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monos26 05-21-2004 01:11 PM

Felipe, Prince of Asturias & Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano: 22 May 2004
Will this be televised in the United States?

Athena 05-21-2004 02:18 PM

It will be broadcast on Univision. Here in L.A., it will be on channel 15. :flower:

monos26 05-21-2004 02:43 PM

Thanks! What time?

xicamaluca 05-21-2004 07:34 PM

The big day arrived. In some hours Felipe and Letizia will be married :flower:

Here you can see all about this historical day to Spain ;)

In this link, you can see the official programe of the wedding day (the first pages is the programme of the pre wedding dinner :P)

This link has everything about the wedding, including bigraphies of Felipe and Letizia, information from the pre wedding dinner and everything about the wedding day (decoration of the Almudena cathedral and the Atocha Basilica, the palace, the music,...)

royal_sophietje 05-22-2004 02:37 AM

After the wedding they will go on honeymoon to Jordan, and to the wedding there.

xicamaluca 05-22-2004 03:17 AM

I leave you the list of the world broadcast of the wedding (thanks to Chav in GREMB)

"Please note the change to Univision in the USA (an hour earlier!) and the instructions for at the bottom. Thanks again to all!
Combined List of Spanish Royal Wedding Live Broadcasts (except Spain)
(times indicated are local)

Internet -
(begins 2 hours before ceremony)

Internet - wedding (10:30 norway time)
Site membership required – it’s free – instructions at the bottom

Argentina - TN, el sábado 22, a partir de las 6

Australia - SBS , Sunday night, 7 -7:35 pm (Highlights only – NOT LIVE)

Belgium - VRT-TV1, 10.30-13.00 h CEST

Canada - French language - Bell ExpressVu 3 - 6pm EST, on TV5 (Montreal)

Chile - TVN (Televisión Nacional de Chile), live from 4.30 am

Denmark - DR1, 10.00-13.00: Spansk Kronprinsebryllup and

TV2, 09.50-13.50: Kongeligt bryllup i Spanien

Finland - YLE 1 11.55-14.00 (CET+1)

France - TF1, 10h55 to 12h45 and
TV5, 11h to 14h

Germany - ARD, 09h03 CEST- 15.00 h, CEST and
ZDF, ZDF Royal: 9 -14.45 h CEST

Italy - RAI Uno, 11.00-13.00 h CEST

Netherlands - Nederland 2, NOS Actueel, 10.50-12.20 h CEST

Norway - NRK1, 10:30 until 12:25

Portugal - RTP 1, public TV
8 am - The Wedding
2 pm - The Party of the Wedding
6.30 pm - a special?

SIC, 10 am - The Wedding

TVI, 10 am - The Wedding

Sweden - SVT1, 10.45-14.00

USA - Univision, 3 am EST/ 2am Central / midnight Pacific **** Change!!
Host is María Antonieta Collins.

Telemundo, 4am EST/3am Central
Hosts are Marian de la Fuente and Jose Diaz-Balart.

Thank you to Ademar, Anuschka, Bunkycat, Dag, Hannele, Hans-Einar, JC, Joris, Kevin (from Aussie), Laurent, Lukasz, Luz, Manuel, Robert and Stefan and everyone else!

Instructions to become a free member of (courtesy of Hans-Einar)

First open the link!
Then you push the button” LYD OG VIDEO “.
In the new window you push the button “ ny bruker” …..
Here you have to fill out the places with a red star.
Fornavn = First name
Etternavn = Last name
Brukernavn = you’re user name
Passord = Password
Gjenta Passord = repeat password
Fill in your email in the next box
Then mark where it stands “Ja, jeg aksepterer NRKs vilkĺr.”
Then Push forstett (continue)
Then they send you a number in your e-mail
Fill in the number and push OK!

Dennism 05-22-2004 03:24 AM

Don´t forget that in the US, you can watch it on TVEI. Good coverage so far. Watching the people go in. Very pleasing dresses and hats.

Dennism 05-22-2004 03:29 AM

Some women are wearing some mantillas as well. Too bad the day is overcast.

xicamaluca 05-22-2004 03:31 AM

Marina Doria outfit is awfull :wacko:

hrhcp 05-22-2004 03:32 AM

How does one get live-streaming on

to work?

THe webpage solved it for me .... it told me I need RealPlayer .... so that is what I am downloading now, just 33 minutes to go. ;)

xicamaluca 05-22-2004 03:32 AM

Th greek cousins of Felipe are arriving now :) Farah Diba was great :flower:

Dennism 05-22-2004 03:33 AM

The livestream just came right up for me.

xicamaluca 05-22-2004 03:36 AM

Figures of sports, journalism and arts are arriving now ;)

carlota 05-22-2004 03:37 AM

the most awful dress was the one wore by agatha ruiz de la prada!! how awful!

carlota 05-22-2004 03:38 AM

alberto ruiz gallardon and the martinez bordiu family arrive

Dennism 05-22-2004 03:39 AM

I missed that one. Most of the dresses I have seen so far are rather understated.

xicamaluca 05-22-2004 03:39 AM


Originally posted by carlota@May 22nd, 2004 - 7:37 am
the most awful dress was the one wore by agatha ruiz de la prada!! how awful!
You're rigth :P Realy ungly :wacko: But, faithfull to herself :P

carlota 05-22-2004 03:39 AM

letizia's niece will be one of the pages

carlota 05-22-2004 03:41 AM

letizia will arrive with handel's allegro opus 7

carlota 05-22-2004 03:42 AM

caroline of monaco arrives with a light blue dress... not so glamourous as in yesterday's dinner, but wonderful as always

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