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Danjel 05-06-2003 03:43 PM

Queen Anne Marie Jewellery
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Josefine 07-28-2003 09:55 AM

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June 9, 1992

reynard 10-06-2003 06:33 PM

I'm so glad that the Greek royal family was able to hold on to so many of the royal jewels after going in to exile. How were they so lucky? Were they able to keep alot of personal wealth as well?

Mia 04-27-2004 01:29 PM

Yes, Reynard. And especially the drop shaped emeralds look very "important" in the pictures.

Hi, Micas. Do you want to know what tiara that is or what was your question? The tiara in the first, third and fourth picture seem to be same one. An olive wreath tiara with diamonds and rubies. More pictures at the Royal Jewels of The World:

wymanda 04-27-2004 08:16 PM

It suprises me that Queen Anne-Marie has custody of the Khedive Tiara. I would have thought that such an important piece would have remained in Denmark with the elder daughter, Queen Margarethe.

I know that this tiara is worn by all female descendants of Princess Margaret of Connaught (to whom it was given as a wedding gift) and that it was taken to Denmark by her only daughter Queen Ingrid. Surely this makes it an integral part of the Danish, Swedish and Greek royal families and it should not be seen as belonging to any one of them.

In my opinion it's rightful place is in Denmark and, perhaps it should only be worn by the brides on their wedding day.

Jacqueline 04-27-2004 09:29 PM

It is perfectly sensible to me that Queen Anne Marie would have custody of the tiara. Although some may find that it should remain in Denmark it makes perfect sense to me that Queen Ingrid would leave it to one of her daughters who actually has daughters of her own. Queen Margrethe only has sons, and the tiara is only worn by direct female descendants particularly on their wedding days as the tradition stands. Alexandra did not wear this tiara on her wedding day and I doubt that Mary will either. She is marrying into the Royal Family of Denmark, however, that will never make her a direct female descendant. However, should Frederik and Mary have a daughter it is likely that she being a direct descendant will wear the tiara on her wedding day.

Queen Ingrid wanted for the tiara to remain in the personal possession of her family and gave it to her daughter. I certainly cannot fault her for that. Whether or not anyone agrees with how Queen Anne Marie wears it is a moot point. The tiara is in her possession and it is said to actually belong to her by various sources, therefore, she can literally wear it whenever she likes, whether we approve of it or not.

I agree that it has great significance to all of the Royal Families mentioned, however when it became Queen Ingrid's it was her personal property and she had the right to do with it as she pleased. It does not seem that this particular piece was meant to become property of any state in particular. I think that is a great tradition and hope that it is carried on by the female members of the family for many more generations. I am only happy that it has remained in the possession of the Family and that it has not been sold. There are far too many tiaras of former reigning families that were of great historical importance that have fallen to the auction block or private sales. At least we know the whereabouts of this one.

Poppy 04-28-2004 04:56 AM

What about Princess Benedikt? She has two daughters too.

Poppy 04-28-2004 05:02 AM

In my opinion, in order to make the jewellery collection more equal between the three daughters, Princess Benedikt should have inherited most of Queen Ingrid's jewels as Queen Margrethe is the Queen and she has alot of jewels on her disposal, and Queen Anne-Marie has alot of jewels from the Greek royal family. From many pictures you can see Princess Benedikt hasn't got many magnificent pieces. Her husband's family only provided her with one grand jewel, the fringe tiara.

Jacqueline 04-28-2004 07:11 AM


Originally posted by Poppy@Apr 28th, 2004 - 3:56 am
What about Princess Benedikt? She has two daughters too.
That is a given, however, Queen Ingrid left the Khedive Tiara to Queen Anne-Marie instead. No one knows what her reasoning was exactly in why she chose Anne of Marie instead of Beneditke. However, she most likely had a reason as to why she gave certain pieces to specific daughters.

Jacqueline 04-28-2004 07:21 AM

Princess Beneditke does not have as many tiaras as her sister, Anne-Marie, however she has a fairly large jewelry collection. She also owns a tiara that is comprised of three brooches (Floral Brooch Tiara) one of which that once belonged to Queen Alexandrine left to her by Queen Ingrid. Queen Ingrid also left Beneditke other pieces such as diamond earrings and necklace once belonging to Queen Alexandrine, a rubyand diamond brooch and earrings, an amethyst parure consisting of a necklace, bracelet, earrings, brooch and bracelet, a diamond and pearl button brooch, a necklace comprised of three rows of pearls, diamond and pearl earrings, four diamond stars, and she also inherited Queen Ingrid's Star and Pearl Tiara. As you can see Beneditke was hardly left out and has a very large jewelry box. This list does not even include her personal pieces and those that belong to her husband's family of which she has access.

Poppy 04-28-2004 10:09 AM

But those are mostly small pieces, tiaras made from brooches etc. Just look at her sisters, parures after parures, tiaras after tiaras and large elaborate necklaces.

Jacqueline 04-28-2004 10:29 AM

Yes, but it was not up to Queen Ingrid to make her daughter's collections equal. Queen Margrethe was to be Queen as eldest, obviously she would have access to more jewels, those of the Crown especially. Queen Anne-Marie has many parures because she was at a time the reigining Queen of Greece. It is perfectly sensible that Beneditke would have less large parures. Giving Beneditke one more tiara would not have made her collection of jewels more equal to that of her sisters where parures are concerned. Unless she becomes even wealthier than she is and sees fit to purchase more tiaras and parures and other fantastic jewels she has a stunning collection. Her mother could only give to her daughters what she had avaiable. What she had available was hardly shabby.

It was at Queen Ingrid's discretion to pick and choose what she wanted to give to each daughter. It is pointless to debate why she gave certain things to particular daughters. All three women have fantastic jewels and most people in the world cannot boast such. It is ridiculous to continue to say that Beneditke has the lesser of the jewels or the lesser of the collections. She has a fine collection, period.

These women's lives played out in a certain way. For someone who does not have the Danish Crown Jewels at her disposal with her own private jewels, and those inherited from her mother as Queen Margrethe does or who is not Queen Anne-Marie with her substantial collection consisting of GRF Family pieces, her personal pieces, and those left by Queen Ingrid to her, Beneditke has a fantastic collection. I am not going to feel sorry for her. She has only one tiara made of brooches, the rest are definitely not comprised of brooches. Not to mention that the Floral Brooch Tiara has a substantial center piece that belonged to Queen Alexandrine, that making it important and historical in itself.

Considering Queen Margrethe's status and Anne-Marie's former status, Beneditke is lucky that she has a collection that can rival those of her sisters at all. When they are seen at the same event, she certainly does not look out of place and it is clear that all of the sisters have amazing jewels.

Beneditke also has the Diamond Fringe Tiara from her husband's family that can also serve as a very large diamond necklace, a long diamond necklace that she tends to wear with various jeweled pendants, 2 four strand pearl necklaces, a huge diamond bracelet given to her by Queen Ingrid, her large pearl necklace, large diamond and pearl earrings (one set of many diamond and/or pearl earrings), diamond and pearl drop earrings given to her by her mother that belonged to Queen Alexandrine as well, several pairs of diamond earrings of various styles, a gorgeous pearl and sapphire necklace comprised of about six rows, a diamond brooch in the shape of a bow,a large diamond brooch that I believe was a gift from her father, several diamond and pearl brooches, and emerald and diamond floral earrings.

Beneditke has a magnificent collection and of the three sisters she has more pieces that are of extreme quality and worth that can be worn on a daily basis when considering the huge amount of pearls, rings, earrings, necklaces and the many brooches that she owns.

Fireweaver 04-28-2004 11:11 AM

Hey, must interject. It's been thought that Princess Benedikte has also inherited Queen Sophie's star tiara, and she does have a tiara from her husband's family (A gorgeous fringe tiara). Her husband's mother also still owns a tiara, which may go to her after the mother's death. So, she isn't quite as bad off tiara wise as we all thought :)

Jacqueline 04-28-2004 11:13 AM

She does have the star tiara. Queen Ingrid gave it to her. I think that I mentioned it in an earlier post, but not sure. :unsure:

Fireweaver 04-28-2004 11:19 AM

whoops, sorry Jacqueline! Still, 3 tiaras, with her gorgeous necklaces, earrings, and brooches (and a few bracelets for good measure) do make a nice collection.
Maybe the reason that she didn't inherit more tiaras was that her mother-in-law was going to leave her some eventually? (And I'd read that B's husband is pretty well off. No doubt she could buy a few more if she really wanted to).

Jacqueline 04-28-2004 11:43 AM

I think that it is defintely possible that she will eventually come into possession of some owned by her mother-in-law, at least one more anyway. ;)

I agree that Beneditke defintely has the resources to purchase any tiara that interested her if she wanted. Must be so nice! :woot:

Poppy 04-29-2004 07:58 AM

Well yeah, Benedikt does look more lucky than other married princesses such as those of Sweden and Norway. I respect your view but I still think her jewellery collection cannot be compared to that of her sisters' and when they were at the same events, she did look with less heavey jewels. But I do understand the fact that she is not a queen whereas her sisters are all queens.

A.C.C. 05-12-2004 02:01 PM

Queen Anne Marie at the gala at Christiansborg Palace in honor of the wedding of Crown Prince Frederick to Mary Donaldson, May 11, 2004.

Queen Anne Marie wearing her Diamond and Ruby Parure

Closer picture of Queen Anne Marie

Jackswife 05-12-2004 02:42 PM

:woot: That is some knockout set! A very striking color choice with the gown but she really pulls it off well. Excellemt photos. :heart:

USCtrojan 08-27-2004 03:00 AM

Gotta love those emeralds. The Ruby one is just as stunning. I hope that Anne-Marie doesn't just leave those to Marie-Chantal. I would hope that she would leave them to all of her children and thier families... I know that it is likely that MC will get everything because she is Pavlos' bride, but, heck, she has money to buy the world literally and can buy some personal ones of her own. I would hope that Nik would get something for his decendants, same with Theodora, Alexia and Phillippos...

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