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royal_sophietje 09-12-2004 02:20 PM

Royal Commemoratives, Collectables and Memorabilia
I thought it would be nice to show of your royal collection here. I came up with the idea after reading the "royal videos" -thread.

I will post my collection later, as I have to make an Word-document first (Yes, it is big)

Top pieces of my collection, which I will never sell or get rid of: My Franklin Mint princess Diana wardrobe collection. I own two dolls and three outfits.

Post your collection and say on which things you are the most proud of to own and which you will never sell or get rid of.

sara1981 09-12-2004 11:51 PM

i cant rid of Princess Diana's books, videos of Diana's and more! my mother wanted me to kept it! oh what kinda mother is! i wanted plans sell few things not whole it!

Sara Boyce

HMQueenElizabethII 09-14-2004 04:21 AM

It's a pity!:( I hope that i can send you my collection but i can't,i have a big collection of phtos of the British Royal Family.It has more than 500 photos which i have collected during years.And i also have a lot of books about THe Queen Elizabeth II,Queen Mum,British Royalas..I think it is so wonderful.I hope that i can show you.

liv 09-15-2004 02:42 AM

The most important thing in my royal collection is a book.

itīs the official book about the Norwegian wedding.I have to say that my parents donīt share and support my royal passion and I was really surprised when my father gave it to me as a present for Christmas 2001.He ordered it from Noray and although I donīt understand a word itīs just gorgeous.

then I own something like a biography about Mette-Marit and her relationship with Haakon.It was edited from a German not very serious newspaper.But I think that it shows that Mette-Marit is really liked in Germany.Because although the Netherlands or Belgium or Denmark are neighbours of Germany thereīs no book about them.

A lot of magazines about the weddings recently

then I have a lot if books aboutDiana and the British royal family because that is how my royal hoby started.

On a visit to England this year I bought Diana of Andrew Morton.

Iīm afraid there are no books about mary and Maxima in German or English?

Jackswife 09-15-2004 09:11 AM

Gracious, let me think a moment! Mostly,I have a lot of books I've collected over the years. I have Diana's Boys, Monarch, Charles and Diana, The Queen's Jewels, A Day to Remember (C&D's wedding), and also The Royals. I also have several books on the Romanov dynasty. I've gotten several Spanish magazines from ebay lately, on the Spanish royal wedding. I have one big scrapbook containing clippings, etc, on the British, Spanish, Greek, and Danish royals. I guess the most valuable one I have (although maybe not specifically royalty-related) is a program book from the opening of Broadlands, the home of the Earl Mountbatten of Britain, when it was opened to the public in 1979 (or thereabouts). A friend of mine was lucky enough to be in UK at the time and brought it back for me.

sara1981 09-15-2004 11:14 AM

im been order books from England and im been getting books from my local stores what i got and lots more but i went stores in England for first time i got Diana's books of her life but im sure i would wanted sell few things not whole!

Sara Boyce

DKgirls 09-16-2004 02:27 AM

We have a huge collection of pictures, articles, brochures, postcards, bookmarks, coins, stamps and many other things! We collect things with all Royal families, so the collection keeps on growing :)

ElisaR 10-07-2004 05:58 PM

I have some silver crowns minted for special royal occasions, such as the Queen's Golden wedding, Silver Jubilee, Golden Jubilee, the 100th birthday of Queen Mother, 50th Coronation Anniversary.

Some British stamps (for example two stamps for the Queen's 60th birthday).

Only two books: The Queen's Jewels and Jubilee: A Celebration of 50 Years of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
They're wonderful books. Highly recommended.
Read my review of The Queen's Jewels on It's the first one.

I'm going to improve my royal collection very soon. Perhaps I'll buy others books.

mybags 10-07-2004 07:11 PM

I have a large collection of royalty magazine (1985-the present), a cup and saucer from the Queen's silver jubilee, and a silver five pound coin of the Queen's golden jubilee, as well as an ever growing collection of royal books.

monos26 03-23-2005 11:11 PM

MANY royal books! At this rate, I'm going to own everyone ever written someday!

selrahc4 03-23-2005 11:33 PM

My collection was begun in 1957 and is devoted to the British royal family, mainly The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh.

166 books
18 videos (biographies/documentaries) and other recordings I made myself from TV coverage
25 scrapbooks of newspaper and magazine articles
many boxes and folders of articles that I haven't had time to put in new scrapbooks :(
10+ years of Majesty and Royalty magazines
several royalty calendars
Elizabeth II coronation creamer
Elizabeth II coronation cup
souvenir tray of Prince Charles' first wedding
Prince Harry christening mug

whatever else I may have around here that I've probably forgotten about!

Sue- 03-24-2005 06:19 AM

It's interesting to read what and how many things you have!
My collection is big for that I even start it last year but not really big in comparing with yours. I specially collect things about the Spanish Royal family.
I have many pictures on the computer and a file in my cabinet which is so full that I actually have to begin a new one. On top of that I have one book and a few videos.
Of the Norway Royal family I have also a few articels, specially about Ingrid Alexandra.
I'm proud of all of it and I'm looking forward to get always more things.

ElisaR 03-24-2005 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by selrahc4
My collection was begun in 1957 and is devoted to the British royal family, mainly The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh.

166 books
18 videos (biographies/documentaries) and other recordings I made myself from TV coverage
25 scrapbooks of newspaper and magazine articles
many boxes and folders of articles that I haven't had time to put in new scrapbooks :(
10+ years of Majesty and Royalty magazines
several royalty calendars
Elizabeth II coronation creamer
Elizabeth II coronation cup
souvenir tray of Prince Charles' first wedding
Prince Harry christening mug

whatever else I may have around here that I've probably forgotten about!

:eek: Wow! You are a true royal fan! ;)
I would like to own such a collection.

Royalty calendars? I hadn't idea they exitsted. :rolleyes:

But I'm proud to announce that I have improved my collection, since my last message.
In addition to the mentioned silver crowns (Queen's Golden wedding, Silver Jubilee, Golden Jubilee, the 100th birthday of Queen Mother, 50th Coronation Anniversary), two books (The Queen's Jewels and Jubilee) and some stamps,
I have now:
  • The Little Princesses, by Marion Crawford
The three most recent books by the Duke of Edinburgh:
  • Competition Carriage Driving
  • Driving and Judging Dressage
  • 30 Years On and Off the Box Seat (published in 2004)
(and I'm going to buy all the others).
  • Both the Coronation service and the wedding service on CDs.

Capricorn 05-13-2010 06:20 PM

Royal Commeratives
Does anyone else collect Royal commeratives? I have collected for several years and have about 100 plates, mugs, cups and saucers etc issued for various royal events; coronations, jubilees etc. They range from Queen Victoria to Prince Charles. It would be good to compare notes with any other collectors out there.

bertandcarlota 09-09-2010 08:47 PM

British Royalty Commemoratives
Been collecting British royalties commemoratives for many years. Here's a sampling of the collection:

YouTube - Royal Crap.wlmp.wmv

shauna 02-15-2011 11:27 AM

Royal Princess Plate
Hi Royal Fourm Friends. I am new. My Aunt recently passed away and I found a commemorative Plate from the day Princess Diana Christened the Royal Princess cruise ship. Does anyone know anything about the value of this plate? Its a Royal Doulton, but I cannot find info anywhere on the web about it. Thank you for your help! :flowers:

KittyAtlanta 02-15-2011 01:19 PM

Shauna, nice to meet you. Unfortunately, I have looked on eBay for you and the highest priced item (for any kind of Diana souvenier plate--the one you have is not listed) is US$14.99. That price does not include shipping. Sorry. My mother has tried to sell all her Diana and Charles/Diana souveniers and she decided to keep them, as the prices are so low.

Bert and Carlotta: "Been collecting British royalties commemoratives for many years."

Wow, that is a stunning collection, I notice there is a license plate on display too...does that have royal significance?

Zonk 04-01-2011 02:31 PM

So, I help out with my Dad in his medical office, and he noticed that I was reading a book and he wanted to know what I was reading. I was like, oh a book on Richard III. Now mind you every day, I am reading a new royal book...and he was many I have?

I think I have over 150 books on royal bios, royal weddings, royal jewels, diaries, etc.

I have like several tubs of Royal magazines (Majesty and Royalty).

The one thing I haven't purchased are royal collectables. Kind of upset that I missed out on picking up a lot when I was in London years ago.

Daria_S 04-03-2011 04:48 PM

I have books on the Romanovs in English and Russian (I'm able to read both languages, but prefer English), a book on European succession (which has tiny print, unfortunately), issues of 'Royalty' magazine, one issue of 'Majesty', a bunch of random articles dealing with Russian and British royals, biographies of Queen Victoria, three books on the Tudors by Alison Weir (I hope I spelled her name right, since I'm too lazy to get up and check), a biography of Queen Elizabeth II published a few years ago, and several books on other royals. I have been looking to expand, so seeing everyone else's lists gives me ideas.

Tiggersk8 04-19-2011 01:32 AM

I have so many books and magazines, I could open my own Library. As a matter of fact, I've told our neighbours that if the time comes when their kids need to do any kind of research on the British Royals or the Romanovs, not to even bother taking them into our nearest town and our Library. All they have to do is come over here and I'd be more than happy to provide them free rein of my Collection to help them out.

We are good friends of a couple who live in Northern New York state, but have a cabin up here. My parents also check their place on and off during the rest of the year when they're not up here. He's an antique dealer and the last time they came up for the Summer two years ago, he brought me up somewhere between 80 to 90 books, and that's a light amount compared to what they normally bring me. It's not that odd when they come, to have our entire Dining Room table covered in Royalty books *and* stacked four to five books high.

That's not even mentioning any china commeorative stuff he's found for me over the years. Or my Diana china doll he found me and I treasure as I've never seen "my Doll" anywhere else and I've looked believe me!!

Anyway...Between Phil and my own finds at Yard/Garage Sales and Christmas/Birthday Gifts from Family, I do have some rather special "special" pieces...

When our Chiropractor was house hunting for a place to set up both as a Weekend Clinic and a place to retire to, she found one place she just adored and ended up buying. The previous owner had lived there since the day it was built in the 20's and the only reason she was selling was because she had to go the Nursing Home. Okay then...When Sonja was cleaning things out in the basement, she discovered all these old newspapers. She started going through them, but when she found a certain set, she knew she'd found my Christmas present for that year.

They were both the then Toronto Telegraph, now The Toronto Star, and The Sudbury Daily Star, which is now just The Sudbury Star issues of The Queen's Coronation and in pristine condition. They are now kept in the heavy plastic bag/container my last fleece sheets set came in, in my Cedar Chest my late cousin built for me.

When I turned 18, my Aunt Robbie realized my passion for Royalty wasn't going to be a "teenage phase" and gave me a very special Birthday Present. Her Scrapbook she'd kept of the then TRH The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh's Visit to Canada and The Queen's Coronation. I was floored she was giving this to me, as she and my Uncle have three children of their own and I felt bad considering it is an Heirloom and should be going to one of my cousins. She told me they weren't interested in the Royals and it would more than likely be tossed one day if I didn't take it. So I said Thank you and it truly means so much to me she decided I'd be a worthy caretaker of it.

When my Bachelor Uncle Roy decided it was time for him to go into the Nursing Home and sell the Family Farm, there was an awful lot of stuff to have to go through and then decide what to do w/. My Paternal Grandmother, who I sadly never did meet, was a Royalty fan like the rest of us here and collected the odd China Commemorative. Well, there were two cup and saucer sets of hers found in perfect condition. My cousin Sandra, as the first Grandchild born in the family was given the one and I was given the other.

Mine is a Collectable in more ways than just one, as it marks the State Visit of The Queen to Canada to officially open The St. Lawrence Seaway. It's a Royal collectible, it's a Canadian Historic collectible, it's a Maritime Historic collectible...As I said, it really is a Collectible in more than one way. :o) However, it means more to me as a Priceless Heirloom.

One of my many pieces marking a certain wedding at St. Paul's in 1981 is something that I *know* wasn't one of the official pieces, but it's so original and I love it. It's a cup and saucer duo, but it's the only China piece I've ever seen made for Charles and Diana's Wedding that has both The Bride and The Groom's respective Coats of Arms. Yes, I do know it's a diamond shape for a Woman, but as I don't know the actual way to refer to it, I'm going w/the term everyone knows. :o) It has their names, titles, the date and where the Wedding's taking place on it in as well, but not their faces.

As I said, I've never seen anything else like it before or since, but I love it due to all of the heraldic emblems and just how unique it is.

Last for now, but not least in the slightest, is a piece I have that marks a Major Royal Event that never happened.

Where Phil found this for me, I have no idea!!! A few years ago, he found me a small cup, shot glass size I'd say, to Commemorate Edward VIII's Coronation. As I said, we all know that event never took place thanks in no small part to Wallis Simpson, so it really is one of those irreplacible pieces of my Collection.

Speaking of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor...Phil also found me the Catalogue to the Auction of HRH and HG's effects that took place after the Duchess' passing. Only...It's not "officially" mine as of yet, as Phil took it back down w/him to really study. As I said, he's an Antique Dealer and there were some things in the Catalogue Phil has come across over the years, but never knew what do pricewise w/them. Such as a Presentation Sword for instance. Anyway...I did get a really good look at it before it left the house and to say I was drooling over the pictures of HG's jewels would be a major understatement. ;o)

Anyway...Those are, shall we say, The Crown Jewels of my Collection. There will additions made to it in a week and a half. That's actually one of the good things about me being in Toronto the same time as William and Catherine's Wedding. I'll at least be in the perfect place to find something I like. Unlike around here where I'm literally in the middle of nowhere Rural Canada. :oD ;o)

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