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Marengo 10-03-2006 06:18 PM

Castle of Breda, Breda


The so-called "Spanjaardsgat" flanked by two heptagonal towers reminds visitors of the time Breda was in hands of the Spaniards. The Castle of Breda shows the historical relation between Breda and the home of Oranje Nassau. In 1198 the castle was a fortress. During the centuries many changes have been made to the castle. Since 1828 the Royal Military Academy (KMA) has the castle in use.
Next to the Castle of Breda you will find the city park ‘Valkenberg’. Untill 1812 this park was part of the castle and only accesible for the ‘Heeren van Breda’. From origin, the park was a forrest, with high trees. In the 17th century this changed, when the forrest was transformed into a park with a more french style.
In 1995 the park was renovated. All park pathways were laid, bushes and shrubberies were moved and new lighting was installed.

Marengo 10-04-2006 04:07 AM

Here some pictures of Castle Breda, the first real-estate of the Nassau's in The Netehrlands. The family acquired it in 1402 when Engelbrecht of Nassau married Johanna of Polanen, heiress of Breda. King Willem I donated it to the Royal Militairy Academy in 1826

picture 1 by Paul Vranken
pictures 2-4 by Christel Ambrosius
picture 5 by Martin Buse
picture 6 by the city archives of Breda

Marengo 10-07-2006 09:44 AM

1. Map of Breda, free of use
2. Inner Court of the castle, free of use

Marengo 10-07-2006 03:43 PM

1. by Paul Franken again
2. 'The Spanish Gate', same photographer

Marengo 02-13-2007 09:56 AM

Pictures of Castle Breda:

Breda Castle @ Fotopic.Net

lucien 02-23-2007 02:44 AM

Once the first residence of the Nassau's in The Netherlands (1403) Breda Castle houses the Royal Military Academy,since 1826.


CyrilVladisla 10-09-2014 07:52 PM

It was interesting to learn that while Breda Castle was under construction, Count Henry III resided in an old water mill which then stood on the site.

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