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lula 05-17-2009 01:23 PM

First Communions of Juan, Pablo and Victoria: May 23 and 27, 2009
From La Vanguardia newspaper

The infantas Elena and Cristina prepare these days the first communions of their children Juan and Pablo Urdangarin and Victoria de Marichalar.

The children of the duke and duchess of Palma, of 9 and 8 years, will receive the sacrament on Saturday, the 23rd, in the church of Barcelona to which there come the catholic pupils of French Lyceum.

Four days later, on Wednesday, the 27th of May, she will be the daughter of the duchess of Lugo who celebrates her first communion and it will be done in San Pedro church, of Madrid, together with her companions of the school Saint Patrick

Ccile 05-17-2009 02:14 PM

Will the whole royal family be there for this family event???

ANNIE_S 05-17-2009 02:21 PM

Does anyone know if we will have pics from the event? I mean from the ceremony itself.
I remember that, at Felipe´s communion, the whole family posed in front of the church, but there were no photographies from the inside. It seems that Victoria´s communion will be at the same church, so we´ll probably won´t see the images, but how about Juan and Pablo in Barcelona?

donnaK 05-22-2009 03:15 PM

The whole family probably will be in Bacerlona tomorrow, hopefully we will see Leonor and Sofia too, although they are a little too small to go, esp. Sofia. As for next Wed, the Princes will be in Colombia, the King has a whole day of activities, kids likely will go to school.

PrincessofEurope 05-22-2009 06:12 PM

I read somewhere that Felipe and Letizia will be in attendance but i dont remember them going to Froilan's communion last year

ANNIE_S 05-22-2009 06:19 PM


Originally Posted by PrincessofEurope (Post 941717)
I read somewhere that Felipe and Letizia will be in attendance but i dont remember them going to Froilan's communion last year

Felipe attended Froilan´s communion, but Letizia doesn´t, because it was a few days after Sofia´s birth. Leonor either attended.
But, according to Hola, they both will attend the communion tomorrow, with Leo and Sofi :flowers: :
Don Felipe y doña Letizia, cinco años después: 'El mismo amor, la misma ilusión y el mismo compromiso'

TLLK 05-22-2009 07:59 PM

Congratulations to the kids who will be receiving this important sacrament. It is an exciting day.

stellam 05-22-2009 09:22 PM

I would imagine that as many members of the family would attend because of the family's departure to the USA later in the year. A wonderful occasion for the family to get together.

lula 05-23-2009 04:20 AM

Yes, it seems that all the members of the Family will be there, in the church or in the later celebration, everything will depend a bit on the rules that the church has.

Victoria will do the First Communion in her school , and they are very strict, celebrate them on weekdays, the girls must dress equally, every child has a certain number of places for the family in the church, they do not allow that the parents should take cameras of photos or video...

lula 05-23-2009 02:23 PM

Photos terra$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg$599x0.jpg

carlota 05-23-2009 02:40 PM

lovely pictures, thanks! letizia was great, although sofia looks like she is causing trouble! leonor is always so well behaved though.

Al_bina 05-23-2009 02:41 PM

Thanks for photos!
It is nice to see that the Spanish Royal family attending an important event such as the first communion. It appears that Infanta Sophia had a really good time. :lol:

LadyFinn 05-23-2009 02:54 PM


lula 05-23-2009 02:55 PM

Photos El Pais

Al_bina 05-23-2009 02:58 PM

Infanta Elena's children do not attend ..?

sofajr 05-23-2009 03:38 PM


Originally Posted by Al_bina (Post 942021)
Infanta Elena's children do not attend ..?

Elena's son Felipe Juan Froilán attended, and her dauther Victoria Federica is not on the picture. I find it strange since it is her first communion too :ermm:

Nice to see Alexia of Greece. They seem close al together.
Little Sofia seems to appear a very active child :whistling: And her older sister takes responsibility to look after her ;)

lula 05-23-2009 03:50 PM

You can see Victoria in this photo$599x0.jpg

Princess Alexia is Pablo´s godmother

Al_bina 05-23-2009 04:05 PM

I was a bit confused with so many children attending... :blush: Don Jaime was not in attendance or I missed his photo too ..?

PrincessofEurope 05-23-2009 04:59 PM$599x0.jpg who is the man beside Elena in this picture

lula 05-23-2009 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by PrincessofEurope (Post 942083)$599x0.jpg who is the man beside Elena in this picture

Mikel Urdangarín, Iñaki´s brother and Juan´s godfather

Gallery diezminutos

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