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cut1me 08-31-2004 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by shelley
It has indeed. Fireworks all night long as everybody but everybody now has fireworks. At a wedding last week there were three occasions when the skies erupted - when the couple arrived, when the cut the cake and when they started the dancing.......

LOL cool but what a waste of money... sorry just my opinion

maryshawn 09-28-2004 09:03 PM

Your Choice? Which of the JRFs would you want to be a member of?
Another thread got me thinking....We are all very interested in JRF or this wouldn't be such a popular site. If you had to choose to be part of/born into one of the JRF's, which would it be and why?

I guess I would probably choose King Hussein and--surprise--Princess Muna. Surprising because I really like Queens Alia and Noor. But KH and PM raised 4 great kids and managed to lead very normal lives. The accounts of KA's childhood and his siblings lead me to believe this was the closest marriage in terms of compatability and normalcy. They were more westernized than QA and QN but the had fun together--she taught him to swim@. Being QA's child, as many posts have pointed out, was tough as she dies so young and QN had her own kids so it seemed she treated them differently. I don't think it's inaccurate (nor natuaral human behavior) to favor your own children first. It seems lke a really tense environment. And, of course, KH and his first wife got along like cats and dogs....she was outspoken, marriage arranged, and you have to want out pretty badly to do what KH did. Wait till she goes on vacation out of the country then divorces her and keeps her away from her own daughter for five years. What in the heck was he thinking anyway? For all his humane qualities, this was odd and horrible--a really cruel thing to do, separating mom and daughter.......PM was the one who apparently had the heart and depth to restructure the relationship so Dina could see Alia, her daughter. She may not have been cover of Vogue gorgeous but the more I learn about Muna, the more impressed I am. Kind, considerate, thinking of others, creating a "family" household,....and not airing the dirty laundry of what must have been very hurtful--divorce 1 day, remarrriage to Alia the next day. But she didn't say one bad word about them and--unlike Noor and Hussein--there were no animosities between Muna and all of his children. So that's my vote.

Anyone else?

Mary Shawn

PS Of course being Rania's daughter would mean you'd never have to say "I have nothing to wear" when going out!!!!

Moon 09-28-2004 09:15 PM

None Of Them
I would not choose ANY because JRF raises a lot of unethical questions, the way they came to power and how they are handling this power, etc...are all reasons not to choose one of them...:eek:

wittykitty 09-29-2004 10:25 AM

Yikes, what a fantasy question ! Unless you were a fly on the wall and knew their real daily routines you can't really assume that a "normal" ideal childhood is a fact and not publicity driven fiction(.."la la laaa after we had tea sandwitches we children would run in the field and pick a bouquet of wild flowers for darling mummy" ). Some public figures like to make their childhoods & and family life nicer (often leave out abusive parent, neglect, divorce..) and more affluent than reality (ie:Ms. Stewart, Nancy Reagan) yes, some kids in multi-marriage families get "lost" and some are daddy's favorities and some have no recollection of what another sibling claims happened years ago until they see them spin yarns on tv, mag interview or a book. So like Moon ,I can't pick any family . I think they have alot of skeletons in their closets.

NannyJanny 09-29-2004 12:02 PM

None of them eiether !!!!!!
But I would have liked to have spent more time with Dina [1st Queen] cos she was one lovley lady !

NannyJanny 09-29-2004 12:07 PM

Muna was a lovley Lady !!! and not just cos we;re both Brits !
She came across to me as very warm and friendly
She lived 'next door' when I worked for Alia in the late 80's --they had a pool so I used to take Hussein there to swim --usaully with a group of his freinds
It was just 'next door'

maryshawn 09-30-2004 09:49 PM

Did you ever see Alia?
Dear Janice,

What a fascinating life! What was Alia like? I've admired Muna a lot but know more because she lived longer, thank goodness. I think being a royal in Jordan is a risky business......What were your impressions of Alia? Her daughter would have us think she was always happy and upbeat; others say she was sad about her husband not being faithful all the time......Was she as pretty as her daughter, down to earth, nice to others? I admire her too and feel so bad she met such an untimely end......If you can say anything, I'd love to read it! Thanks, Mary Shawn


Originally Posted by NannyJanny
Muna was a lovley Lady !!! and not just cos we;re both Brits !
She came across to me as very warm and friendly
She lived 'next door' when I worked for Alia in the late 80's --they had a pool so I used to take Hussein there to swim --usaully with a group of his freinds
It was just 'next door'

NannyJanny 10-01-2004 01:21 PM

Hi Maryswan
I never met Queen Alia --she died years before I was there in the late 1980's I worked as Nanny for Princess Alia --the oldest child of King Hussein and Dina his first wife
But I do remeber we went kiteing once Hussein myself [his guard and a driver]
Up on a hill you could see for miles and nearby were what looked like ski lifts [that looked abandoned] and a typical Jordanain huge House in the distance [all white huge and very 70's bricky looking ]
Also nearby was this dome which looked Blue --It was the Palace of the Late Queen Alia and King Hussein and the Blue Dome was her tomb --which was I did get to see a little closer the dome is also a mosque
It was kind of sad to see like the area was kind of left behind in time
I think is'nt that palace a childrens home now ????? I hope it is as it would be such a shame to just leave it there like that and not put it to use
May Shawn did you meet any of the Family as you just seem very familliar with them ???

maryshawn 10-05-2004 12:19 AM

This forum is supposed to be fun.....I agree. I'm racking my brain again for the perfect parents.......I'm going to change my view--Queen Alia because she was by ALL accounts, fun and a great mom and Prince Feisal because he's nice, a great dad, doesn't put on airs, is loyal to all family members and has his priorities in order. Also, you don't hear about him doing nutty things in helicopters or creating controversy with overspending and acting irresponsibly.

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