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maria-olivia 03-10-2019 01:57 PM

In Paris Match , pictures of a Merode Wedding in Westerloo.

Biri 03-10-2019 02:58 PM

Whose wedding?

theroyalfly 08-08-2019 12:47 PM

Simon de Mérode brainstorming for a musical with '1830' as its theme for next summer at Castle of Westerlo, Antwerp, Belgium.


Tilia C. 10-12-2019 04:18 PM

Prince Thierry de Merode got married to Laure Laroche and point de vue has some nice pictures. I'm not sure of the wedding date, but the article was publishe in May 2019.

iceflower 11-22-2019 03:00 AM

Prince Albert-Henri of Mérode and Princess Marie-Christine of Mérode attended the 71st Bambi Awards Ceremony in Baden-Baden, Germany, on November 21:

** Pic **

iceflower 02-21-2020 06:35 AM

Princess Marie-Christine of Mérode attended the gala evening of the Brafa Art Fair last month:

** Pic **

SirGyamfi1 07-16-2022 05:13 AM


Originally Posted by Marc23 (Post 1608800)
Does anybody know how the Barons von Merode(Freiherren von Merode) were related to the Princes and Counts de Merode?

I was thinking about this because I was looking at biography of the famous dancer Cleo de Merode and saw that she was the daughter of Freiherr Karl von Merode,also famous landscape painter.It is stated that he descended from one of the branches of the House of Merode,but I can't find the connection anywhere...only Comital branches are covered in genealogy sites.

Allegedly Cleo was the illegitimate daughter of a Baroness de Merode and an Austrian minister, so she’s a Merode through her mother not her father.

One of the Princesses of Merode, Eliane married into the Baronial branch of the Astor family based in the U.K. She married Charles Gavin Astor in 2017 and they had a daughter in 2020, Astrid.

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