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TLLK 02-27-2021 12:16 AM


Originally Posted by MARG (Post 2373711)
You are assuming that Charles did not love her and she didn't love him either. The proverbial "honeymoon" period showed a somewhat bashful Diana and a Charles that was over the moon in love.

Meeting them on the tarmac of RNZAF Base Wigram was an unforgettable occasion and he was so utterly besotted with her just as one would expect.

I have never understood the rubbish about age as my parents were the same ages when they married and, like everyone else, they had to work at it.

For the first time Charles had someone in his life who loved him just as Diana had someone who loved her first. His pride in the easy acceptance of his wife and his sheer joy at introducing her was contagious. While over 50% of marriages failed, one should not be surprised that theirs did as her parents and Charles younger sister and brother's marriages had as well.

I hate revisionist history. The great conspiracy theory of the cold, hard hearted Prince marrying the naive and innocent young lady as a brood mare sets the stage for their son's paternity to be questioned to this day. Facts don't matter, scandal does. And Harry has had to live with the consequences since he was old enough to understand what infidelity meant.

Words matter. The help they hurt they harm and if people want to put their hands up to subscribing to any particular conspiracy theory should use the caveat IMHO or IMO.

I've always felt badly for Prince Harry that he's had to live with these rumors even though it's obvious that he so greatly resembles his father and paternal grandfather. :sad:

Countessmeout 02-27-2021 01:23 AM

Sadly some people could never get passed the red hair.

Of course one only has to look at the Spencer men to know where the red hair came from. Harry and his cousin George looked a lot like when younger, and both red heads, George even more so.

Harry may look little like Charles. But he is a mix of Philip and the Spencers.

There is no denying Diana and James Hewett had a relationship. But it started when Harry was two.

Osipi 02-27-2021 02:23 AM

The marital woes of Charles and Diana, over time, has taken on a life of it's own and has been told and retold so many times that it's changed drastically as the years passed. Kind of like a game of telephone. The recent episodes of "The Crown" on Netflix hasn't done it any favors either.

They both went into the marriage intending to make it work for them and they did have an idyllic period of marital bliss. Over time, differences in their expectations of marriage surfaced and things started to go south. Diana, herself, said that while she was pregnant with Harry were perhaps some of the happiest times of the marriage. After his birth, things deteriorated fast. Enter James Hewitt.

AC21091968 02-27-2021 02:55 AM

I remember seeing this picture recently (on social media) of Charles and Diana in their honeymoon on a Mediterranean cruise ship. And all I can gather at that time is that Charles and Diana were in love at the beginning of their marriage. I agree with Osipi that they tried to make the marriage work and achieve the most out of it, before things start to deteriorate. In this case, I think their honeymoon and Diana's pregnancy (i.e. Early marriage) are definitely the "honeymoon period/phase".

Charles and Diana at Balmoral during their honeymoon. Again, appeared to be in love with each other.

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