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MAfan 11-20-2010 12:24 PM

Noble Deaths Announcements 2011
Welcome to the thread for Noble deaths announcements in 2011.

Please feel free to contribute to this thread.

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The original posts will be updated with news as soon as the information is made public.

MAfan 11-20-2010 12:26 PM


02 January: Solange Decazes de Glücksbierg, Duchess of Decazes and of Glücksbierg, née du Temple de Rougemont, aged 93.

02 January: Baron Thierry van Zuylen van Niyewelt, aged 78.

03 January: Serge Boissevan (widower of Baroness Henriette Bentinck van Schoonheten), aged 63.

06 January: Miles Flach (former son-in-law of Countess Dagmar Bernadotte af Wisborg), aged 76.

16 January: Julian Asquith, 2nd Earl of Oxford and Asquith, aged 94.

22 January: Count Johannes Huyn, aged 80.

26 January: Donna Fiamma Barberini of the Princes of Palestrina, née Bosio, aged 79.

28 January: Countess Ferdinand d’Ursel, née Monique de Kerchove d’Exaerde Borluut, aged 95.

29 January: Count Pietro Canale Massucci di Varolengo, aged 85.

.. January: Princess Ghislaine de Polignac, née Brinquant, aged 92.


04 February: Mrs. Moyra Eileen Smiley, née Montagu-Douglas-Scott, aged 91.

09 February: Don Luis de Medina y Fernández de Córdoba, Duke of Santiesteban del Puerto, aged 69.

12 February: Countess Charles-Emile d’Oultremont de Wégimont et de Warfusée, née Baroness Béatrice van der Straten-Waillet, aged 90.

23 February: Matthew Xavier Maillard Carr (husband of Lady Anne Somerset, of the Dukes of Beaufort), aged 58.

28 February: Philippe de Noailles, 8th Duc of Mouchy, 8th Prince and Duke of Poix, aged 88.

MAfan 11-20-2010 12:27 PM


02 March: Count Dimitri Grabbe, aged 83.

11 March: Don Ferdinando Luigi of the Princes Gonzaga of Vescovado, aged 70.

17 March: Elie, 5th Duc de Decazes and of Glucksbierg, aged 96.

17 March: Baroness Juliana von Gemmingen-Hornberg, aged 13.

17 March: Baroness Thérèse de Kerchove d'Exaerde, nee Jonkvrouw Casier de ter Beken, aged 86.

21 March: Count Leopold de Lannoy, aged 84.

21 March: Baron Francois d'Anethan, aged 56.

24 March: Don Alessandro del Drago, Marquess of Riofreddo, of the Princes of Antuni and Mazzano, aged 89.

26 March: Count Pedro Chometowski Lubecki.


07 April: Hugh FitzRoy, 11th Duke of Grafton, aged 92.

11 April: Countess Wauthier de Bousies Borluut, née Princess Philippine de Merode, aged 66.

14 April: Joyce Kallir, née Rubin (daughter-in-law of Countess Franziska von Lowenstein-Sharffeneck), aged 86.

18 April: Jane Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Dowager Duchess of Buccleuch and of Queensberry, née McNeill.

19 April: Countess Cecile Rostworowska, née Princess Czartoryska, aged 96.

23 April: Geoffrey Denis Erskine Russell, 4th Baron Ampthill (of the Dukes of Bedford), aged 89.

28 April:
Georgina Kennard, Lady Kennard, née Wernher, aged 91.

MAfan 11-20-2010 12:27 PM


03 May: Alessandra Moerlin Visconti, née Melzi d'Eril (of the Dukes of Lodi), aged 89.

04 May: Countess Giovanna Giannini Guazzagli, née Cenci Bolognetti (of the Princes of Vicovaro), aged 85.

05 May: Countess Louis Cornet d’Elzius, née Countess Colette d’Ursel, aged 76.

06 May: Baroness Maria Antonia von Twickel, née Countess zu Stolberg-Stolberg, aged 87.

10 May: Countess Maria Teresa Ceschi a Santa Croce, née (of the Marquesses) Roi, aged 88.

12 May: Fernando Moreno y de Borbon (of the Marquesses of Laula), aged 41.

12 May: Don Francesco del Drago, Marquess of Riofreddo, of the Princes of Antuni and Mazzano, aged 91.

24 May: Donna Clara of the Marquesses Ferrero de Gubernatis Ventimiglia, née Nasi, aged 97.


05 June: Count Charles d'Ursel, aged 89.

08 June: Esme, Dowager Countess of Cromer, née Harmsworth, aged 88.


08 July: Baroness Elisabeth von Hohenbühel gen. Heufler zu Rasen, née Baroness von Eyrl zu Waldgries und Liebenaich, aged 79.

MAfan 11-20-2010 12:28 PM


01 August: Countess Elizabeth zu Castell-Rudenhausen, Mrs. Duvelius, aged 96.

19 August: Countess Michaela zu Castell-Rudenhausen, Mrs. Rosemeyer, aged 65.


04 September: Oskar-Leuer von Hinüber, aged 78.

07 September: Count Adam Władysław Zamoyski, aged 27.

07 September: Princess Catherine of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, nee Bennie, aged 45.

10 September: Isabelle de La Rochefoucauld, aged 92.

15 September: Don Marcantonio (of the Princes) Borghese, aged 82.

21 September: Sofia Caraballo (daughter of Gonzalo Caraballo and Agnès de la Tour d´Auvergne Lauraguais), aged 10.

21 September: Princess Gwendoline Galitzine, nee Rhodes, aged 91.

28 September: Count Botho von Hohenthal, aged 85.


01 October: Count Conradin zu Castell-Rudenhausen, aged 77.

MAfan 11-20-2010 12:28 PM


11 November: Count Louis Cornet d'Elzius, aged 83.

11 November: Tsuyuko Davout, Duchess of Auerstaedt, née Ayusawa, aged 88.

11 November: Jonkheer Guy de Wasseige, aged 92.

17 November: Count Stephan von Walderdorff, aged 48.

19 November: Princess Angelica Ilyinsky, née Kauffman, aged 79.

29 November: François, 14th Duke of La Rochefoucauld, of Liancourt and of Anville, aged 90.

December: d

13 December: Don José Maria Trénor y Suarez de Lezo, 11th Marquess of Serdañola, aged 72.

14 December: Don Francesco di Napoli Rampolla, 14th Prince of Resuttano, 9th Prince of Monteleone, 8th Prince of Bonfornello, 14th Duke of Campobello, aged 88.

21 December: Don Niccolò Gaetani dell'Aquila d'Aragona, of the Dukes of Laurenzana, aged 83.

22 December: Don Camillo Borghese, Prince Borghese, Prince of Sulmona and of Rossano, Prince of Sperlinga dei Manganelli, aged 84.

28 December: Count Clemens von Matuschka, aged 83.

30 December: Don Raimondo Guglielmo Moncada, of the Princes of Paternò, aged 86.

30 December: Count Don Riccardo Tosti, of the Dukes of Valminuta, aged 78.

Exact date unknown:

Peter Ahrends (widower of Rixa von Amsberg and brother-in-law of the late Prince Claus of The Netherlands), aged 90

Biri 01-17-2011 09:04 AM

This year died:
Serge Boissevan (b.1947) widower of Baroness Henriette Bentinck van Schoonheten who was two years younger than him, died last year and was previously married twice.
He is survived by his son Andre (b.1978), two step-children,[from his wife's first marriage to Stephen Compton, 7th Marquess of Norhampton (b.1946)]as well as two step granddaughters, [daugters of his stepson, Earl Compton]

Source: Descendants of August Thyssen and Hedwig Pelzer

The Duchesse de Decazes, née Solange Rose Lucie du Temple de Rougemont, died on 2 January. She is survived by the Duc, whom she married in 1937, and by four of their children, a daughter having predeceased her in 2009.

Source: Royal News of 2010, Section III

Baron Thierry van Zuylen van Niyewelt (b.1932) He is survived by his five daughters and five grandchildren. (all his three marriages ended in divorce)

Source: Descendants of Amschel Moses Rothschild and Schoenche Lechnich

Biri 01-20-2011 05:34 AM

Today Svenska Dagbladet announced the death of Miles Flach, of Swedish noble family no 1606. He was born on August 10th 1934, and died on January 6th 2011. He was married in his first marriage 1958-1967 with Marianne von Arbin (died in 2006), great-granddaughter of Prince Oscar Bernadotte, second son of King Oscar II of Sweden. Miles and Marianne has one daughter, Camilla, born December 22nd 1960, and two grandchildren (their son was stillborn in 1959) He had also two daughters in his second marriage.

Sources: Royal News of 2010, Section I

Biri 01-25-2011 06:12 AM

Princess Ghislaine de Polignac, née Brinquant, died in January. She had been born at Biarritz on 5 September 1918, and from 1939 to 1946 was married to Prince Edmond de Polignac (1914-2010). She is survived by their four children.

Source: Royal News of 2010, Section III

MAfan 02-02-2011 09:31 AM

Countess Ferdinand d’Ursel, née Monique de Kerchove d’Exaerde Borluut, died on 28 January at Etterbeek.
She was born at Wuestwezel on 24 September 1916 and married in 1942 Count Ferdinand d’Ursel (1913-1999); she is survived by their 5 children (a sixth one died a few days after his birth).

Source: Royal News of 2010, Section III

MAfan 02-12-2011 06:17 AM

Luis de Medina y Fernández de Córdoba, Duke of Santiesteban del Puerto, died on 9 February.
He was born in 1941, the second child and eldest son of the late Don Rafael de Medina y Villalonga and of his wife Dona Victoria Eugenia Fernandez de Cordoba y Fernández de Henestrosa, the 18th (and current) Duchess of Medinaceli. He married in 1985 to Mercedes Conradi y Ramirez, with whom he had two daughters, Victoria and Casilda.
Source: ABC de Sevilla

MAfan 02-17-2011 10:42 AM

Count Johannes Huyn died on 22 January, aged 80.

He was born in Warsaw on 3 July 1930, and was the widower of Altgräfin Rosemary zu Salm-Reifferscheidt-Krautheim und Dyck, whom he married in 1959.

Source: Royal News of 2011, Section II

MAfan 02-17-2011 10:51 AM

Mrs. Moyra Eileen Smiley, née Montagu-Douglas-Scott, died on 4 February, aged 91.

She was born in 1919, daughter of Lord and Lady Francis Montagu-Douglas-Scott; her paternal grandfather was the 6th Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberrdy. She married firstly in 1942 to Hugo Douglas Tweedie, who died killed in action in 1945; in 1947 she married secondly to David de Crespigny Smiley, who died two years ago.
She is survived by her four children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Sources: Royal News of 2011, Section III
Moyra Eileen SMILEY Obituary: View Moyra SMILEY's Obituary by The Times

Biri 02-21-2011 08:13 AM

Comtesse d’Oultremont de Wégimont et de Warfusée, née baronne Béatrice van der Straten Waillet (b.1920) died on 12 February. Since 1947 she had been married to Charles-Emile, Comte d’Oultremont de Wégimont et de Warfusée (1915-1993), son of Hadelin, Comte d’Oultremont de Wégimont et de Warfusée and of his wife née Princess Hélène de Ligne. She is survived by a son Antoine, a daughter Anne-Louise, as well as numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Her oldest son, Baudoin, predeceased her.

Source: Royal News of 2011, Section III

Recently died also Marina Patterson.
She was born in 1948 as the oldest of three children of Princess Victoria Marina of Prussia (1917-1981) & her husband Kirby Patterson (1907-1984) Her parents divorced in 1962.
She is survived by her husband John William Engel (b.1946), her son William (b.1983), her brother Berengar (b.1948) & her sister Dohna (b.1954).


Biri 03-01-2011 03:36 PM

La Nación reports today the death of Philippe François Armand Marie de Noailles, 8th Duc de Mouchy, 8th Prince-Duc de Poix, etc.

He was born in Paris in 1922, the son of Henry Antoine Marie, Duc de Mouchy, Prince-Duc de Poix, and of Marie de La Rochefoucauld. He was married firstly from 1948 to 1974 to Diane Rose Anne Marie de Castellane (1927-2010). He married secondly, in 1978, Joan Douglas Dillon, widow of Prince Charles of Luxembourg, and is survived by his three children from the first marriage.]


MAfan 03-07-2011 06:42 AM

Matthew Xavier Maillard Carr, son of historian sir Raymond Carr, and husband of Lady Anne Somerset (daughter of the Duke of Beaufort), died on 23 February 2011 aged 58.

Source: Beaufort

MAfan 03-07-2011 06:50 AM

Donna Fiamma Barberini, of the Princes of Palestrina, née Bosio, died on 26 January 2011, aged 79; she was the widow of Don Antonio Barberini of the Princes of Palestrina.

Source: Quotidiano Net - Necrologie - necrologie del 27/01/2011

MAfan 03-23-2011 07:50 PM

Elie, 5th Duc de Decazes and of Glucksbierg, died on 17 March, at the age of 96.
He was born in 1914, eldest son of Louis and Marie Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Decazes and of Glucksbierg; in 1941 he succeeded to his father as 5th Duke.
He married in 1937 to Solange du Temple de Rougemont, who has died early this year; they had together four daughters and one son, Louis, who is now the 6th Duke; one daughter predeceased them in 2009.

Source: Royal News of 2011, Section III

Count Leopold de Lannoy died on 21 March 2011, aged 84.
He was born in 1926 the son of Count and Countess Maurice de Lannoy, and was married since 1955 to Princess Florence de Croy-Solre, with whom he had four daughters.
He's survived by his wife, their daughters and their families.

Source: Royal News of 2011, Section II

MAfan 03-28-2011 07:11 PM

Don Alessandro del Drago, Marquess of Riofreddo, of the Princes of Antuni and Mazzano, died at Filacciano, near Rome, on 24 March 2011, aged 89.
He was born on 22 August 1921, second son of Don Marcello and Donna Giacinta del Drago; he married in 1945 to Donna Laura of the Princes Lancellotti, with whom he had a son, dom Clemente, and two daughters, donna Beatrice and donna Maria Milgros.
He is survived by his wife, children and grandchildren.

del Drago

Biri 03-29-2011 06:07 PM

Conte Pietro Canale Massucci di Varolengo, Patrizio di Terni e di Todi died in Rome on 29 January.

[He was born in Rome in 1925 and married in 1955 Donna Livia Luisa dei principi Pio di Savoia (b. 1927), herself daughter of Conte Don Luigi Alberto dei principi Pio di Savoia and of Beatrice dei marchesi di Assereto. He was survived by her and two sons.]

Don Ferdinando Luigi dei principi Gonzaga di Vescovado, dei marchesi di Mantova died in Bergamo on 11 March.

[He was born in Bergamo in 1940, son of Don Giovanni Maria dei principi Gonzaga di Vescovado and of Donna Caterina dei conti Medolago Albani, and married in 1965 Maria Luisa dei conti Annoni di Gussola (b. 1944) and is survived by her, one son and one daughter.]

Donna Fiamma dei principi Barberini, née Bosio, died in Florence on 26 January. She was born in 1931 and married in 1957 Don Antonio dei principi Barberini (1928-2005) and is survived by three daughters and one son.

Source for all: Royal News of 2011, Section III

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