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LLaura 03-08-2003 04:26 PM

Your Favourite Historical British Royal?
Who is your favorite British royal ever, past or present?

Mine has to be Henry VIII. He has a very interesting history and his 2 daughters were such interesting queens!

Josefine 08-28-2003 09:14 AM

I have no idée, Maybe Queen Victoria

Martine 08-28-2003 01:15 PM

my favourite royals are Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.
don't know much about past royals

moosey60 08-28-2003 09:36 PM

Hmmm...Henry VIII, produced a fine daughter (Elizabeth I). Hahahah, a rather large man, has anyone ever read the Royal Diaries? It's a series of diaries "written" by royals when they were young. My favourite was Elizabeth, Tudor Rose. She was an interesting lady, never married, while the economy was weak, public morale wasn't low. Henry VIII played the lute too. He had a rather hilarious wardrobe, not in his time, but in our time he'd be guffawed out of every major town if he wore that...unless it were an medieval fair. Hahaha...*cough* :innocent:

Queen Victoria was a great queen...she lived a good, long life too.

Princess Diana wasn't bad...she'd be proud of her sons. *Cough*, :cry: .

thissal 08-29-2003 03:22 PM

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Originally posted by moosey60@Aug 29th, 2003 - 8:36 am
Princess Diana wasn't bad...she'd be proud of her sons. *Cough*,  :cry: .
I don't remember when royal children around the ages of Princes William and Harry have ever been so villified? Amazing! And yet the press is quietly tiptoeing around cowzilla. Sounds like some spin going on to me.

Betsy: "IMO it is Harry's loyalty to & respect for his late mother that is causing him such grief. He's made no secret of his feelings ["she had more guts than anyone"] and I'm sure this
does not go down well with CPB and his father. So they are content to let the media trash him [perhaps with their cooperation????]. "

PK: "I am SURE Charles gives NO protection to Harry in the press...we saw the beginning of that when the Rehab Clinic scheme to enhance Chazz's rep fed Harry to the wolves!!
Harry spoke out for his Mum and as you say, let himslef in for grief from Charles &Camilla....Wills invited the Spencers to his bd party and has been taking flack ever since...............................Why is the media allowed to pillory Both William and Harry in the dailies as though they were Nobodies??? NEVER before have Royal Children taken such a bashing....I know they're older now....but not awfully much and it's been going on for at least four years...
William was 'argumentative'
Harry was 'rogueish'
William was 'obstreporous'
Harry was 'unruly' and on and on and on to animal slayers, drunks, druggies....Not even Freddie Windsor was so chatized for his cocaine episode !!!
We have become inured....YET it's Shocking and Dangerously out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That sort of treatment NEVER happened to ANY other Royal children...The Hatred for Diana in that wretched Family is being projected on to her Sons...

moosey60 08-30-2003 02:49 PM

Well the royal family has never been known to be much in the "fair" department. Look at Fergie & Diana, both practically banished after their divorces, Diana kept on because of her public popularity.

Jaschaly 09-07-2003 12:50 AM

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Queen Victoria, she's very great!

shannen26 11-15-2003 01:08 AM

My pref British Royals are Lady Di and Q Victoria- also Q Alexandra, she was very beautiful, I've read alot about her, she even invited her husband's lover , the Camilla 's ancestor, Alice Keppel, to her dying husband's bedsite, !!!!

A.C.C. 11-15-2003 10:23 AM

Queen Mary (wife of George V) would be my favorite. She was the most royal of royals. I love Her.

Present day, my favorite is our present Queen, Elizabeth II.

sara1981 11-15-2003 12:09 PM

my favorite is Princess Diana because she looks good! and she makes lots styles in her life!

Sara Boyce

Binny 11-15-2003 03:05 PM

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Mine would have to be Diana, Princess of Wales. Yes, she was beautiful, but she was also an amazing person who touched millions of people around the world.

If there's a name for style, charisma and compassion - it's Diana.

Luckily, her sons seem to have taken after her.

royal_sophietje 11-15-2003 03:10 PM

My favourite Britsh royal is Diana.

I don't think that I have to mention why :rolleyes:

sandee 11-18-2003 03:34 AM

I really admire Princess Diana..but i would have to say my fav british royal would be Princess Margaret. This is because she had such a cool and classy attitude, she wasn't afraid to show who she really was, she was strikingly beautiful with a great fashion sense, and had a great sense of humor as well ;)

ronda 11-18-2003 06:48 AM

Princess Diana put The Windsors back on the Map , so to speak....
She excelled in looks, charisma, and had a wonderful unique talent , she was able to connect with every day people...

Ofcourse she radiated glamour, and her beauty was just a bonus...
Her charities benefited from her patronage, and aside from her marriage difficulties, most of her press was positive..

Anyway, Diana will always be my favourite, her star is gone but NEVER forgotten....


Helena 11-18-2003 11:40 AM

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My favourites are Queen Victoria and her (tragic) daughter Victoria-Adelaide aka Vicky aka the Empress Frederick, very interesting & intelligent women!

didem 11-19-2003 02:21 AM

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My favourite Britsh royal is Princess Diana
Diana is excellence mother, elegance woman, beautiful, intelligence and magnificent

I love you Diana

Pictures_of_Lily 11-19-2003 03:05 AM

What a heartfelt gesture! :flower:

My choice is King George VI
Albert Frederick Arthur George was born on 14 December 1895. It was not an auspicious date, being the anniversary of the death of his great-grandfather, Prince Albert, consort to Queen Victoria.

George suffered with a bad stammer in his speech, which exacerbated his shyness; Lionel Logue, an Australian speech therapist, was instrumental in helping George overcome the speech defect. George married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in 1923, who bore him two daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret. He died from cancer on February 6, 1952. A great King in my book! :heart:

c0_c0nspirators 11-22-2003 09:07 PM

Katarina Vukcic-Kosaca (1424-1478), the last Queen of Bosnia, ardent Catholic, wife of the Bosnian King Stjepan Tomasevic (1461-1463), is still one of the most beloved personalities among the Croats living in Bosnia.
Her husband was killed by the Ottamans and her children lost to her. She spent the rest of her life in exile trying to help her people and recover her son and daughter. Known as the Black Queen because of her sorrow.

mountwindsor 11-22-2003 11:04 PM

There are too many for me. The stength and determination of George VI appeals to me. Who can deny the continuity that guided has guided the UK under Elizaebth II, not to mention her dignity. There's the intelligence of Prince Albert and the bravery of Elizabeth I who 'had the heart and stomach of an English king.' Queen Alexandra exuded grace even as her husband's mistress sat by his deathbed.

Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg 11-26-2003 02:53 PM

I think it is king George III. He was 60 years king of Great-Britain, and reigned during the American Revolutie, a hard time thus. He was also the founder of the colony in India.

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