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Zonk 09-19-2010 01:45 PM

The Howard family is also where Anne Boleyn, 2nd wife of King Henry VIII descends from. Her mother was Elizabeth Howard Boleyn. Henry's 5th wife Catherine Howard is also from the family.

kbk 09-19-2010 03:16 PM


Originally Posted by CarolMR (Post 1138380)
Tony Blair is a convert to Catholicism, isn't he? While I was watching Pope Benedict in Great Britain on the TV news here in the US, the caption under him kept reading, "Catholics are Forbidden to Claim the British Throne." Even though that's true, I thought it was a little unfair to keep reminding Americans of that. And the news also stated that this is the first "official" visit to Great Britain by a pope in 500 years, since breaking with Rome. How can that be true? Pope John Paul II visited during his Papacy.

Roman Catholic Pope has never paid an official state visit to the British Islands until Benedict XVI's. John Paul II was the first pope on the British soil, true, but this was only a pastoral visit, which he paid as a religous leader. Now, his successor was received also as a head of state. Protocol says, that such visits are marked by some ceremonial actions, such as an official state welcome at the receiving monarch's or presiden's official residence, a gun salute (I suppouse Benedict XVI was given one), inspeting the guards of honour, an audience with the monarch or president, exchange of gifts and meeting with the highest dignitaries of the welcoming state, such as head and members of the government and head and members of the parliament. State visits may be paid only on the highest level of the structure of power, meaning only a head of state may pay a state visit to another head of state. It is a tradition that a reigning monarchs should pay a state visit to a country only one time during his reign. As far as I know, Elizabeth II does so, with the exception of visits to the Commonwealth member-states. One more thing about the representation during the state visits, I think Benedict XVI should be welcomed at the airport in Edinurgh by the Queen herslef, and not the Duke of Edinburgh on her behalf. But, It is still a higher person welcoming the pope at his arrival than it was at John Paul II's arrival, when he was welcomed by the Duke of Norfolk on behalf of The Queen. But, as I said, it was not a state visit.

Tony Blair has converted to Catholicism in 2007, after his premiership. His wife Cherie Blair nee Booth is a Catholic. The UK has never been governed by a Catholic prime minister. Queen Victoria's PM Benjamin Disraeli was Jewish by birth, but converted to Anglicanism before becoming PM.

From wiki:
Succession in the United Kingdom is also governed by the Act of Union 1800, which restates the provisions of the Act of Settlement 1701 and the Bill of Rights (1689). These laws stipulate that those who are not legitimate descendants of Sophia, Electress of Hanover and those who have ever been Roman Catholics, or who have married Roman Catholics, are disbarred from succeeding to the Crown. The descendants of those who are disbarred for becoming or marrying Roman Catholics, however, may still be eligible to succeed.

Sereta 09-19-2010 04:37 PM


Originally Posted by kbk (Post 1138315)
Princess Michael, along with her husband's nephew Earl of St Andrews and his family, attended Papal mass at the Westminster Cathedral in London, yesterday, and attended also the Papal open-air mass of Beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman in Birmingham, today. She also attended several events connected with the Beatification before.
Check out:
Translation of remains of Cardinal Newman at his Birmingham Oratory / Local News / Media Centre / Catholic Church / Root - The Catholic Church for England and Wales
We can see the Windsors here YouTube - POPE Westminster Cathedral 2010 part 2 , at the 11th minute,
and here YouTube - POPE Westminster Cathedral 2010 part 1 from 1:54 until 2:11. The Princess' presence is mentioned by the BBC man.
It must be also at today's highlitghs from Cofton Park, but it's not yet at youtube. Do you have it from any other source?

Wonderful video recordings of this historic visit. Thank you.

Cory 09-19-2010 04:59 PM

The visit was a real triumf for the Catholic Church and for ecumenism.

Lumutqueen 09-20-2010 02:36 AM

I am very glad that he came to visit, and the Vatican called his trip "wonderful" and it truely was.

Charlotte1 09-20-2010 03:36 AM


Originally Posted by Zonk (Post 1138204)
The known members of the British Royal Family (i.e. the Windsors) who are Catholic include Princess Michael of Kent, Katharine, Duchess of Kent, The Lord and Lady Nicholas Windsor, The Earl and Countess of St Andrews and their children.

I believe Lady Gabriella Windsor, Lord Fredick Windsor and Lady Helen (nee Windsor) Taylor are Anglicans. As are Prince Michael of Kent and The Duke of Kent. They remain the Line of Sucession.

The Earl of St Andrews is not catholic, he's still Anglican, but his wife is catholic. Their children went (and are going) to catholic boarding schools, they were originally christened in the Anglican church but the oldest 2 Baron Downpatrick and Lady Marina-Charlotte made their confirmation in the catholic church and are now catholics. The youngest Lady Amelia (currently technically still Anglican) will probably make a catholic confirmation as well since she's in a catholic school.

The Duke of Kent is still in the line of succession, his oldest son isn't as he married a catholic, his youngest son and children are all catholic. Lady Helen and her family remain Anglican.

Prince Michael of Kent is not in the line of succession, he married a catholic, his children were christened as Anglican and remain as members of the Anglican church. Lord Frederick married in an Anglican ceremony.

Moonmaiden23 09-22-2010 02:06 AM

I don't think I have ever heard such glorious choral music as I have heard during this Papal visit to both Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral the choirs sounded so beautiful! :whistling:

CyrilVladisla 11-05-2016 10:51 PM

Pope Benedict XVI's farewell speech

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