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Josefine 05-10-2003 07:59 PM

What do you think?

How should a tiara be placed on the head, and what kind of hairstyle fits with tiaras?

Alexandria 05-10-2003 11:31 PM

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What a wonderful question, Josefine! I understand perfectly what you are asking. I was thinking something similar as I was looking at Danjel's beautiful site on tiaras.

I must say that my personal preferences is for hair to be pulled up and back as to full emphasize the beauty and glamour of the tiara rather than for hair to be hangding down around the face and distract from the crown jewel, so to speak.

I think several Queen Silvia, Queen Margrethe, Queen Sonja, Crown Princess Mathilde and Crown Princess Maxima wear tiaras very well.

1. Here is a fine example of Queen Silvia at a Nobel Peace Prize dinner.
(Photos from
2. A full view of Queen Silvia, gown, hair, tiara - all magnificent!
3. A fine example of Crown Princess Victoria wearing a tiara well.
4. Here is one of my favorite pictures of Queen Silvia with tiara. A simple hairdo is enough for a magnificent tiara!

Alexandria 05-10-2003 11:40 PM

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My favourite example of Maxima wearing a tiara well was on her wedding day.
I don't know if it's her choice of tiaras or her bouffant-style hairdo, but unfortunately, I'm not crazy about how well Queen Beatrix wears tiaras.
This one sort of reminds me of a wide hairband in Beatrix's hair.

Alexandria 05-10-2003 11:47 PM

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A very fine effort by Crown Princess Mathilde of Belgium.
And another example by Mathilde of Belgium.

Alexandria 05-10-2003 11:50 PM

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And from the always fabulously-attired Princess Alexandra of Denmark. (I also espescially love her dress in this picture.) Sorry the hair and tiara aren't more prominent.
Queen Margrethe on a state visit to Thailand, I believe.

Alexandria 05-10-2003 11:55 PM

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Queen Sonja.
I have a love/hate sentiment with Queen Elizabeth II and tiaras. Sometimes I love the way they look on her and sometimes I absolutely loathe the way they look on her.
Here is one time I :heart: tiaras and Queen Elizabeth.
I love the Spanish royals, but I don't like the look of tiaras on Queen Sofia. I can't quite pin point what or why, but I think it has something to do with the shape of her hair that doesn't suit tiaras. They are not as flattering on her as they are on others.
Here is an example of one of my not so favourite looks on the beloved Queen of Spain.
My one exception of hair being worn down and framing the face is Queen Rania of Jordan during her and King Abdullah's state visit to Great Britain. Maybe it was because the Queen's hair colour sort of blended with the colour of her dress that the tiara was fully able to stand out on its own that makes me like this look.

thissal 05-11-2003 12:21 AM

Queen Elizabeth II should have given some of the royal tiaras to her daughter-in-laws. Who is she saving them for?

iseestudio 05-11-2003 05:31 AM

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This one is my favorite hair style with tiara of Princess Alexandra of Denmark. Very classy yet still have some modern feeling. Although she has only one tiara as far as I know :rolleyes: , she always showed up in such a style!!!
Queen Silvia of Sweden has a great collection of tiaras. And her smile with those tiaras make her such an elegant queen.
And I agree with Thissal about Queen Elizabeth II's tiaras.
(photo from Dana)

Josefine 05-11-2003 06:00 AM

What I have wondering is, do tiaras look better with darker hair?
Because often tiaras are in light colors.
I have heard that some people don't like when the base of the tiaras shows, what do you think.

Fireweaver 05-11-2003 12:08 PM

I think it's dependant on how the base is shown, and what tiara it is. The gift tiara of Carl Gustav to Queen Silvia is a gorgeous tiara, but has an obvious base which shows up if the hairdo is too flat.
Other tiaras don't seem to have as obvious of a base and can be worn in a sleeker hairstyle w/ no base shown.

I think it depends on the base. if it's a pretty base, or at least interesting looking, then it's ok. If it's plain metal, it's not quite as pretty.
Some tiaras don't seem to have a base at all, or I'm blind, either way :)

Josefine 05-12-2003 12:14 PM

6 Attachment(s) and

Teresa 05-12-2003 02:55 PM

Great pictures of great hair styles with tiaras :)
Is there a specific name for the jewels that adorn the hair of Queen Silvia?

Fireweaver 05-25-2003 03:04 PM

I haven't heard a specific name. Hair Ornament/hair gem
rope of diamonds maybe?

Julia 07-09-2003 05:50 PM


Originally posted by Josefine@May 11th, 2003 - 10:00 am
What I have wondering is, do tiaras look better with darker hair?
Because often tiaras are in light colors

I think it depends on the coloring of the person. I think a woman w/ blonde hair and fair skin can look wonderful in platinum and diamonds. I do think that diamond and platinum tiaras show up best on a head of dark hair, though.

Josefine 07-18-2003 08:13 AM

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I found this at corbis, its Queen Sonja
Queen Rania of Jordan, she has her tiara way back on the head
Duchess of York
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
Queen Rania

George 07-25-2003 05:16 AM

The tiara was made for ladies with long hair. There is a bottom bar which
usually is hidden by being covered with brown, black, red, or white
pipe cleaner wrapped around that bar-which helps to hold it in place when
long hair pins are used. It is placed thru that. Shorter hair must be a hassle-
the diademas and tiaras must keep moving and falling forward!

I have some photos I took of a princess from different events, and I have of
her tiaras she is seen in on different occasions. I sometimes only get to
clip the photos out and I took with my digital camera of these so I hope they
come out. I am learning to upload.

There are many that we do not hear of. Not everyone clamors for the cameras,
some shy from it, and others lead quiet lives.

Not everyone is smoking, drinking, drugs, living in the fast lane. Some do
actually, I assume, have some common sense or just are at one with

I have photos of different socialistes, and this one is one of my favorites.If someone can instruct me how to upload from a CD- and from the digital
camera-I will.-George

George 07-26-2003 01:06 AM

"The tirara, which can also be worn as a necklace, is mounted on a frame from which rise five open-work, heart shaped scroll motifs, set with cushion-shaped
and rose diamonds, each enclosing a large collect-set diamond and surmounted
by two others, that in the center by a lagter top clkuster, linked by festoons of collet-set stones. The design exemplifies the elegance of the garland style,
which is based on eighteenth century models. Here, the heart shaped scrolls echo the center of the tiara made for VISCOUNTESS MONTAGU IN 1767, WHICH
in the world" (Tastler, 1909). This tiara, which was made for the WIFE OF A
RUSSIAN DIPLOMAT using stones from the family collection and others removed
from a decoration, probably the Nashami-al-Imtiaz presented by the Sultan
Abdul Hamid II (1876-1909), has been in the family ever since. It was ordered
in St. Petersburg, and executed in Paris."


George 07-27-2003 04:10 AM

There is lovely photos of crowns, tiaras, diademas and jewels of a princess
in album section of the, that new site that
is up. This is a fanstastic collection rarely seen. It is a glimpse in to a rareified

Josefine 08-27-2003 03:51 PM

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Swedish Royal Ladies
Polfoto and

A.C.C. 08-28-2003 12:14 AM

I must say that the queen should give at least one of her many (something like 14 or 15) tiaras to the Countess of Wessex. I must say she is probably trying to preserve her amazing jewelry collection for the next queen, William's consort or maybe even Camilla.

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