few characters then you're a genius. So that I do not claim.

Interviewer: You go there to breed.


If we have to discuss that integration debate, and also what you said about it before. You said not only that you found the debate destructive or very sharp, even when you said: we must be careful that we do not only focus on ethnic minorities in society, but perhaps also for the natives, because of that attention to immigrants maybe some feel pushed away. How do you see that?

Yes, that's ... The basis of the Oranje Funds time has been that we need to look at all Dutch precisely in 2002. Not only focus on specific target groups. And there were real people, native Dutch in the old neighborhoods in the city, really pinch at that time. And which were given less attention at the time. And I think that with the Oranje Funds have a very nice method found between generations, to be together. Binding process between different groups in different ways. And I think that ... That is all the more important. This is even more important. In particular between the generations. The generation differences are increasing. There you will see more and more tensions arise between them. Misunderstanding between generations.

Interviewer: That might be more of the problem now, you say, that generation gap?

PRINCE OF ORANGE: It's a problem that maybe some feel neglected in the past and where the Orange Fund now put lot of time into it and put in the effort to bring the very generations back together.

Interviewer: You really feel there's a special assignment for you?


We are all Dutch, some of the Randstad, some of the countryside, you Argentinian blood of origin. Are we being aware of the fact that you were born and raised in Argentina, in your interpretation of your role as future Queen?
Princess Maxima: Have you noticed anything so far?

Interviewer: Yes, some things. The way you sometimes danced was not very Dutch.

Princess Maxima: (Laughing): I'm not reborn, huh, on 30th April. So I would say you'll be able to expect the same as has been the case so far from me. I will not do otherwise than before. And yes, of course, I have a background as Argentinian. I love dancing, I said, I love music. And I'll continue to do so.

Interviewer: It is a very hard task that you will soon carry on your shoulders. Did you have doubts ever?

PRINCE OF ORANGE: Every man should've doubt. If you ... That's good, because that can also create adrenaline again to do even better. I think if you have the arrogance and do not doubt, the arrogance can not go well. And then you can certainly not be happy.

Interviewer: So a healthy doubt.


Interviewer: You're ready. Friend and foe agree. What actually means: be ready? What do you have mastered over the years that you can say: yes, I'm really ready?

I had a very good, long preparation time. First of all the training and education of my parents, training school.
But from my 18th on, I was very well prepared by my service, within the Council of State, in my student days in the Netherlands with several internships with various ministries in the country, all working visits, via the Orange Fund, where I can watch and meet the people and go through and through the land in the country. And that also applies of course for the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom. And finally in my nationally and internationally, itself can actually build something, so I have now the feeling, yes. I think I really am ready to take my mother's place now.

Interviewer: And then the Queen but not King's.


Interviewer: It saves a few days. Why did you make that choice?

It was, of course .... It was very obvious for April 30th because Amalia's birthday is only on 7th December. But yes, it was institutionalized and the beauty of Netherlands is still the national holiday linked to the anniversary of the person at that moment is the symbol of unity and continuity. It was perfectly logical that my mother has chosen to hold it because her own birthday is on 31st January, and the Queen choose a day that is celebrated outside ... April 30th.

Interviewer: But that's a very practical reason. Because your mother did it as a tribute to her mother.


Interviewer: That was she said in her speech.

Also. As well as practical reason because it is simply impossible in January 31st, which is primarily celebrated outside. So April 30th was a fantastic day to keep. But if you think yourself for 3 days diference, I find it very strange to not choose your own birthday and say, well, wait only 3 days and then I will officially celebrate.

kathia_sophia 04-18-2013 03:29 AM


Interviewer: Will Kingsday be very different from Queensday?

There will certainly be a different emphasis. Though it is funny that while a lot of people make jokes about the day. But when you ask them: 'what do you want to change?' Nobody knows.

Interviewer (ironic): Koekhappen (a traditional Dutch game) is actually is actually quite nice .

Princess Maxima: But we do not do often 'gekoekhapt' ...

I did 'koekhappen' twice over the last 15 years. Once in Deventer, the 'cake city' (koekstad). And once for the Guinness Book of Records in Scheveningen.

Princess Maxima: I once did virtual 'koekhappen'.

PRINCE OF ORANGE: You have done that in Almere.

Princess Maxima:
But the essence of the event, I think is most important: that we are guests at a municipality in the Netherlands and we celebrate the day with them. Celebrate it in a way that they always celebrate it. That will really stay the same

PRINCE OF ORANGE: That certainly stay.

Princess Maxima: That will remain.

The defile (parade) will definately not return. Because like Máxima says, we will go to the a city, to celebrate it together with them. That is different than when you ask them to come to you. That isn't suitable for this day and age.

Interviewer: At King's day will we continue to see as many of your relatives?


PRINCE OF ORANGE: We will try to do that.

Princess Maxima: Yes, it really is the day where the family, not just royal house but the entire family, shows themselves.

Interviewer: Last question. Suppose we will be talking again in about, let's say, 33 years, as long as your mother reigned, how would you want people to look back on your kingship?

PRINCE OF ORANGE: That is a very difficult question, of course.

Interviewer: I'm genuinely curious. What do you have in mind?

PRINCE OF ORANGE: Well, I think it is essential that you give something to the next generation that is in a better condition than you received it. That will be a very difficult challenge, because my mother has done very well. But by that time, by the time you mention yourself, 33 years ahead of us, there will be many changes in the Netherlands. And the most important is that the King and the monarchy will change their roles too. And yet, it still can be a symbol of continuity and unity. And that this symbol can be handed over in a good state to the next generation.

Interviewer: Thank you for this interview.
Thank you very much.

Lumutqueen 04-18-2013 04:44 AM

No offence meant but was if really necessary to copy and paste the entire interview?

HRHHermione 04-18-2013 04:53 AM


Originally Posted by Lumutqueen (Post 1540851)
No offence meant but was if really necessary to copy and paste the entire interview?

I thought it was helpful- sharing the translated version

Thanks to the person who posted it!

Marengo 04-18-2013 04:55 AM

I think that it is highly appreciated by most other members that kathia sophia took the time and effort to translate the interview. Esp. since most members here do not understand Dutch.

Charlotte_Aster 04-18-2013 05:34 AM

Thnak you very much kathia sophia. It IS highly appreciated :)

fortimo 04-18-2013 05:44 AM


Originally Posted by Lumutqueen (Post 1540851)
No offence meant but was if really necessary to copy and paste the entire interview?

I don't understand your question... You could read the titel of this thread: "Interview with..." So what did you expect?
I hoped, that somebody translate it, because I don't understand Netherlandish. So I am also glad and thanks for this work! :flowers:

lucien 04-18-2013 06:20 AM


Originally Posted by lucien (Post 1540783)
Kathia_Sophia Thank you very much for the translation!!
A lot of work and highly appreciated:flowers:

And again Kathia_Sophia,as apparently not all appreciate let alone understand what it means to do a great job!!Bravo for translating the ENTIRE interview indeed!!!:flowers:

Marengo 04-18-2013 07:27 AM

The press and the politicians have been unanimously positive about the interview, also on the left side of the political spectrum. There is a lot of praise and maybe even surprise. The most often heard remarks are that WA is self assured, open, human etc. Very few critical notes anywhere. The poll that the NOS showed 20 minutes after the interview also showed that a vast majority of the viewers have a lot of trust in the future king and his wife. I only read 1 commentator saying that it was a 'show of authentisity', but he failed to say what he actually missed in the interview, or even why he found it a show.

I was surpsrised that at times the interviewers raised some difficult subjects (Friso, Máxima's father, ceremonial kingship, the house in Mozambique and the budget) and the couple actually seemed to have open and honest awnsers.

Most notable for the press will be that WA isn't dead-set against a ceremonial kingship and his remark that the kingship isn't a duo-job.

As we expected the teaser about WA saying that he doesn't care how people call him, was much more nuanced in the interview. He even said that the whole story that his mother insists on being called 'Majesty' is based on 1 journalist who in the early 80-ties asked how he should call HM. A courtier told him that it the correct form is 'Majesty', which is true as the PoO also noted.

Some nice info for those who enjoy Queensday: WA and Máxima do not want to change the day significantly and want to continue to celebrate the day in the country. They also added that this party will not only be attended by members of the royal house but it is for the entire family. So I guess we will continue to see the van Vollenhoven cousins showing up.

I don't thinkt hey could have done a better job TBH. And I liked itthat the focus was really on the future king. As Máxima herself said, her role won't be much different from what it was before, but his will.

The interviewers said in Pauw & Witteman that they did not give the questions to the RVD/couple before the interview. They had one meeting at the Eikenhorst of 1 1/2 hours. They intentionally didn't want to discuss it too much beforehand as it would kill the tension/flow/... of the interview itself. They mentioned the topics that they would like to discuss though. And the interviewers also said that contrary to what people believe, they did not get a list of forbidden topics either. The interview was taped on the same day, they only had a short break for lunch. With Beatrix I believe they usually used 2 or 3 different moments. When Pauw asked the interviewers if the RVD asked them to delete a lot, they said that they themselves took out most, but the RVD only wanted to delete 1 small part of a few minutes. Pauw asked if the deleted part was about Mozambique. When they asked the couple if they were warned by others. Máxima said 'yes', a logical question afterwards would be "by whom', but that wasn't shown. Both Tweebeeke and Nieman smiled but didn't awnser the question.

kathia_sophia 04-18-2013 08:26 AM

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. The interview was HUGE, but with google translator it was quicker, althought I had to correct the text a few times because of language errors, but in the end I didn't make it perfect, I'm so sorry!

Marengo 04-18-2013 08:59 AM

4 1/2 million people watched the interview.

The RVD released a statement saying that the prince broke his little finger (hence the bandage).

The interview was also broadcasted in Flanders. On the VRT it was discussed by Peter Vandermeersch and Prem (in Dutch). video: Reyers laat - 17/04/13

They also showed a clip of the duke of Brabant awnsering a very simular question to the one that the PoO got tonght, about the ceremonial kingship, quite a noticable difference.

According to an NOS poll after the interview, 90% think that WA will be a 'good' king and 91% thinks the same about Máxima.

Article from Hello magazine:

and from France 24:

Queen Penelope 04-18-2013 10:32 AM

Thank you so much for the translation! Hope I am able to watch the days events from Canada!!

Marika86 04-18-2013 12:03 PM

Thank you so much for the translation,Kathia_Sophia! I really appreciated it!

cdm 04-18-2013 01:38 PM

What a good interview!
They were so relaxed and open, not avoiding any questions.
I think the interviewers did a great job (the woman had a really beautiful voice).

Suprises for me were that they allready knew for more than a year about the abdication and that W-A as king, being member of the government, is no longer in the military and can not wear a uniform anymore.

It was very emotional when W-A talked about Friso and you could see the tears in Maxima's eyes.

Warren 04-18-2013 01:50 PM

Yes indeed. Translating, correcting and then formatting is a very big task and is much appreciated.

It's members like kathia_sophia who put a whole lot of time and effort into producing something they believe will be of value and interest to other members, that continue to make TRF such an enjoyable and rewarding forum.

Once again, a very big and well-deserved thank you to kathia_sophia. :flowers:

dazzling 04-18-2013 02:22 PM

kathia_sophia, Thank you for the very clear and detailed interview of the couple. I like how they are going to include the kids in the whole day celebrations and also how open and how real they seemed in the interview.

HRHHermione 04-18-2013 05:05 PM

Yes, I was very excited they're including all of the children in all of the activities on the day! I bet the girls are very excited.

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