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wymanda 05-26-2004 08:23 AM

Names For Future Infante/Infanta
What names do you think Felipe & Letizia will give their sons & daughters?

I think

Juan-Alfonso Jesus Felipe


Sophia Maria Paloma Letizia

xicamaluca 05-26-2004 08:50 AM

Definitly, i belive, that if an Infanta is born, her name will be Sofia (some time ago i read an article that said that Felipe would love to give her daugther the name of his grandmother (the Contess of Barcelona): Maria de las Mercedes :flower:). About the name of the little Infante, i love this: Infante Juan Carlos Felipe Alfonso :flower:

carlota 05-26-2004 10:52 AM

they said they would like pelayo as a name of their future son. a nice and royal name...

samitude 05-26-2004 11:37 AM

How is Pelayo prounounced? Have there been others in the royal family with that name?

Duke of Lippe-Saalfeld 05-26-2004 11:56 AM

If it's a boy, I prefer Alfonso, so he could later be King Alfonso XIV.
His full name then would be:

Alfonso Juan Carlos Felipe Jésus Pablo Maria

Alfonso named after his greatgrandfather King Alfonso XIII,
Juan Carlos named after his paternal grandfather King Juan Carlos,
Felipe after his father, prince Felipe,
Jésus after his maternal grandfather Jésus Ortiz,
Pablo after his greatgrandfather King Paul I of Greece (father of Queen Sofia),
and Maria cause this is a traditional name for Catholics.

If it's a girl, I prefer Sofía, named after her good grandmother Queen Sofía.
Her full name then would be:

Sofía Victoria Létizia Maria Frederica

tiaraprin 05-26-2004 01:32 PM

For the child, I would imagine a combination of royal family and Letizia's family names. Also, I would consider who the godparents are--their names could be one of the bunch!! Felipe is the godfather to one of Elena's children, so Elena could be a godmother and amonst a princess's names. For a prince, he could have his cousin's name who read at the wedding. They could also reach back into history and pick names that haven't been used for awhile to freshen things up a bit. I think the top contenders for names are as follows:

A prince: Juan, Carlos, Alfonso, Jesus, Felipe, Pablo (for Queen Sofia's father and Crown Prince Pavlos who made Felipe a godfather to his son), Miguel

A princess: Sofia, Anna (for Queen Sofia's sister, Queen Anne Marie of Greece), Paloma, Pilar (for Felipe's aunt), Elena, Christina, Maria, Isabel (to remember Isabella of Castile), Catarina (for Katharine of Aragon), Mercedes, Victoria, Eugenia, and Letizia.

I don't know about this Pelayo name--I speak Spanish, and that is not a royal or even a common name to my knowledge!

xicamaluca 05-26-2004 02:07 PM


Anna (for Queen Sofia's sister, Queen Anne Marie of Greece)
Queen Sofia isn't sister of Queen Anne Marie of Greece, she's sister of King Constantine. Queen Anne Marie is sister of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark ;)


I don't know about this Pelayo name--I speak Spanish, and that is not a royal or even a common name to my knowledge!
Pelayo is an historical name in Spain, specialy in Asturias (it's quite comum you find a kid named Pelayo in Asturias). It's the name of the King that iniciated the re-conquest of Spain to the muslims (a link with the story: in spanish), that was iniciated in Asturias ;) There's is also the name of a saint, San Pelayo.

xicamaluca 05-26-2004 02:08 PM


Originally posted by samitude@May 26th, 2004 - 3:37 pm
How is Pelayo prounounced? Have there been others in the royal family with that name?
It's pronounced Pe-La-io ;)

Duke of Lippe-Saalfeld 05-26-2004 03:37 PM

Pablo Felipe Juan Carlos Jésus Maria Alfonso Miguel Constantino de Los Todos Santos

Pablo (a good name for a king and after his greatgrandfather Paul I of Greece),
Felipe (his father)
Juan Carlos (his paternal grandfather)
Jésus (his maternal grandfather)
Maria (for catholics)
Alfonso (named after the former spanish kings)
Miguel (a nice Spanish name)
Constantino (his great-uncle Constantine of Greece, could be a perfect godfather)
Los Todos Santos ("of all saints")

If it's a girl i still prefer Sofia, cause it's a beautiful name and an honor to her grandmother Queen Sofia. But i also like Isabel, wich honored the earlier Spanish Queen, Isabel of Castile and Isabel II, who ruled in the 19th century. She won't be a queen, cause the Spanish trone is only for males, but if she became Queen, then she will be Queen Isabel III.

--> Isabel Sofia Letizia Victoria Eugenia Christina Maria de Las Mercedes

But I don't know any names of Letizia's family, only her father Jésus. :(

wymanda 05-26-2004 10:00 PM

Ferdinand Jesus Pablo Juan Carlos Felipe


Maria Mercedes Sophia Paloma Constantina Victoria

zozi 05-27-2004 07:24 AM

Prince Juan Carlos Felipe

Princess Mercedes Sofia Victoria

I think first baby boy

and total 3 baby

agisele 06-30-2004 09:57 AM

i love each and every one of the names you guys have suggested and i think that after a continious birth of princesses for first time royal parents, that a prince would be perfect for felipe and letizia's first born...but here are my name suggestions:

first born: Prince Juan Alvaro Felipe Carlos Maria
second born: Princess Isabella Sofia Paloma Maria
third born: Princess Catalina Eugenia Maria Frederica

whaddya guys think? :innocent:

lucys 06-30-2004 06:48 PM

Whoever suggested Maria de las Mercedes, after Felipe's grandmother I think is on to something. The wedding ceremony was filled with references to her: the jewels Letizia wore the night before the wedding (a gift at at the engagment ceremony) had belonged to Maria de las Mercedes. One of the flowers in the church and in her bouquet (I can't recall which) was also in her honor; and one of the elements embroidered in the veil (did you know that was a gift from Felipe?). The other queen most referenced in the flowers and the embroidery of the dress and the wedding mantilla was Isabel II--in honor of Madrid. Letizia's fan she used that day belonged to Isabel II.

If it's a boy Juan will be part of his name--Felipe adored his grandfather Juan, and adores his father--and certainly Pelayo--the ancient Asturian King who started the reconquest.

didem 07-08-2004 09:45 AM

Juan Carlos Alfonso Fernando Felipe

Victoria Eugenia Mercedes Sofia Cristina Isabel

I think first child a baby boy (2005) baby prince for Spain and Future King

mashed potatoes 08-12-2004 11:32 AM

what is the meaning of infante?
why are elena and christina called infantes? and not princesses? are infantes considered higher up than princesses? or is the other way around? can someone explain the history behind this?

RoXyGiRl 08-12-2004 12:05 PM

An infanta is the daughter of a spanish king..letiza is a princess cause she is married to the crown prince.

RoXyGiRl 08-12-2004 12:07 PM

its a title which was first given to all the kings daughters in the 17 hundreds

meac 08-12-2004 12:12 PM

El título que menciona es propio de España. En nuestro Estado el Heredero o la Heredera de la Corona tiene "desde su nacimiento o desde que se produzca el hecho que origine el llamamiento la dignidad de Príncipe o Princesa de Asturias" (cfr. Real Decreto 1368/1987, art.2). Por otra parte, "los hijos del Rey que no tengan la condición de Príncipe o Princesa de Asturias y los hijos de este Príncipe o Princesa serán Infantes de España y recibirán el tratamiento de Alteza Real" (cfr. Real Decreto 1368/1987, art.3).

En la monarquía británica, la Heredera o el Heredero de la Corona reciben el título de Princesa o Príncipe de Gales. Las hijas y los hijos de la Reina o del Rey reciben la dignidad de Princesas y Príncipes.

Josefine 12-09-2004 09:31 AM

if a girl maybe sofia
i actúlly do not think juan carlos if a boy

rchainho 12-09-2004 09:52 AM

I read in the spanish web that they want to put Pelayo and Covadonga.

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