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lula 10-26-2009 03:55 AM

Death of Sabino Fernandez Campo, former Chief of Staff: October 26, 2009
Sabino Fernandez Campo, Count of Latores, died in the Clinic Ruber of Madrid at the age of 91. He worked at the House of the King from 1977 until 1993 as General Secretary and as Chief of the House of the King.

epa - european pressphoto agency: Fallece en Madrid el ex jefe de la Casa Real española
Fallece el ex jefe de la Casa del Rey, Sabino Fernández Campo | España |

Sabino Fernandez Campo, almost two decades to the service of the Wreath in the House of the King

Sabino Fernández Campo, casi dos décadas al servicio de la Corona en la Casa del Rey -
Sabino, ex jefe de la Casa Real -

Paty 10-26-2009 08:47 AM

Infantas Elena and Cristina attend the vigil for Sabino Fernandez Campo, today in Madrid.

lula 10-26-2009 09:58 AM


Las infantas visitan la capilla ardiente de Fernández Campo -

BELTRANEJA 10-26-2009 10:05 AM

This is very sad news, Sabino was a man loyal to the Kings,he participated in the restoration of the monarchy in Spain.

Patra 10-26-2009 10:24 AM

What a sad day for Mr. Sabino's Family as well as the SRF- may his soul rest in peace.

ANNIE_S 10-26-2009 12:45 PM

May he rests in peace :sad:
How sad...

Paty 10-26-2009 01:10 PM

Even that Sabino was the former Head of the Household of H.M the King, he was a very beloved person in Spain. I mean, not all people who live in countries that have Monarchies know who is the Head of the Royal court. This is not the case of Sabino, everybody is Spain loves him.

All the medias here are reporting about his dead, and everyone is so sad.

BELTRANEJA 10-26-2009 02:19 PM

The King always put as Chief of the Royal House to persons that had participated in the restoration of the monarchy in Spain, by their loyalty demonstrated that they had manifested during the exile of the royal house and transiccion to democracy .Sabino was one of these monarchical.They made possible the monarchy in Spain. Sabino is the last of that generation of monarchical that They made possible the monarchy in Spain.,may his soul rest in peace.

Paty 10-26-2009 02:49 PM

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia attend the Vigil for Sabino$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg

Los Reyes visitan la capilla ardiente de Sabino Fernández Campo -

lula 10-26-2009 05:37 PM

The Royal Family will organize on Wednesday a funeral mass in the Palace of El Pardo for Sabino Fernandez Campo.

The mass will take place at 19.30 hours in the royal chapel of the Palace of El Pardo , since that of the Royal palace is in works. The former military bishop and personal friend of Fernandez Campo, monsignor Estepa, will inform the prayer, to which there will come the King and Queen, the Prince and Princess of Asturias and the Infantas Elena and Cristina; the family of the deceased and personnel that has worked or is employed at present at the House of the King.

La Familia Real organizará una misa funeral en El Pardo.

Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia arrive to the funeral chapel$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg

lula 10-27-2009 03:11 AM

Celebrities Attend the Funeral of the Former Chief Of Spain´s Royal House

Getty Images - Unsupported browser detected#


LadyFinn 10-27-2009 03:41 AM

Hola! - La Familia Real española despide a Sabino Fernández Campo en su capilla ardiente

lula 10-27-2009 05:46 PM

Funeral in Oviedo

Alberto Aza, Chief of the Royal Household, and the grandmother of the Princess, Menchu Alvarez del Valle went to the mass.


Fotos: 'Funeral en la catedral' en La Nueva España
Funeral de Sabino Fernández Campo - . Foto 1 de 36

lula 10-28-2009 03:50 PM

Funeral mass in memory of His Excellence Don Sabino Fernandez Campo, Count of Latores at the Chapel of El Pardo Royal palace$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg

Turkish Delight 10-28-2009 04:10 PM

BelgaPicture - Category details

Duke of Marmalade 10-28-2009 05:37 PM

Spanish king's faithful advisor Fernandez Campo dies at age 91 - Monsters and Critics


lula 10-28-2009 05:48 PM


Despedida a Fernández Campo en el Palacio de ... | Vídeos/Audio - Yahoo! Noticias

lula 10-29-2009 10:11 AM

Photos prisma

Turkish Delight 10-29-2009 10:46 AM

BelgaPicture - Category details

Lumutqueen 10-29-2009 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by Duke of Marmalade (Post 1011609)

Ouch? :ermm:
A sad event, but very nice pictures.

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